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Android is currently the most preferred platform for companies targeting a large and diverse audience. Here are some statistics which prove it –

With over 2 billion active device users and 2.87 million Android Apps on Google Play, it has one of the largest market shares in the smartphone industry, reaching unprecedented heights. Also, the US market spending on Google Play is expected to reach $74 billion by 2025 at a CAGR of 17.7%. The number of mobile app downloads on Google Play Store is expected to reach 143 billion by 2026, as per reports, from at least 30% of 111 billion in 2021, which accounts for 75% of the total market share for mobile application development.

Considering the market’s potential, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur wishing to know the cost of developing an Android app and have a brilliant project idea, we’ve got you covered. This article dives deep into detail into the factors that can affect the cost of developing an Android app.

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Android App Development Cost Calculator

A burning question on any potential entrepreneur’s mind is how much does it cost to develop an Android app? Plenty of factors influence the answer. To arrive at the exact estimate of how much the Android App development cost – we have a simple formula that gives you a quick estimate.

Android App Development Cost = Development Time X Hourly Rate of the Developer

In addition to these, the factors given below can influence the cost to develop an Android app which we will discuss in detail.

Factors That Influence the Cost of Developing an Android App

Now that you are all set on developing an Android app, the essential factors influencing the cost of developing an Android app can vary greatly depending on several factors, such as the following.

App Complexity


App Type

UI/UX Design

App Development Team

Location of Development Team

Deployment and Maintenance

Hidden Costs

cost to develop an android app

App Complexity

The app’s complexity is one of the most important factors in determining Android app development cost. The more the number of screens, business logic, buttons, and fields, the more hours of development and testing will be, all of which can add up to the cost.

The following is a table of cost estimates per app type and complexity.

App TypeComplexityFunctionTime(Hours)Cost
SimpleNo API Integration, no Back-end, Simple UI Components, Social Login, CalendarTable based app with one primary function and 4-5 screens400 Hour$20,000-40,000
ModerateCustom UI features, Payment and API integration, back-end server etc.App data is stored on user’s device or remote server, and sync with multiple devices500-800$50,000 to 100,000
ComplexMulti-Lingual, 3rd party integrations, custom animations, real-time features, professional UI/UX, complicated Back-endAn app that targets multiple platforms, complex Ui/UX, custom features and complexity800-1500$100,000 to 800,000


Features are said to be the face of any application. While it is critical to build features that will directly address users’ needs and offer them a good experience, an app with more features will require more time and resources to develop and will therefore cost more.

Also, using third-party services and tools can impact the cost of an Android app. These services and tools can add functionality to the app and make the development process easier, but they can also add to the project’s overall cost. The following are some features that can be included in the app that will also impact the cost of developing an Android app-

Media Sharing$800 to $1000
User Profile$900 to $1200
Search Options$500 to $700
Direct Messaging$5000 to $7000
Push Notifications$1000 to $1200
Dedicated Panel$3500 to $5500

App Type

The Android app development cost depends on the categories of the app you wish to build. Different categories of apps come with their own set of functionalities, security, demography, etc. While it is difficult to get a cost estimate without understanding the details of the app type, here are some rough Android app development cost and time estimates based on the app type.

App CategoryApp Development CostExample
Data-Driven App$15,000 to $50,000Stock, Calendar, Weather
Authentication App$60,000+Authy, Google Authenticator
Social Networking App$60,000 to $300,000+Facebook, Instagram
E-Commerce App$60,000 to $300,000+Amazon, eBay, Alibaba
On-Demand App$80,000 onwardsUber, Postmates
Marketplace App$240,000 onwardsWalmart, Amazon, Etsy
IoT & AR Apps$100,000 onwardsWeMo, DirectTV
Business Apps$50,000 onwardsAllegro, Venmo, Square Cash
Game Apps$60,000 onwardsZynga, Roblox, Royal Match
Healthcare Apps$55,000-$300,000Teladoc, WebMD, PEPID
Food Delivery Apps$40,000-$150,000DoorDash, UberEats, Grubhub
Live Streaming App$40,000-$100,000Twitch, UStream
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UI/UX Design

Designing the basic architecture of an Android app adds up to the cost of developing the app. The design varies on how appealing the experience you wish to provide users by considering the target platforms, app usability, accessibility, and human-computer interaction you wish to provide.

Type of App DesignNo of HoursAverage App Design Cost

Mobile App Design Cost Per Hour based on the following countries is as follows.

United StatesEastern EuropeLatin AmericaAsia

App Development Team

The development team size can significantly impact Android app development cost. No matter the size of the app, a skilled app development team is a must. A larger team of experienced developers will typically cost more than a smaller team of less experienced developers.

Depending on the niche of your app and its size, it is essential to be careful and consider the best approach to begin with. The following are some best options to start with.

Type of TeamCost and Specification
App Template or Starter KitsA basic app can be built, and the source code can cost between $25-200 per license. It is risky.
Online App MakersSubscription costs may begin at $10 per month per user or $5000 initially. Risky though
FreelancersHire a  freelance team or freelancers, which may cost anywhere between $10,000 and onwards. Delayed or low-quality work may be expected
Offshore teamsHire a remote team. The cost may vary anywhere between $5000 to $300,000 depending on the project
App Development CompanySafest option. App Development costs may start at $5000 on basic functionalities; the rest may depend on features and add-ons

Location of Development Team

Android app developer costs and the location of the development team can also affect the overall cost of developing an Android app. Development teams in countries with a lower cost of living will generally charge less than teams in countries with a higher cost of living.

The following are the tentative ranges of Android app developer costs on an hourly basis in the following regions.

