UX-UI Design

The primary purpose of having a website or an application for your business is to get more customers or users and drive business growth. To attain this goal, UI/UX is one of the key components you should look at and invest your time, money and efforts into. A good UI/UX design improves the experience and satisfaction a user gets when interacting with your website or application which fuels sales, user acquisition and puts your business on the trajectory of growth.

Why are we Best UI/UX Design Company?

At Ailoitte, we put your users at the center of our design process so that the end output is easy and enjoyable for them and ultimately drives your business to greater heights. This methodology has helped us get ranked as one of the best UI/UX design companies in Bangalore.

Our Design Methodology

As a UI/UX design company, our design methodology is what sets us apart from the others out there in the market. Check out our UI/UX design process below:

Research Our research starts with understanding your target audience, the pain point your website or application intends on solving, the look and feel you want to portray, the company goals, etc. With this, we look at your competitors to understand what works and what doesn’t for your target audience. This helps us understand areas of improvement in the current trends and employ the same in our design.

StrategyThe strategy stage is where we finalise the business goals, the details and features to be included, etc. We also take the opportunity to understand your brand philosophy, tone and other intricate details that makes your brand what it is and make sure the website or application we design can act as an extension of your brand.

Design The next phase in the UI design service is the design phase. This is where, as a UI/UX design company, we exhibit our creative strength. We start with brainstorming and creating sketches of the basic website or application design including the different elements finalised from the strategy phase. Once the design is ready, we create wireframes and prototypes that define the style guides, icons, typography and other elements that go into the final design. We show you different designs to get your feedback on what you think is the right direction and focus on what you think fits best.

DevelopThe design and the development team work parallelly to code your website or application. The goal is to get your website or application to the end-users as quickly as possible to collect user feedback which can be incorporated in the iteration stage. Our methodology is designed to get the development and deliver the output at the earliest.

IterateBased on your user feedback, we will incorporate the necessary elements and features into the website or application so that the final output meets and exceeds your user’s expectations.

Benefits of UI & UX Services

Your search for UI UX companies in Bangalore can assuredly end here. Hire us as your success partners! Hire Ailoitte.

  1. Increased customer satisfaction – Increased ROI

The primary goal with your website or application is definitely to increase sales, user acquisition and more importantly grow your business. With a good UI/UX design, your customers will have an excellent experience which will lead to higher rate of satisfaction and increased the chances of them converting as a sale or user. If you’re seeking to build a solid UI/UX design, we’d love to help you out! Ailoitte has been credited as one of the top UI/UX design companies in Bangalore and with us, you’d be in safe hands.

  1. Improved User Retention

Acquiring users or one-time sales is 50% of the work done. But the rest 50% lies in retaining these users or driving repeat customers. UI/UX plays a key role in this regard and to get the best possible output, it’s important for you to get a UI/UX design company on board.


What is user experience?

User Experience in simple layman terms is how a person feels when they are interacting with a website or an application.

Why UX Services are Important?

UX services are important to make your users and customers feel positive about the brand as a whole. Good user experience will result in increased sales, user acquisition and will help you grow your business.

How UI Services Can Help Your Product?

From our experience being one of the premier UI/UX companies in Bangalore, UI services help your users clearly understand what your products/services are, grabs their attention and engages them on your website or application. To get the most benefit from a good UI, we suggest engaging with a UI design services company like us!