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Gaspay App

South Africa | FinTech
South Africa | FinTech

Making the payment journey at gas stations effortless and quick for commuters.

We were responsible for:
Frontend Development
Backend Development
iOS App Development
Android app development
QA testing
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Gaspay App - Introduction

A US-based FinTech Application

It's a payment service you can use that helps you make secure cashless payments for gas. It’s easier, quicker and safer than paying with cash – and your card won't even leave your wallet. It permits you to scan a quick response (QR) code directly from our app to pay for your gas.

The platform helps users reap the many benefits of investing with automated tools.

Users get quick access to their money as all investment returns are transferred directly to the existing checking account from where they can auto-invest for the users according to their preference without requiring any credit checks, APRs, or hidden fees.

The app also enables users to earn up to 5% cashback on every purchase.

  • Make Payment for Gas Simply by Scanning the QR Code with your Smartphone.
  • Contactless Payment reduces Cash In Hand.
  • Reduce Time at Cashier in Car Payment.
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Challenges to Meet the Expectations of Gaspay, Co-founde

While our development team was working on that, our analysis team identified additional features that would make the application a go-to mode of earning income and re-establish its image. As a result, we extended the project deliverables to an upgraded time-sensitive notification system, a smart business analytics solution helping users be on track of their earnings.

Under the project scope, we have been working on:

  • Complete code revamp.
  • An upgraded push notification mechanism.
  • Smart business analytics for users to track their growth.
  • Added SSL pinning technique to prevent unethical data transmission.

Gaspay App Main Features

We enrolled some must-have features for the success of the application. Check below -

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  • 1. Bank Account Integration.
  • 2. Biometric Access.
  • 3. Automated portfolio recommendations
  • 4. Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • 5. User Experience.
  • 6. Recurring payments tracking.
  • 7.AI for Analytics & Data Visualization.
  • 8.Alerts & Push Notifications.
  • Digital Payments.

Client Testimony



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Head Of Product, Gaspay

"The team was professional, client-friendly, delivery-focused, and highly competent."