Team MemberNorth AmericaEuropeLatin AmericaAsia
Business Analyst$100-180$40-50$35-45$20-30
Project Manager$120-200$60-100$50-75$25-50
Quality Analyst$70-$145$60-120$45-75$20-50
UI/UX Designer$70-150$50-$70$40-$60$25-50

Deployment and Maintenance

Publishing A App on Google Play Store also plays an integral part in the Android app development budget. There are prerequisites that you may have to follow and consider to get the app selected. A one-time fee of $25 is levied that Google charges for launching any Android app.

Also, app development expenses continue after publishing, as there is more you must do. App maintenance of the front and back end will eventually add to the final amount of the total Android app development cost. However, the prices may vary based on the scope and level of maintenance; therefore, seek the help of experts to get an exact estimate.

The following are the costs to maintain an Android app per the following countries

CountryRate Per Hour
North America$60-$150
Eastern Europe$50-$100
Latin America$20-$80

Hidden Costs

There are many other integration and services that cost you which are hidden aspects of Android app development cost as the following. They may be recurring costs that you may have to bear to keep the app active for users.

ServicesCost per year
Data Storage$4000 onwards
Push Notifications$2400
App Update Submissions$2500
Social and Chat Integration$1200
Development tools/libraries and support$1500
Android Updates$10,000

The cost of developing an Android app can vary greatly depending on the factors mentioned above. Working with a development team that clearly understands your app requirements and can provide you with a detailed cost estimate is essential. This will help ensure that you stay within budget and that your app is developed to your specifications.

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How to Cut Android Mobile App Development Costs

Android app development is a complex process requiring extensive planning and resources, as building an app takes time, effort, skills, and technologies. One of the main concerns for businesses is how to cut Android app development costs without sacrificing the quality of the final product. The following are some effective strategies for reducing the costs of Android app development without compromising quality.

Define the Scope of the Project

Choose the Right Development Team

Consider starting with the Minimum Viable Product(MVP)

Open-Source Libraries and Frameworks

Optimize App Performance

Test the App Thoroughly

Keep the App Simple

How to cut android mobile app development cost

Define the Scope of the Project

The project’s scope defines the app’s features and functionalities. Before beginning the development process, determining the project size as precisely as possible is essential for keeping the budget in control. This will help avoid unnecessary parts or functionalities that can increase development costs. A clear scope also supports the development team to focus on the app’s core features and eliminate unnecessary ones.

Choose the Right Development Team

The development team is one of the most critical factors in the success of an Android app. Choosing a team with the right skills and experience is crucial for the successful development of the app. Look for a team with expertise in building Android apps similar to your project, as they can complete the development process faster and more efficiently, reducing development costs.

Consider Starting with the Minimum Viable Product(MVP)

Launching your app with a primary and minimum number of features can help gather user feedback. You can work on that feedback to help launch a full-blown app version to the public. Never rush into a full-featured app on the first go, which can overwhelm you regarding costs and features. This is the best way to secure your investment.

Open-Source Libraries and Frameworks

Open-source libraries and frameworks can significantly reduce development time and costs. These libraries and frameworks are freely available and have been tested and used by thousands of developers. The development team can use open-source libraries and frameworks to build the app’s core features rather than write code for basic functionalities.

Optimize App Performance

App performance is critical for user engagement and retention. A slow and unresponsive app can lead to high bounce and low retention rates. To optimize app performance, ensure the app is designed for efficient memory usage and minimal battery consumption. This can be achieved by using best practices for app development, such as minimizing background processes, optimizing image and video loading, and minimizing network requests.

Test the App Thoroughly

Testing is critical to app development. It ensures the app functions as expected and has no major bugs or issues. Testing the app thoroughly can save time and costs in the long run by detecting problems early in the development process.

Developers typically use automated testing tools and frameworks to minimize the manual effort required for testing.

Keep the App Simple

Simplicity is vital in app development. Avoid adding unnecessary features or functionalities that can increase development costs. Instead, focus on the core features essential for the app’s success. A simple app is easier to develop, test, and maintain, which can reduce development costs.

Android App Development Company

How Ailoitte can help with your Android App Development Needs

We hope you got a brief you need not know before beginning the Android app development process and what factors can affect Android app development cost.

Ailoitte is a reliable Android app development company that can help you develop an Android application for your startup or enterprise. With a team of experienced developers, we are well-equipped to handle the entire app development process from planning to deployment.

With a focus on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, we are well-equipped to handle any Android app development challenge and deliver high-quality products that meet your expectations.

Using the latest technologies and best practices, we ensured the final product was high quality for high-profile projects, such as BankSathi, Apna, and Stargaze, that met the client’s requirements. We understood the urgency and time constraints and worked diligently to ensure that projects were completed within the given time frame and budget for those projects.

We hold expertise in delivering a working MVP in under 45 days using agile development methodologies and then turning it into full-featured projects in six to 9 months.


What is the average cost of Android app development?

The average cost to develop an Android app starts at $30,000 and goes upwards to $300,000+, depending on the type of app, location, features, design, etc.

How much does hiring an Android app developer cost?

The hourly rate for Android app developers ranges between $18 to $120 per hour, depending on the user interface and features you wish to implement.

How much time does it take to develop an Android app?

The time to build an Android mobile app takes from 2 months to 1 year, depending on the type of complexity of the app you wish to develop.

How much does launching an Android app on the Play Store cost?

There is a one-time of $25 to pay before you upload an app. You can then publish as many apps on Google Play Store after that.

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understanding the cost of developing an Android app in 2024 is essential for planning and budgeting app projects. And with the expertise of the best mobile application development in India, businesses and developers can build Android apps that meet their needs and deliver exceptional value to users.

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