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We were responsible for:
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Mindfully Web App - Introduction

Mental Health Care for Everyone, Anywhere

At Mindfully, we are dedicated to helping our clients heal, grow, and bloom. We focus on matching clients with providers who specialize in the challenges they are facing.

By providing the best fit from the start, we help our clients meet their goals with greater success and our providers find deeper fulfillment in their work. We acknowledge that what one person needs today might look different tomorrow. We also recognize that a person needs flexibility in how they access care. Our wrap-around services provide continuity of care for every bend in the road, peak, or valley our clients experience. Through our dedicated counselors, psychiatrists, and peer supporters, we are with our clients every step of the way, whether that is in person, online, or both. We are their mental health partner.

Services provided by Mindfully App -

  • 1.Counseling Services.
  • 2.Psychiatry Services.
  • 3.Peer Support Services.
  • 4.Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT).
  • 5.EMDR Therapy.
  • Warmline.
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Challenges to Meet the Expectations of Mindfully, Co-founders

With the rapidly growing healthcare industry, there has been a boost in Healthcare application development. Building a health-tech app requires a lot of attention and several elements. Some aspects to keep in mind while running a Healthcare mobile app are patient privacy, regular app updates, system security, and many more. Developing a healthcare app with all the latest features and trends in the market is difficult. Therefore, it is crucial to outsource from top healthcare app development companies to create an app that meets all user requirements.

Have a look at some of the challenges we have faced -

  • Privacy of the Patient.
  • Big Data Management.
  • Complex Regulatory Outlook.
  • Security Concerns.
  • User Experience Considerations.
  • Interface Issues.

Client Testimony

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“Thanks to Ailoitte’s efforts, the app was successfully launched on time. The team was proactive and involved in the process to ensure smooth execution. They were collaborative and easy to work with”.

Mindfully App Main Features

We implemented the most innovative features in the application. Check below -

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  • 1. Engaging UX/UI Design Features.
  • 2. Social determinants of health content.
  • 3. Patient & provider portal.
  • 4. Patient Data Collection.
  • 5. Payment Integration.
  • 6. Video Conferencing.
  • 7. Symptoms Checking Feature.
  • 8. Health Activity Tracking.
  • 9. Assessments & Care Plan Library.

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