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How to make an app like DoorDash?

App Like DoorDash

Food delivery applications such as DoorDash, Zomato, and UberEats are becoming popular these days by generating profitable revenues. Continue reading if you are looking to create a food ordering app like DoorDash.

This article will provide all-in-one solutions for you to make a delivery app. Solution like must-have DoorDash features, technology stack, and the steps required to build a food delivery application.

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DoorDash Stats

These stats prove why you are on the right track if you are looking to build an app like DoorDash:

  • According to DoorDash, DoorDash is available in more than 7000 cities across the United States, Japan, Australia, and Canada.
  • How many users does DoorDash have? Backlinko claims that DoorDash has about 18 million active users in 2022.
  • FreightWaves reports that DoorDash’s revenue is $1.46 billion in the first quarter of 2022 with a 35% increase compared to last year.

How Does DoorDash Work?

DoorDash is a food delivery company that connects customers, restaurants, and delivery services on a single platform to meet their needs.

The regular DoorDash users utilize this digital platform to search for restaurants, examine menus, read reviews, order meals, and get quick home delivery with real-time monitoring.

Restaurants on DoorDash can increase their exposure, engage with more consumers, and get trusted delivery partners with ease.

DoorDash’s ordering process is an easy and 100% hassle-free process. Simply go through the list of participating establishments or use the search box to find something unique.

A delivery time is specified by each restaurant. The application supports both iOS and Android smartphones as well.

Food Delivery Business Models

A food delivery company’s goals and requirements determine the model of the food ordering apps like DoorDash.

You should know the business models mentioned below to build a food delivery app: 

Order-only model 

The order-only model links customers with local restaurants and helps them communicate with one another. This type of order-only model increases the order rate of restaurants. 

Examples: GrubHub, JustEat.

Order and delivery model

The order and delivery model includes a delivery service. The app owner handles orders and food delivery through the app. And earns a commission from restaurants and a delivery charge for each order.

Examples: UberEats, DoorDash.

Fully-integrated model

The application owner manages everything in the mobile app from food preparation to delivery in this type of food delivery model.

The app owner has control over delivery speed, service efficiency, and food quality. This results in great user experience and increased traffic.

Benefits of Developing an App Like DoorDash

Developing an app like DoorDash is quite useful in today’s industry due to increased demand for online services. 

Here are some benefits of developing delivery apps like DoorDash:

Rapid increase in Sales 

The restaurant industry has grown by 20-25 percent due to on-demand delivery applications. The increase of online food delivery has been 300 percent since 2014.

This shows three times faster than the growth of dine-in traffic.

Cloud Kitchen’s Adoption

Food ordering apps are a great option for companies wishing to establish a virtual restaurant or commissary kitchen.

This startup connects food entrepreneurs with commercial kitchens to help them open virtual eateries. 

Expanding Market Share

On-demand food delivery applications account for around 10% of the market. They reach this milestone with unique and enticing deals to promote sales.

Every food delivery app development company has grown faster than other category apps as a result. This results in millions of app downloads and delighted consumers.

Usability convenience

Food delivery apps make life easier for customers, restaurants, and delivery drivers. Customers can select their favorite cuisine from a variety of restaurants, compare them, and select the best option.

Key Features of a Food Delivery App like DoorDash

The following listed are the top features that make a food delivery app unique and popular: 

Customer app Delivery personnel appPanel restaurant app
Registration Order management Registration
Making a purchase Profile options Contact information 
Payment options Status update Admin Panel 
Search bar In-app navigation Order administration 
Reviews and ratings 
Drop location 

Features for Customer App

  • Registration

Customers must be able to rapidly enter into their accounts and retain the custom configurations they made after the last log-in. 

  • Making a purchase

Your customer should be able to quickly add, remove, or modify their favorite orders. You must provide a review of the final order before release if the client wishes to cancel or amend the purchase. 

  • Payment options 

Provide your consumers with a variety of payment methods that make the payment process safe and quick.

  • Finding a Restaurant

Make a list of all the restaurants that are available to your consumers. They may readily access information such as a menu, special offers/discounts, and reviews. 

  • Choosing a specific drop place

This feature enables users to choose a specific drop place in order to get their food order delivered. 

  • Reviewing and rating

Users can rate the services of the restaurant providers and write a descriptive review. 

Features for Delivery Personnel App

  • Order management

Order management software would help delivery personnel to either accept or reject a delivery request. 

  • Starting with a profile

Delivery personnel must identify themselves before beginning with food deliveries. They must log in to their app to add information like mobile phone number, social media profile, email address, and other vital information.

  • Status update 

Delivery consultants can show their whereabouts with the status update feature. It helps consumers track their order with ease. 

  • In-app navigation 

This function makes it easy for the delivery provider to reach both the pick-up and delivery location. 

Features for Partner Restaurant App 

  • Registration

This common feature is accessible in both the customer and delivery staff models. The restaurant must first register with an email address and create a password to be in the list. 

  • Update contact information

All partner restaurants must update their contact information, name, opening hours, address, and other data on the app. 

