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Ziffiy Explore App

United Kingdom | TravelTech
United Kingdom | TravelTech

Virtually explore new places, iconic monuments, festivals, and more from India.

We were responsible for:
API Integrations
Android App Development
Backend job portal
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Ziffiy App - Introduction

Your new getaway lifestyle mobile app!

Ziffiy is your pocket-friendly alternative to explore everything in India, all from the comfort of your coach. With “Ziffiy Explore” you can host or join a virtual tour. You can experience or share hotspots, local festivals & any unique experiences from India with people globally.

  • An all-in-one app for users & hosts.
  • Unique experiences from India.
  • Interactive real-time experiences.
  • Limited participants for exclusivity.
  • Simple signup & event hosting.
  • Intuitive User-Interface.
  • Witness the culture and hidden gems of India with just a few clicks.
  • Share your ideologies and thoughts with likeminded people
  • Easily become a host to showcase your unique talents.
  • Earn money from hosting events
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Challenges to Meet the Expectations of Ziffiy App, Co-founders

Automating Trading & Investments on Mobile App

The travel industry is undoubtedly uplifting with competition. Numerous travel booking apps in the market provide users with exceptional experiences. Now, this is the challenge to come up with unique ideas and deliver quality services to your users.

We are listing down some of the few challenges that we faced -

  • Complicated Booking Process.
  • Difficult transactions.
  • Data Integration.
  • Optimizing the User Experience.
  • Personalization.
  • Performance and Optimization.
  • Security and Privacy.
  • Offline Functionality.

Ziffiy App Main Features

We implemented the most innovative features in the application. Check below -

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  • 1. Travel & Tour Planning.
  • 2. Navigation and Maps.
  • 3. Customer Feedback Solutions.
  • 4. Support Multiple Languages.
  • 5. Smart Payment Options.
  • 6. Real-time Translation.
  • 7. API Integration.
  • 8. In-app Bookings.
  • 9. Reviews and Recommendations.
  • 10. Local Information Access.

Client Testimony

Ziffiy CEO Image
Ziffiy CEO Image
Ziffiy CEO Image


Co-founder and CEO, Ziffiy

"Ailoitte Technologies team is proactive and they have gone above and beyond to make a great product."