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India’s Leading Job Search App with Millions of Eligible Profiles in 70+ Categories

Apna app is a user-centric platform for blue and gray-collar workers where they can conduct job search in 11 Indian languages. The job finder platform became the fastest growing unicorn startup within 22-months, backed with $193.5 million funding.

The platform also intends to take its business to the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Southeast Asia soon. Clientele of Apna includes top names like Amazon, Flipkart, and Swiggy using the platform to advertise job openings, schedule interviews, and recruit employees.

  • 16+ Million User-base
  • 1,50,000+ Indian businesses using Apna for recruitment
  • 18+ million job interviews per month
  • 35+ million recruitment conversations per month
  • 74+ Cities Covered
  • 70+ Job Categories
  • 70+ community networks multiple industries

Our Biggest Challenges to Overcome and Meet the Expectations of Apna Co-founders

During the first stage of development, we realized that the English language had a dominant presence in job finder apps. We knew it would not make things easy for the blue-collar workers in India - the significant portion of Apna’s target audience. Such workers did not have a platform where they could find jobs they were suited for due to the language barrier.

Problems we wanted to solve through Apna:

  • Language Barriers
  • English-based Platform
  • Complex User Interface
  • Manual Location and Language Setting
  • Not Scalable
  • Beta testing wasn’t done
  • Sub-par user experience

We focused our efforts and expertise on a relevant platform for people that did not have English as their native language.

Our team rose up to the challenge that aimed to make the job-search experience easy for first-time internet users by providing an automated list of skills and basic details for their profile page. They could choose from that list and prepare the profile page in a few minutes.

“The co-founders were ambitious and wanted the team to build the MVP in two weeks before the release of the first build within a month. The Aliloitte team accepted the challenge and initiated the research and development process immediately. The promptness led to rapid development and deliveries to meet the requirements of Apna co-founders.”

Sunil Kumar

CEO, Ailoitte Technologies


Ailoitte’s Solution to Make the Apna App Unique and User Friendly for a Large Customer Base in India

The Apna team chose the Resource Augmentation model for the app project that brought us into the picture. Ailoitte and Apna team worked together to determine the best solutions for a multilingual/Hinglish application.

We used the Agile methodology with sprints for weekly deliveries and feedback implementation. It helped us speed up the development process and meet the tight deadline. Our collaborative efforts led to sprints for every feature and design development.

Factors we focused on to make the Apna app a blue-collar app:

  • Blue-collar Worker Needs
  • Multilingual Platform
  • Great Customer Support
  • Engaging User Interface

We were most proud of the "build your connections or community” section of the app. It helped users explore and empower their skills/knowledge in their areas of interest.


The team Structure Combined The Best Minds of Apna and Ailoitte.

Android developer

04 Android developer

Backend developer

04 Backend developer

Key elements

Apna App Main Features

We engineered and implemented the most innovative features in the application, which made the job application process a three-click experience.

Job search & filter

The Apna app users can access multiple jobs from numerous locations in India with the search, filter, and location settings. We used smart filters in the Apna app to provide personalized job search results to users.


The users could quickly apply for the jobs they are interested in with their portfolios. Moreover, they could apply for as many jobs as they want and at any time.

Schedule interview

Apna app helped users schedule an interview directly with the employer or the interviewer. It speeds up the recruitment process for the job finder and the employers.

Job alerts

This feature included sending job alerts and career opportunity notifications to keep the user informed. The function could also analyze the skills and interests of users to recommend most relevant jobs.

Learn english

Apna app also included an exciting opportunity for non-English speakers to learn English on the app with daily practice and assignments. This service was kept free of charge, while our developers ensured it was easy to follow.

Business group

The Apna app included the feature to discover partners for building a new business/startup. Users could increase their connections in the business community and keep up with the market trends.

Government exam preparation

This platform also served government service aspirants that were looking for government jobs. Such users could practice, share, and solve questions/practice tests, in-app.


Engineering outcome

The Final Execution

Android application development

We chose Android platform for the Apna app as 86% of Indian citizens are Android users. We created a platform with high Android performance and within the deadline set by the Apna team. Our team worked to build a dedicated app that adopts and cooperates with the complete documentation process to create new job alerts for the users.

Backend Development

We incorporate a process backed by a human-centric approach merged with a robust technology set.

Backend Development

Our backend development mainly focused on creating APIs for mobile apps, analytics logic for an internal business dashboard, and integrating backends with the analytics of Mixpanel for personalized push notifications.

Building a scalable solution to process the growing user data and activities was one of the core responsibilities of our backend team.

Our Focus

We Mainly Focused On


We implemented the methods of color psychology into the design of the Apna app. With extensive research and testing, we created an app design that could provide a simple yet memorable experience for the target audience.

User Experience & User Interface

We actively engaged in research of successful competitors to rule out any features or other aspects that may inconvenience the app user. We perfected the UI & UX with frequent testing and improvements.

API integrations

Our Application Programming Interface integrations modernized the interface of the Apna app to make it convenient for users. It also helped speed up the development process and improved application performance.

Reporting and Analytics Development

We made it easy for the Apna team to use, modify, and present the existing data of Apna job portal services in an explanatory way. Our developers designed Apna’s analytics to be accurate to ensure user-centric innovation.

Business Web Apps Development

We dedicated ourselves to building various customized business dashboards and tools. We also optimized the Apna platform for B2B users. Our front-end developers made a business recruiter portal for that.


Techstack We Used

We used a blend of time-tested and upcoming technologies in the Apna app, making it robust and future-ready.

Framework - Kotlin

Language - Java/Kotlin

Architecture - MVVM architecture

Networking - okHttp3, Retrofit

Push notifications and Chat - Firebase

Continuous Integration platform - Jenkins

Language - Python

Database - Postgres

Framework - Kotlin

Language - Java/Kotlin

Architecture - MVVM architecture

Networking - okHttp3, Retrofit

Push notifications and Chat - Firebase

Continuous Integration platform - Jenkins

Language - Python

Database - Postgres

The Results

How Apna Grew With Our Creative Collaboration


million funding


billion valuation


million app installs


Client Testimony

"Ailoitte understood our requirements immediately and built the team we wanted. On-time and on budget. Highly recommend working with them for a fruitful collaboration."

- Priyank Mehta

(Head Of Product, ApnaHQ)