Customized App Solutions for Businesses

Ailoitte's customizable software reduces project time and costs by 90%. Skip the planning, tech stack selection, UI/UX design, and most programming – it's already done! Just customize the interface and launch quickly.

  • Project planning
  • Choosing tech stack
  • UI/UX
  • Programming

100% Customized

Save time up to 70%

Reduce Costs by 50%

Low-risk factor

Customized App Solutions for Businesses

Why choose our Customizable Software/App Solutions?

Customizable Software/App Solutions

Customize the software for your business needs, including your colors and logo.

Less expensive than hiring an agency or in-house team for complex software development. It can reduce costs upto 70%.

Our customizable solutions streamline workflows and automate tasks, boosting efficiency by 60% and saving costs in the long term.

Stable service which is already tested and works smoothly.

You and your customers can conveniently use all the features with any device.

Fully customized software by already developed algorithms in just 20-30 days.

Ready-made solutions are easy to support and maintain.


Customizable EHR/EMR Software

We design custom EHR/EMR Software solutions with features for scheduling appointments, managing patient-doctor communication, and more. Our portals also allow healthcare providers to classify diseases accurately in various health records using the latest and most detailed information.

  • Personalized care
  • Reduced medication errors
  • Streamlined clinical decision-making
Customizable EHR/EMR Software


Customizable Telemedicine App

If you want to build a telemedicine app for your business with live streaming and an online payment gateway. We have a readymade Telemedicine App designed and developed for customers to book doctors and take consultations online.

  • 100% Customization
  • Boost Efficiency by 60%
  • Reduce Costs by 70%
Customizable Telemedicine App

Fitness App

Customizable Fitness App/Fitness Tracking App

Ailoitte offers customized fitness app development solutions, building cutting-edge fitness apps that offer seamless experiences and assurance, ensuring users stay engaged and motivated for sustained participation.

  • Seamless Delivery
  • Customized Fitness Plans
  • Cost-efficient
Customizable Fitness App/Fitness Tracking App

Job Portal

Customizable Job Portal/ Hiring Application

We simplify recruitment by providing a high-end & customized job portal solution integrating various recruitment processes and automation functionalities. The platform is built to be customizable for any workflow that the hiring team wants to implement.

  • Better Hiring Process
  • Enhanced employer branding
  • Better Data-Driven Decisions
Customizable Job Portal/ Hiring Application

Taxi Booking

Customizable Bike & Taxi Booking App

Take a look at this ride-booking app, similar to Uber, Rapido & Ola, where users can easily book or schedule rides. It also has options for delivery requests and tracking. You can change it to fit your needs and it comes with lots of nice-looking design elements.

  • 100% Customization
  • Boost Efficiency by 60%
  • Reduce Costs by 70%
Customizable Bike & Taxi Booking App

Food Delivery

Customizable Food and Grocery Delivery Application

A great starter kit for delivery apps, easy to use, grow, and keep up. It uses Flutter for the front end of Mobile and Node.js, Express.js, TypeScript, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL for the back end. You can change it to fit any delivery or service app you want.

  • Grocery Purchase Flow for Users
  • Order Checking for Vendors
  • Product Search and Vendor Selection
Customizable Food and Grocery Delivery Application

Messaging App

Customizable Chat and Messaging App

A chat application for web and mobile that allows users to communicate with each other in real-time through text, voice, or video. It can be customized to accommodate all your modern chat app requirements.

  • 100% Customized
  • Multi-chat Support
  • Mobile App Portability
Customizable Chat and Messaging App


Customizable E-commerce Portal & E-commerce Mobile App

If you’re looking to build an e-commerce application designed to perform all the essential functions, then don’t build it from scratch. Ailoitte has all the necessary features to save you hundreds of development hours.

  • 100% Customized
  • Save time up to 50%
  • Save money up to 60%
Customizable E-commerce Portal & E-commerce Mobile App


Customizable Learning Management System (LMS)

Our customizable Learning Management System provides organizations with flexibility, scalability, enhanced engagement, advanced analytics, integration capabilities, compliance, cost-effectiveness, rapid deployment, and competitive advantage, making it a valuable tool for employee development and organizational growth.

  • Interactive Learning Tools
  • Personalized Learning Paths
  • Branded Interface
Customizable Learning Management System (LMS)


Customizable HR Management System

Our All-in-One HR system helps businesses manage their employees better. It makes handling HR tasks easier, like hiring, managing, training, and keeping staff happy. Get our affordable HR system to make managing your workforce easy.

  • 100% Customized Solutions
  • Scalability
  • Increased Efficiency
Customizable HR Management System

Payroll Management

Customizable Payroll Management Software

We make customized, full-service payroll software that handles paying employees, calculating taxes, managing staff, entering pay data, and other tasks. Our software helps with calculations, payments, and filings, making everything faster and simpler for you.

  • Faster processing
  • Increased Accuracy and Efficiency
  • Scalability
Customizable Payroll Management Software

Background Verification

Customizable Employee Background Verification App

Our ready-made Employee Background Verification Application provides companies with pre-employment screening solutions to verify the information provided by job applicants. It makes it easier for organizations to screen new hires and volunteers. The app collects and organizes data from checks on employment, education, credit history, and criminal background.

  • Help Protect Workplace Safety
  • Reduce Your Liability
  • Hiring Top Candidates
Customizable Employee Background Verification App

How do we apply a Customized App Solutions


Choosing the BEST solution for YOUR business


Counting cost and time efforts


Project development based on modules


Assistance with choosing and integrating equipment


Further technical and business support


Product launch


Staff training on how to use the system

Finally, you'll receive fully operational ready-made modules customized to
your system, thoroughly tested, and prepared for immediate use.


What is a customised app?

Custom app development is designing software applications for users in an organization to fulfill specific business needs. Designing and developing your custom app focuses on specific needs instead of using more conventional and standard software.

Can I create my app?

If you're a programmer or you can code, you can create mobile applications independently, using online resources to upskill yourself. If you can't code, you can use a no-code app maker or an app development company like Ailoitte.

What are the benefits of using customizable app solutions?

Increased efficiency and productivity, improved user experience, cost savings, better adaptability to changing needs, and competitive advantage.

What are some examples of customizable app solutions?

Learning Management Systems (LMS), Job Portals/Hiring Applications, EHR/EMR Software, Practice Management Software, Fitness Apps, Telemedicine Apps, Payroll Management Software, and many more.

What level of customization can I expect?

It's different for each solution provider and plan. Some offer basic adjustments like branding and workflows, while others allow extensive modifications to features and functionality.

How easy is it to customize the app?

The ease of customization generally depends on the solution. Some offer user-friendly interfaces and drag-and-drop features, while others require technical expertise.

What should I consider when choosing a level of customization?

Your technical skills, budget, specific needs, and future growth potential.

How are my data and user information protected?

Choose solutions with strong security measures and ensure they follow the rules about keeping data private.

What is the Difference between Custom and Readymade app solutions?

The key difference between custom and ready-made apps is how well they fit your needs and the price. Custom apps are made just for you, so they work perfectly and match your brand, but they can cost more and take longer to make. Ready-made apps are already built and cheaper, so they launch faster, but they might not have all the features you want. Choose custom if you need something unique and have time, or go for ready-made if you want to save money and launch quickly.