  • Admin/Merchant Control Panel

The admin portal empowers partner restaurants to oversee the whole process such as order placing, competent delivery requests, and restaurant administration.

  • Order Administration

The restaurant must have a method in place to manage orders once they are placed. They require capabilities such as a clear description of the order, feature to monitor the order’s status, and feature to send updates to the delivery agent. This helps notify the customers and delivery consultants when the order is ready for delivery.

Technology Stack for a Food Delivery App Like DoorDash 

  • User Location- Google Places API, Core Location Framework.
  • Find Directions- Google Map, MapKit.
  • Admin Panel- Laravel.
  • Analytics- Google Analytics.
  • Utilities- Twilio Sendgrid, Google Analytics, Stripe, Optimizely, and Segment.
  • DevOps- Github, Docker, Jenkins, WebPack, New Relic, Yarn, and Sentry.
  • Application and Data – Javascript, Python, Redis, Kotlin, Swift, Amazon CloudFront, Retool, React, NGINX, CloudFlare, and TypeScript.
  • Business Tools: Jira, GSuite, and AdRoll.
  • Backend Language- NodeJs, Python, PHP, Golang. 
  • Database- Cassandra, SQLite, Firebase, MongoDB, Hbase, cloud SQL.
  • Cloud- AWS, Azure.
  • Caching- Redis.
  • Message Broker- Rabbitmq.
  • Payment- PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Square API, Braintree.

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Steps to build app like DoorDash

How to Make a Food Delivery App Like DoorDash? 

It’s common to encounter several difficulties when developing successful food ordering apps. You may wonder how to start a company like DoorDash and ensure the same type of success. The following steps can assist you in standing out from the pack: 

Step #1: Find your target audience

Finding out the target audience is one of the necessary steps to make a delivery app like DoorDash. Keep in mind that you are looking for software similar to DoorDash, not the same business or demographic. Determine your target audience’s income, age, and demographics of your target audience. 

Step #2: Build collaborations

Food delivery firms must expand their market reach and provide more alternatives to their clients. Extend a handshake to major grocery stores, restaurants, and food manufacturers in your service region as a result. Building collaborations with these companies will help increase your company’s visibility in the market. 

Step #3: Appoint Delivery Drivers

The decision to choose a delivery executive is important. Many businesses hire delivery people apart from few who value the contact technique. Look for those that have their own car or bicycle to get the job done when hiring delivery specialists. You might also look for contractual freelancers that are less expensive.

Step #4: App development

You must have a team of developers and designers capable of understanding your concept. Choosing a custom development firm can even help you better and meet your requirements explicitly.

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DoorDash Revenue Model

How Does DoorDash Make Money?

You must be aware of its revenue model if you want to develop a food delivery app like DoorDash. Let us take a look at how it makes money: 

Restaurant Advertising on DoorDash

DoorDash helps restaurants advertise their services. Everyone aspires to be on the front page of Google. DoorDash provides food providers with marketing and advertising services by charging some fees.

Restaurants can stay ahead of the competition and increase savings with such services as a result.

Delivery charges 

DoorDash employs drivers to guarantee that food is delivered safely and on schedule. Customers are charged delivery fees based on the distance of the trip. The average shipping fee per order is between $5 and $8.

Commission on each order

DoorDash brings restaurant cuisine right to the customer’s door. And food firms profit handsomely as a result of this. DoorDash charges the restaurant owners 15 percent (Basic), 25 percent (Plus), or 30 percent (Premier) fees on every order.

Customers pay greater delivery fees and the service region is limited with the basic plan. Restaurants can seek a fee return if they choose the premium plan with the lowest charge and guarantee of 20 deliveries per month.

How Much Does It Cost to Build an App Like DoorDash? 

Estimating the exact cost of delivery apps like DoorDash is challenging for most of us. The calculations are based on various aspects of the development process.

The initial cost to make a food delivery app depends on the number of hours required for project development. 

You should begin by conducting research and planning that might take up to 30 hours. But implementing simple functionality might take more than 150 hours or more.

And working on visual prototypes may take more than 40 hours to complete. The next stage is to choose a platform for the application’s design that takes up to 120 hours. 

Android and iOS platforms are among the development platforms you must choose before you start to develop food delivery apps. 

In general, 

iOS development takes at least 650 hours to finish. 

Android development needs more than 690 hours to complete. 

Development takes roughly 225 hours or more to accomplish. 

The administration panel would take more than 60 hours to complete. 

The iOS food delivery app development cost would be roughly 975 hours or more. And the hourly charge for app development should be approximately $50.

The final estimate might be approximately $48,750 or more if you add together those numbers. The statistics would be similar if you engaged in a development business from a nation other than India. 

The food delivery app development cost could decrease to $19,500 because India has the lowest development rate. India provides development services for as little as $18 to $30 per hour.

You can read more about app development cost.


On demand food delivery app development is incredibly useful for the present market climate as the scales are expected to rise. The industry offers a fantastic opportunity for a new firm with a large market share.

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