22 Questions to ask when hiring a Mobile App Development Agency

calender May 12, 2024
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As more mobile app developers and agencies emerge daily, entrepreneurs need help locating the right team.

To streamline this process, a comprehensive set of questions can be invaluable in identifying the most proficient and suitable team, while also helping to steer clear of unsuitable options. Let’s delve into these 22 questions & their underlying context that one must ask when hiring a mobile app development agency.

Questions to ask your App Development Company

Choosing an app development company involves a lot of thinking, talking to past clients, and looking at their previous work. Asking some important questions can make it easier to narrow down your options.

I. What service of your company would you say is the USP?

Several mobile app development companies have unique selling points (USPs) that highlight the special aspects of their services, such as expertise in app design or fintech software development. It’s crucial to ask if these unique features align with and benefit the specific focus of your app project.

II. How many mobile apps has your company developed?

Remember that the number of apps a company creates doesn’t necessarily indicate their suitability for your needs. Yet, asking this question helps determine if the developers have experience in fundamental aspects of mobile app development, such as user data security, server choices, and legal requirements.

III. Which of these apps can I download from the app store right now?

It will uncover the number of apps developed by the company that are still accessible on the app stores. Despite creating 50 apps, a company might only have ten available for download. Inquire about the reasons for this and whether any apps were removed. Additionally, ask the developers about their insights into the success of the apps that remain on the app stores.

IV. How much does it cost to make an app?

While every app development company emphasizes that your project’s requirements determine the precise cost, many developers can provide you with an estimated average cost if you inquire. This should provide a general understanding of what to anticipate for the final development expenses.

Additionally, be aware that the answer may differ based on the geographical location. For instance, a company located onshore might quote $75,000 for constructing a healthcare app, whereas an offshore development company might charge $35,000 to $40,000 for the same app.

V. How long does it take to develop an app?

The development duration, influenced by app features, UI/UX design, and functionality needs, speaks volumes about the development team. Asking this question uncovers the developers’ approach to managing the time needed for app development.

VI. Can you develop an app for both iOS and Android?

Ask if the developers can make an app for both Android and iOS and if they know which one is best for your project. Good app developers understand the mobile app market, providing valuable insights. For instance, worldwide, Android holds 71.52% of the market share, while iOS has 27.83%.

VII. How do you manage the mobile app development process?

A poorly managed app development process can lead to inefficiencies and delays. To understand how a company manages its development process, inquire about the methodology they use. Opting for those that utilize Scrum in software development (an Agile methodology) is advisable. Scrum is known for accelerating app development and enhancing work quality.

VIII. How many people are on your development team?

A team with two or three developers for Android, iOS, and backend provides flexibility for your project. Yet, it’s crucial to choose an app development agency with a diverse team of experts in various domains and technologies to support your business growth.

IX. Are all of your team members experienced? Do any of them have experience in the same niche as this project?

Selecting developers, designers, and testers with expertise in your app’s niche ensures the right direction for your development process. Experienced professionals can assess your project requirements, analyze competitors, and provide insights for enhancing your app, often without needing explicit prompting.

You can look for software engineers who demonstrate a combination of academic background, technical skills, and problem-solving abilities.

X. What is your policy on source code ownership?

It’s important to understand if the app development company intends to own the source code of your app. If they do, it’s convenient for future modifications with the same company. However, keep in mind that you lose the right to sell or modify the code yourself. Discuss this with them to avoid legal complications, and consider consulting a lawyer for guidance on source code ownership.

XI. How do you approach data security in apps?

Ensuring data security is vital for every mobile app, given the increasing threats of cyber attacks, data theft, and hacking. The Global Mobile Threat Report by Zimperium reveals that 42% of businesses faced security incidents from mobile devices and web apps. Understanding how a development company addresses app data security will help determine their capability to enhance the security and reliability of your app.

XII. What benefits does your development company provide that most dev companies do not?

The response should display distinctive aspects that the mobile app development company offers to enhance your app project both during and after development.

XIII. What is the usual target audience of the apps you develop?

Choosing a company that has exclusively developed fintech apps for Asian users may not be suitable for creating a social media app for users in the northern US. Look for developers with experience in creating apps for diverse target audiences.

XIV. How do you ensure that an app is delivered on time and within the budget?

Most experienced and professional app development companies today utilize the Agile methodology. It’s widely recommended by developers for speeding up the development process and enhancing the efficiency of each stage.

XV. How do you manage communication between your team and clients?

Frequent and productive communication between developers and you (app owner) is essential for feedback, functionality improvements, and ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal.

XVI. Do you manage the process of app store submissions?

Submitting apps to both Google Play and the Apple App Store can be challenging without guidance and experience. An app development company that can handle this process for you will be more beneficial than one that cannot.

XVII. How do you conduct app QA testing?

The way the app development company manages the QA testing process reflects how they guarantee the desired quality for your app. A seasoned company incorporates reliable methods such as User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in their QA testing process.

XVIII. Can you develop cross-platform apps?

Developing cross-platform or hybrid applications is a cost-effective and time-efficient approach, utilizing a single source code to reach a broad user audience across Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. It is advantageous to enlist developers proficient in crafting such versatile applications.

XIX. Can you share examples of your notable backend development projects?

The backend serves as the intelligence behind an application, functioning as the brain, while the frontend acts as the face. Responsible for facilitating communication between servers and handling data storage and processing, the backend guarantees the dependable operation of the front end. For your project, seek developers with a solid understanding and extensive experience in constructing robust backend systems.

XX. Have you ever optimized apps for IoT devices?

According to IoT Analytics, global IoT connections are expected to grow by 18% in 2022, reaching 14.4 billion active connections. Apps with capabilities like Bluetooth support or synchronization with smartwatches, smart homes, and cars will be in demand in the upcoming years. This question aims to assess if the app development company can create apps that align with or outpace this trend.

XXI. How much do you charge per hour?

As per App Development Cost Calculator if app developers charge $50 per hour, the total cost for the entire project would amount to $88,000, given a development time of 1760 hours. When hiring developers, inquire about and negotiate their hourly rates to ensure you obtain optimal solutions within your budget.

XXII. Do you provide app maintenance?

App maintenance encompasses addressing issues such as bugs, coding and design errors, crashes, and updates. These solutions are crucial for preserving or enhancing the app’s user experience and functionality. It is advisable to consider app development companies that incorporate app maintenance within their development package.

Final Word

When engaging in discussions about your requirements with an app development company, consult the aforementioned questions. Depending on the specific features, design, and functionality of your app, you might need to supplement the list with additional inquiries. It’s imperative to take the necessary steps to ensure that the mobile app development company you choose is not only well-suited for the task but is also capable of fulfilling all its commitments.


What do app development agencies do?

These firms offer a variety of services, encompassing app design, development, testing, and deployment. Typically, they assemble teams comprising proficient developers, designers, and project managers collaborating to produce top-notch apps aligned with their clients’ needs.

What are the benefits of app development services?

Developing a custom mobile app not only helps your business stay relevant and at the forefront of new technology. But they also help improve client relationships and build brand loyalty.

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