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ProtoVerify Web App

India | HRTech
India | HRTech

Streamline hiring with advanced background verification solutions for faster & seamless user experience, safeguard your brand’s integrity and protect against fraudulent activities.

We were responsible for:
Frontend Development
Backend Development
API Integration
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ProtoVerify App - Introduction

Conduct 35% faster background checks with Protoverify

Our background verification platform revolutionizes verification speed through advanced automation and a user-friendly UI. This expedites the process, ensuring swift results for efficient hiring.

You can make informed decisions with agility using Protoverify’s advanced analytics tools. Derive actionable insights, create custom reports and dashboards, and measure operations in real time to drive growth sustainably. Background verification is vital for assessing the trustworthiness of individuals or entities like prospective employees, tenants, vendors, and business partners. It involves multiple checks to validate personal, educational, professional, and criminal history. These checks enable informed decisions, risk reduction, and a safer operational environment.

  • 1.Permanent Address Verification.
  • 2.Current Address verification.
  • 3.Bank Account Verification.
  • 4.Photo ID Verification.
  • 5.Employment Verification.
  • 6.Education Document Verification.
  • 7.Reference Check.
  • 8.Court Record Check.
  • 9.Police Verification.
  • 10.Drug Test.
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Challenges to Meet the Expectations of ProtoVerify, Co-founders

Providing a high-quality UX is all about balancing strategic design choices and practical functionality. While performing cross-browser testing, QA testers identified bugs related to layout inconsistencies & broken functionality. In some cases, bugs occurred when the displayed data was inconsistent or not in sync with the actual data.

Below are some of the challenges that come across while making this application

  • Security testing.
  • Test data management.
  • Ensuring cross-browser compatibility.
  • Location Checks.

ProtoVerify App Main Features

We enrolled some must-have features for the success of the application. Check below -

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  • 1. Intuitive Dashboards.
  • 2. Location management.
  • 3. Automated workflows.
  • 4. Smart filtering options.
  • 5. Security.
  • 6. Local and global background checks
  • 7. A Feedback System.
  • 8. High-Quality Customer Support.

Client Testimony

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Gautam Pathak

CLR | ProtoStaff

“Since Ailoitte Technologies joined the project, the deliverables have been high-quality and outstanding. The team has greatly impressed the client with their efforts and exceptional skills”.