Web Development

We develop secure and top-notch customizable web applications for enterprises & startups across the world.

Why we are the best web development & Designing company

We are a website designing company in Bangalore with a core motto of commitment and responsibility. Our company, Ailoitte, is one of the best web development companies in Bangalore, with global capabilities across web design and development,mobile application development, and product UX/UI design.

We re-imagine all your digital experiences to make them human-centered. Whether you’re a start-up or an established company looking for a change, at Ailoitte, we believe in bringing value and velocity to our client’s brand. We’re a top-rated web development company in Bangalore that focuses on imaginative, original, and results-driven solutions. Our establishment has expertise in conceptualizing and executing innovative online business models, brand-friendly websites, and ingenious design layouts that create hyper-growth for our clients. Our website, application, and product design services have a proven track record of what it takes to have a successful business.

With many years of experience as the best website designing company in Bangalore, we’ve had the privilege to work with different companies across a diverse range of industries. Whether it’s to provide support, sell products, or develop your company’s digital footprint, allow our team to bring your company to the forefront. We are prepared to bring our proficiency and training to your next digital project.

Services offering in web development

Every website design and development professional here at Ailoitte understands the importance of giving full priority to the client’s needs and demands. Being a website designing company in Bangalore, our goal is to be the very best among the innumerable web design companies. A website can hold the attention span of visitors for merely a few seconds, and in this time we aim to engage the client’s interest.

Web Strategy & Development

Our design process starts with understanding your vision for your brand and the requirements. Our 100% office space ensures comfortable meetings between our developers and clients, where strategizing of business objectives and goals for your website can happen. The development process includes creating a suitable timeline, right from brainstorming to launch of a website. Based on that, we start working on the project.

Web UI/UX Design

We believe software deserves to be user-friendly and match the aesthetics of the company. Our team develops a sitemap and framework for your project. We include everything from key features and functionalities to the wireframe of your new website. In our design process, our engineers and designers use advanced technologies and frameworks such as React, HTML5, AngularJS, CSS3, AJAX, and others. We’re the best web development company in Bangalore that transforms the website of wonderful brands into an interactive platform for visitors.

Services offering in web development

Every website design and development professional here at Ailoitte understands the importance of giving full priority to the client’s needs and demands. Being a website designing company in Bangalore, our goal is to be the very best among the innumerable web design companies. A website can hold the attention span of visitors for merely a few seconds, and in this time we aim to engage the client’s interest.

Architecture Design & Consultation

Working collaboratively with your team, we determine a digital strategy and develop a base that will facilitate the deployment of the web server. Since we’re a web development company in Bangalore, we will explore concepts like information architecture to ensure that multiple applications can work together on a solid foundation in your website.

System Integrations

Complex technologies and constantly changing business environments will pose challenges to any organization. Being a web application development company in Bangalore, we integrate platforms across multiple IT systems with different functions, stages, and departments to help your enterprise overcome such challenges.

SaaS Product Development

We have front-end developers who can help you in your SaaS product development process. They create successful SaaS products with the help of proper planning and implementation, followed by iterative improvements.

Custom Web Portal Development

As a website designing company in Bangalore, our specialists are skilled in using the best tools to create a custom medium for your brand with a single point of access for interacting with vendors, clients, partners or anyone else.

Testing & Compliance

We perform routine analysis with software like Xamarin Test Cloud, Selenium to check that the standards for the website are properly enforced and implemented with full security measures. Being a web application development company in Bangalore, we also work simultaneously to improve the standards which lead to better quality.

E-commerce Platform Development

We are a web development company fully capable of providing optimized eCommerce website design and development solutions. Hence, a prospect lead visiting the website converts into genuine customers with our help.

Why choose Ailoitte for web development services

We are considered one of the best website designing companies in Bangalore. The reason for this is simple – we don’t believe in being just another website design company. Your brand has a story, for which the website has to be a natural extension setting the tone for your online presence. We take great responsibility to create a perfectly aesthetic website for your brand.

We offer risk-free trials on an assignment basis, with the sole right of the client to any code developed as theirs. At Ailoitte, you can be assured of 100% transparency and full communication during the whole process from start to finish, ensured by our Scrum Masters. We ensure that your new site will be the perfect representation of your business brand.

Our web development workflow process

In accordance with our aim for complete transparency, we are outlining the different phases for the website design and development process:

1 Information Gathering

Before creating a blueprint of a website, it is important to have all the necessary data about clients. We find out the purpose of your site, whether it’s to promote a service, sell a product, or give out information.

2 Planning

Our dexterous team uses all information to plan a website map for you, with customized design styles based on the target audience of your company.

3 Design

We create prototypes for your website based on the target style. Full communication between you and your allotted developers ensures that the final web site will match your needs and taste.

4 Development

We are a web development company in Bangalore who understands what it takes to make a successful website. With a clear understanding of front-end web development, our team writes in HTML/CSS code that follows current webpage standards, maximizing functionality, and provides accessibility for as large an audience as possible.

5 Testing and Delivery

As part of testing, our developers check whether all of the code written for your website validates thoroughly. We make sure to meet the current web development standards and cross-browser compatibility.

6 Maintenance

We are happy to continue working together with you for drawing in potential customers all the time. With the necessity to update information on your web site, we offer lucrative maintenance packages at reasonable rates, based on the frequency or additions to your website.


What is Web Development or Web Designing? 

Web design and development refers to both the creation of the aesthetic portion of a website and it’s functionality. There is a difference in the role of web designers and developers. The web designers have knowledge of graphic web design tools like Illustrator, whereas the web developers need to know HTML/CSS for the technical implementation of the work into the websites and projects.

Purpose & Use of Web Development 

Since everything around us is digitized today, it is very helpful to have a website for your business. Information is critical, and you need a platform to showcase everything in one place. With global customers, access to websites makes it easy to get ahold of information about your business, or products or services without having to exert effort. By enlisting the help of web developers, you can increase potential leads and give a platform for customers to reach you directly with the help of a website.

Now more than ever, the role of a website in advertising and marketing is unparalleled. Earlier, ‘word of mouth’ was relied upon to bring reach to a product but now there are lots of ways to advertise your products or services on the internet.

How long does it take to design and develop a website? 

The timeline for design, development, and running of a successful website can vary from client to client. Depending upon the design complexity, content structure complexity, custom responsive designs, and other requests, it can take 3 to 4 weeks or more.

Why should you choose Ailoitte for web designing or web development? 

Website design is constantly evolving with the advent of technology and we’re constantly searching for new ways to draw audiences to the websites. Our Seasoned website designers and developers at Ailoitte have cracked the code for approaching a project with maximum efficiency. As a web development company in Bangalore, we promise you a clear process from start to end, with customized data as per requirements. We will walk you through all the processes to create engaging experiences on all sides. Your involvement is guaranteed, with space for inputs, changes, and any guidelines to help us take you to your ultimate goal.