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India | FinTech
India | FinTech

India's leading finance & wealth app making it easy for economic experts to make money.

We were responsible for:
iOS App Development
Android app development
QA testing
App launch
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BankSathi App - Introduction

A trusted partner for your financial needs.

A trusted partner for your financial needs. With the GenZ and Millennials now doubling down on investments, there has emerged a need for financial advisors to help them make the best financial decisions. To meet these growing user needs, Banksathi was formed

The multilingual finance app brings different financial experts - Loan Agents, Insurance Advisors, Ex Bankers, BFSI Professionals, and Wealth Advisors - together, to become financial advisors and earn in-app.

  • 4 Million Customers.
  • Rs. 100 Cr+ Advisor Earning.
  • 1+ Million App Downloads.
  • 70+ Total Products.
  • 1.5 Mn+ Advisor Networks.

On a theoretical level, the application was a game changer, its implementation, however, narrated another story. When the Banksathi founders came to us they were struggling with bad user reviews on the stores around interface, lack of features, and the overall experience.

BankSathi offers the following services -

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Bank Accounts
  3. Personal Loans
  4. Demat Accounts
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Re-building Banksathi

Identifying Challenges to Address Banksathi Reconstruction

While our development team was working on that, our analysis team identified additional features that would make the application a go-to mode of earning income and re-establish its image. As a result, we extended the project deliverables to an upgraded time-sensitive notification system, a smart business analytics solution helping users be on track of their earnings, and lead count, and an admin panel for the Banksathi team to track users (where they are coming from - Social media or organic) and manage their movements.

Under the project scope, we have been working on:

  • Complete code revamp
  • An upgraded push notification mechanism
  • Smart business analytics for users to track their growth and app admin to manage Banksathi
  • An educational module where the users can enroll in courses around financial products
  • Added SSL pinning technique to prevent unethical data transmission

BankSathi App Main Features

We enrolled some must-have features for the success of the application. Check below -

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  • 1. Bank Account Integration.
  • 2. Biometric Access
  • 3. Multi-Factor Authentication
  • 4. User Experience
  • 5. Push Notifications
  • 6. Recurring payments tracking
  • 7. Make Profile
  • 8. Verify bank details
  • 9. Complete KYC
  • 10. Look at financial products
  • 11. Share the product link of your choice with prospective customers
  • 12. Track the status of product purchases
  • 13. Get earnings after a successful product purchase

Client Testimony

Banksathi Icon
Banksathi Icon
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Jitendra Dhaka

CEO, Banksathi

"On paper, Banksathi had everything it took to make a profitable application. However, on the execution front, there were multiple loopholes - glitches in apps, modules not working, slow payment disbursement process, etc. Now to make the application as useful as it was on paper in a real world scenario, we had to take every user journey apart and identify the areas of concerns on a technical end."