Why is Ailoitte the best in iOS app development company?

Ailoitte, is one of the premier iPhone app development companies in India headquartered in Bangalore - the Silicon Valley of India. Among the different iOS app development companies in Bangalore and India, we differentiate ourselves as an iOS app development company with our unique development process that guarantees transparency in terms of both development progress and the budgets. This straight away helps us eliminate two of the most common issues when engaging with an app development agency - Untimely Delivery and Budget Overruns.

Our iOS App Development Process

With the increasing number of ios users, iPhone app development in India has become a prominent part of the software development industry, with numerous agencies competing to be the best. What sets us apart from the iPhone app development companies out there is the process we follow to build your app. This tried and tested method works extremely well across apps of all categories and industries and ensures the app is as per your vision. Check out our iOS app development process below:

DiscoveryThe key to creating a successful app development is understanding the client’s requirements in detail. The discovery call or meeting consists of going through a list of questions to understand deeply what your vision of the app is, the target audience, pain point the app solves, the look and feel of the app, etc.

UI/UXWith a clear understanding of the requirements, we create the wireframe and prototypes to showcase the visual, graphical, and other design elements for your app. The next step in the design stage is creating mockups for the different screens you wish to have in the app, along with the user interface we’ve designed for you to understand our visual direction.

DevelopmentOnce the design and features specifications for the app ready, we move to the development phase. This is where the magic happens. The design team and the development team give life to the prototype as they build your app from scratch. You would be equally involved in the process and the feedback loop to make sure the app is aligned with your vision.

TestingThe testing phase is where all the elements of your app are thoroughly tested to make sure the final product is in the best shape. We look at parameters such as performance, usability, security and compatibility with different devices, hardware, etc.

LaunchThe launch phase happens in two steps - the first being the beta app to let users give our app a run and identify any fixes required to improve the app. With the fixes made and you giving us a green signal, we release the app on the App store.

Maintenance and MarketingAs an end-to-end iOS app development company, we believe that the goal of our efforts should be the success of your business app. For that, we take care of the maintenance of your app as well. We strive hard to push regular updates for your app so that your user experiences the absolute best. But the app and the updates would make no difference if your audience is not made aware of the app. This is where our marketing efforts come into play. We understand the best possible means to let your audience know about the app and work towards acquiring them.

As one of the leading iPhone app development companies in Bangalore, our process is one that is tried and tested and works well in guaranteeing transparency throughout the period of the development. Your search for the best ios app development company can assuredly end here. Hire us as your success partners! Hire Ailoitte.

Benefits of iOS App


A business growth channel

Be it conversions or user acquisition, an app can be an effective channel to drive your business growth. With Apple devices having upto 13% market share, an iOS app gives you access to a wide range of audience to whom you can sell your product or services to.


Seamless Experience

iOS is often praised for its super smooth user experience. With iOS being used purely on Apple devices, the software and hardware work in perfect harmony ensuring a crisp and seamless experience. Thanks to Apple, your app would look and run at its absolute best across all iPhone or iPad models.


Top of the Line Security

Apple has always been cautious about having the top of the line security for iOS to make sure your app provides the best in class safety for your users. From eliminating viruses to improving online security, iOS has got your app covered at all times.


Developing professional-grade iOS apps in-house is a cumbersome task. The cost of hiring, the time and resources to be allocated makes it a costly affair. With an ios mobile app development company, you get a team of experts working on your app from scratch at much lesser costs. This is why iPhone app development companies provide better ROI than getting it developed in house.
As a leading ios app development company in Bangalore, our expertise is spread across multiple programming languages. The major languages we use to develop are iOS, Android (Java, Kotlin), Cordova/PhoneGap, React Native, Xamarin and Ionic

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