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United States | HealthTech
United States | HealthTech

A leading provider of integrated population care management solutions for healthcare & human services organizations.

We were responsible for:
API Development
API Integrations
Frontend Development
Backend Development

Assurecare App - Introduction

We are a connected care company that uses technology to help customers make data-driven decisions to solve healthcare challenges. AssureCare was developed because access to & delivery of healthcare can be fragmented & expensive. This can lead to lower quality care for patients & higher costs for all. Our platform has touched 80+ million lives, deep experience in health insurance, healthcare systems & pharmacies & partnering with industry-leading system integrators at state & national levels.

AssureCare Intro
AssureCare Challenge

Challenges to Meet the Expectations of Assurecare App, Co-founders

Developing robust healthcare solutions become essential with the increasing demand for digital health solutions. However, the road to successful healthcare app development is filled with challenges.

Let’s explore some of the critical challenges we have faced -

  • Complex Regulatory Outlook.
  • Data Security Risk
  • Privacy & Security Concerns.
  • Unsatisfactory User Experience.
  • Interface Issues.

Assurecare App Main Features

We implemented the most innovative features in the application. Check below -

Apna Image
  • 1. Engaging UX/UI Design Features.
  • 2. Social determinants of health content.
  • 3. Patient & provider portal.
  • 4. Patient Data Collection.
  • 5. Payment Integration.
  • 6. Video Conferencing.
  • 7. Symptoms Checking Feature.
  • 8. Health Activity Tracking.
  • 9. Assessments & Care Plan Library.