Why Choose Android App Development For Your Business and Startups?

calender May 9, 2023

With mobility becoming the new differentiating factor with every business, mobile apps are a sure-shot way to give your business an edge over competitors. In addition, they are a great way to brand and make your business visible by targeting a suitable user base.

With that comes the next question, which platform is best to invest in app development for business? Android or iOS? Making the right platform choice for startups is crucial as it needs a proper in-depth understanding of the target audience and what they wish to provide.

Being the market leader, Android continues to dominate the development market, with over 87% of users favoring Android app development for business over iOS app development at 60%, as per Statista. Moreover, Android has maintained its leadership position in the mobile operating systems market share at 71.1% and iOS at 28.3%. Also, the Google Play store, which hoists Android apps, continues to be the biggest marketplace, with over 2.9 million apps.

Besides the smartphone, Android is currently powering millions of devices such as tablets, TV among many others, in 100+ languages serving over 2 billion people worldwide. Therefore, Android is the unchallenged leader in mobile operating systems and is considered the best.

With the backing of Google, Android’s dominance is only predicted to grow in the coming years, and the time is right for startups to jump on the Android app development bandwagon.

In this article, let’s find out how Android apps generate revenue, why startups should choose Android for app development, and why it is so popular.

How to do Android Apps Generate Revenue?

As per Statista, mobile app revenue is expected to reach 613 billion US dollars by 2025 at an annual growth rate of 9.27%. But since over 97% of Android apps are free on Google Play, how do businesses earn revenue?

Though apps are free on Google Play, they can generate income for businesses with about 98% coming in from in-app purchases. If users want to use premium features, they may have to pay a certain amount as a subscription or a 1-time payment. It is also called a freemium model, which businesses use to earn revenue.

Businesses can also start earning revenue by linking their app to Google’s ad network, where targeted ads are displayed on the app. They get a % amount as commission based on the competition and CPC (Cost per click) in the niche.

Why Should Startups Choose Android for App Development?

The following are some reasons startups should invest in Android app development for their new venture to have long innings.

benefits of android app development for business

1. Open-source and Easily Available Resources

As the name goes, open-source refers to those where the source code is free. It gives them enormous freedom to customize the application as per business requirements. The open-source license promotes collaboration and sharing and therefore developers can make modifications to the source code and incorporate them into their own projects.

The developer also has open access to the Android development stack consisting of Java and Kotlin – the two major languages used, SDK (Software Development Kit) – Android SDK, and other APIs free of cost. Owing to readily available resources, many startups begin with Android development to reach more people, keeping Android app development costs minimal.

Most reputable names in the market, like Samsung, Xiaomi, etc., use Android as their default operating system.

2. Feature-Rich Applications

With Android, a feature-rich and tailor-made app can be developed as development tools, APIs, and libraries are readily available. In addition, user-friendly apps tend to have more downloads as they are attractive, have all the functionalities that users need, and can navigate easily. It will also likely boost user experience, ratings, and sales in the long run giving you better market recognition.

3. Easy Integration With Other Platforms

In the digital arena, attracting the right target base and reaching as many people as possible is every start-up’s goal. Android apps make it easy for your app to run and interoperate with other apps on multiple platforms.

Unlike iOS, you are not restricted to submitting the app on Google Play but also on third-party platforms making it accessible to a larger number of users through multiple sources. For example, an Android app on your mobile phone can be connected to a smartwatch that has different configurations and interfaces. You can connect both these devices and set a reminder, share task notes, send health status, etc. easily.

4. Higher ROI (Return on Investments)

The larger the user base, the easier it is to achieve excellent ROI. Android has a huge market to target and your investment in Android app development can lead to better returns immediately and on a higher level. To achieve rapid growth, your app must offer something that people really desire and are willing to pay which can lead to high ROI. Therefore, startups can opt for Android app development to cater to an ever-growing market and increase sales.

5. Low Development Costs

Starting a business takes money, time, and effort. Android can be a great choice as it positively impacts the time and cost of Android app development. Also, owing to Android being an open-source platform, developers have free access to the Android technology stack consisting of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) Java, and Kotlin. A one-time registration fee is required for application distribution. After that, you can leverage any device to build and test products, thus ensuring low investment, increased user engagement, and high ROI(Return on Investment).

The overall Android app development cost may vary depending on the mobile app development company you choose, the experience of developers as part of the team, app features and functionalities you intend to implement, etc.

Android App Development for Startup/Business

6. Wider Customer Reach

One of the potential benefits of Android applications is increased customer reach on the Google Play store. With millions of potential customers visiting the app store daily, it gives a chance to get the application noticed. Also, having the right marketing plans in place can help promote the app and get more downloads when you publish in the Google App Store.

You, as a business, may have a limited budget and resources that must be strategically used to get maximum results. On that front, Android can be the best-suited platform for developing and maintaining mobile apps.

7. Device Fragmentation

In terms of Fragmentation, Android is a clear winner. Owing to plenty of devices and manufacturers associated with Google we can see major updates and apps running seamlessly Though Android fragmentation may cause organizations to deal with security issues which can be taken care of by proper increased testing, there are benefits too. With many devices on the Android ecosystem, it indicates a large market is ready for more coverage by your app. Therefore, developing an Android app can lead to more benefits as you cover a large target base.

8. Scalability

The Android platform is not limited to smartphones and can be integrated with the entire Android ecosystem, such as tablets, TVs, wearables, etc. It has scope for emerging technologies as well, such as IoT(Internet of Things), AR(Artificial Intelligence), and VR(Virtual Reality). Its versatility is why businesses are keen to adopt Android app development, as it serves multiple target audiences after deployment.

Android App Development for Startup

Summing Up

We hope the above benefits of Android app development helped you gain enough insights about understanding the platform in depth and why you should invest in Android as your top choice for app development and have a wider audience reach.

Android is undoubtedly the best platform for app development. At moderate prices, high-end software solutions can be built with many possibilities for innovation, opening doors to new prospects. In addition, an engaging and intuitive app gives your business a vast customer base with less conventional marketing.

However, the app’s success depends on quality and multiple factors such as easiness, personalization, and strategy. This is where a credible and competent firm like Ailoitte can help by providing the best-in-class Android app development services to take your business to the next level.

We have a team of highly experienced Android app developers for startups with plenty of experience building futuristic applications across domains and verticals. We follow a well-researched, fail-proof app development process that can help businesses achieve their goals. So what are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us for a free consultation for your Android app development needs.


Why Android app development is the right choice for startups?

Android apps are the right choice for startups owing to their easy-to-build interfaces, easy access to resources, excellent user space, high return on investments, better user productivity, and faster-to-run ability, among many other benefits.

Why is an Android app important for business?

An Android app is essential for your business as it helps increase business visibility and brand presence, increase product/service sales, reach out to more customers, and create a loyal customer base.

Why is app development important for business?

Mobile app development is essential for any business as it can increase business opportunities, increase sales, improve referral rates, and boost product and service adoption rates.

What are the benefits of Android app development?

The benefits of Android app development are scope for innovation, global reach, easy customization, cost-effective app development solutions, hassle-free Google Play Store submission, robust security, higher sales potential, etc.

How to get an app made for your business?

To get an app made for your business, you need to follow the right mobile app development process or choose a good mobile app development company like Ailoitte to develop the app.

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