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Life Long App

India | E-commerce
India | E-commerce

One of the leading System suppliers and assemblies manufacturers, Plastic Injection Molding parts and multiple Commodity parts.

We were responsible for:
Frontend Development
Backend Development
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Lifelong App - Introduction

Comfort - Quality - Design

At Lifelong, we build innovative solutions for India. We crafted a diverse range of innovative products across a spectrum of categories - Home, Kitchen, Grooming, Fitness, Lifestyle, and Smart Homes, to better help you. Just 5 years young, we designed and developed over 100 products. We are ready to serve you, both online and offline, in over 500 cities across India. We are thrilled to be a part of over 10 lakh homes, enriching lives every day. We build contemporary products for you. We rely on the rich manufacturing heritage and aesthetic approach to make these products a part of homes and workspaces across India.

  • 1.Extended Warranty.
  • 2.Best Prices.
  • 3.Product Innovation.
  • 4.Home Service.
  • 5.4 Star Rated Products.
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Challenges to Meet the Expectations of Lifelong, Co-founders

We implemented features to increase brand loyalty, market their product & engage with customers. Every step in the application process required a lot of analysis & research.

One of the primary aims of application developers is to bring out the maximum number of people on board. Below are some of the other challenges we faced -

  • Choosing the right technology,
  • Finalizing the design.
  • Selection of the features.
  • Converting Shoppers into paying customers.
  • Cyber & Data Security Solution.
  • Online Identity Verification solution.

Lifelong App Main Features

We engineered the customer version of the eCommerce application with a wide range of immersive, engaging features.

Lifelong Main Feature
  • 1. User Registration.
  • 2. Product Listing and Details.
  • 3. Product Wishlist.
  • 4. Easy access to customer service.
  • 5. Advanced Search.
  • 6. Status Tracking & Order History.
  • 7. Multiple Payment Options.
  • 8. Live Chat.

Client Testimony

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“Ailoitte is a next-generation marketplace that creates the team as per our expectations”.