What is the difference between UI and UX Design?

calender May 18, 2023
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An attractive, professional website is a must in today’s competitive digital world. Businesses need to make an excellent first impression and provide the best experience to their audience.

A well-designed, informative, and visually appealing User Interface (UI) can lead to a good user experience (UX), add credibility to your business,  and strengthen your brand.

As per Forbes, every $1 invested in UX brings in $100 in return.

And as per PR Newswire, nearly 40% of website visitors are drawn to the color more than any other visual element when they land on your website.

UI and UX design must be a continuous part of every business’s long-term strategy. And it goes a long way to gaining customers and profits.

Most times, UI and UX are often interpreted as a single term as UI/UX design.

Time to bust the most common myth.

“UI and UX are NOT the same!”

Though UI and UX might seem the same, they are explicitly different from each other.

Before we delve into the differences between UX and UI, let’s understand what is UI UX design, how they both work together, and the importance of UI/UX design in app/software development.

What is UX design in software development?

UX design or User experience design is the process of designing a website or a product that offers a meaningful and relevant experience to users. It includes the process of merging the product with branding, color codes, usability, design, and function that is focused on the user-friendliness of the user journey.

In software development, UX design is your user’s experience with your app/website from start to finish.

What is UI design in software development?

The User Interface (UI) design consists of the appearance of the mobile app or website that ensures easy interaction of the user with the application. It includes an appealing design, presentation, and graphics that are focused on attracting users. It is also optimized for different screen resolutions.

In software development, UI design transforms wireframes into an aesthetic website or app.

What are the differences between UI and UX design

While UX and UI design go together in creating the end product which is your app or website, knowing the difference between UI and UX design can help. UX and UI design focus on usability and improving the user experience, with UX being more analytical and UI visual. Here are some UI vs UX design differences that you must know.

user interface vs user experience

UX vs UI Design:

The following are some differences between UI and US design.

ThinkingStrategic thinkers with a conceptual approach to solving problems.Creative thinkers with a visionary approach to solving problems
ApproachInteraction, user’s needs, experiences, credibility, and design iterationsCreate a UI prototype that is visually appealing and user-friendly with proper icons and illustrations
FocusInteraction, user’s needs, experiences, credibility and design iterationsHuman-centered design, Task flows, wireframing, user journeys, prototyping, and testing
MethodologiesHuman-centered design, Task flows, wireframing, user journeys, prototyping and testingInteraction design principles
Typography, mock-ups, iconography
Tools UsedWireframing/prototyping tools, Axure RP, Balsamiq Mock-ups, SketchVector design tools, Adobe XD, InVision, Sketch
ExecutionAssist developers in implementation, coordinate with stakeholders, transition to the final designAssist developers in implementation, coordinate with stakeholders, and transition to the final design

How do both UI/UX work together?

Both UI/UX are extremely important as they both play a critical role in the design and development of websites or apps. They are crucial for a business’s success.

Businesses paying more attention to user experience improves their digital reputation and brand recognition.

UI and UX as the two essential components during the website/mobile app design and development process and also the ongoing performance optimization phase.

As said earlier UI focuses on the look of the product and UX is how the users feel using them. UI/UX designers and developers work closely in all stages of website development to understand the user and to build, design, test, and refine the product.

UX and UI are like the two sides of the coin that hold both the website and app’s necessity intact.

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Reasons, why your app needs an efficient Ul/UX Design

The following is a snippet of some reasons why your app needs an efficient UI/UX design.

importance of ui/ux design in apps
  • Builds your brand

Investing in quality UI/UX design and feedback from clients can assist you in making the required changes and improving your mobile app design. A positive relationship between you and your customers boosts your business’s credibility and brand worth.

  • Become a featured app on the app store

The quality of your mobile app is determined by the number of users who interact with it and enjoy using it. Rating and reviews from users can catapult your mobile app to the top of Play stores. This leads to increased visibility and downloads.

  • Saves time and money

A good UI/UX design decreases the chances of your clients finding a problem with your mobile app design or website. It saves you money and time as you need lesser upgrades or updates to your app or website.

  • Improved user interactivity

A great UI/UX design provides customers with engaging content and easy navigation. This leads to users interacting more with your app or website services. They can, in turn, recommend your app or website to others leading to more downloads, ratings, and sales in the long run.

  • Increased customer satisfaction

Determine who the users are before you develop your app. It helps in making the right improvements that fit their needs. Ensuring the app has all the necessary functionality, and appealing CTA buttons in the right place leads to better user satisfaction.

  • Enhanced business productivity

A well-designed app can be effective in growth, sales, and other metrics. It reduces users’ search time and meets their needs effectively. Simple navigation and an easy-to-use interface can lead to higher client satisfaction and business productivity.

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Wrapping Up

UI and UX design are crucial aspects of your mobile application. You must provide a fantastic UI/UX experience to make your app successful.

We hope the differences between user interface(UI) vs user experience(UX) discussed above helped you make a decision.

Now if you are looking for a UI/UX design company to design your mobile app or website, you can contact us for more information.

We offer comprehensive UI/UX services that include branding, responsive web design, mobile app design, and UI/UX designs using the latest tools and technologies.


What is the biggest difference between UX and UI?

UX (user experience) and UI (user interface) are two interdependent terms. UI deals with the interaction between users and the website or app. UX deals with the user’s overall experience with your website, product, or service.

What comes first UI/UX?

UX design usually comes first in product development, followed by UI.

Is UI/UX part of software development?

UI/UX Design is a key part of software development. UI design aims at creating an effective and attractive user interface while UX design aims at providing a positive user experience by designers conducting proper research and gathering requirements, which constructs the basis for the future product.

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