App Maintenance Cost in 2024: How much does it cost to maintain an app?

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It is always crucial to have a budget plan for app maintenance costs before the development process begins. The app development process and the launch are only the first steps in building a successful app. It is the frequent maintenance and updates that keep your app functional and user-friendly for users.

Keep your focus on app upgrades, changes, and mobile app maintenance expenses that may arise after development and launch.

App Maintenance Cost in India 2024

Frequent app maintenance leads to better user experience, prevention of crashes/glitches, trendy UI/UX design, fewer or no app uninstallations, and fewer or no downtimes.

What is Application Maintenance?

What is Application Maintenance

Mobile App maintenance is the continuous process of updating, improving & adjusting your application. Your app requires regular maintenance that includes bug fixes, updates, and OS optimizations. It is essential to prevent app UI/UX errors that could lead to customer defections.

The cost to maintain the app can be 15% – 40% of the app development cost for the first year after the deployment. Typically, an app can require a lot of bug/error fixes, new features, updates, and user feedback implementations in the first year. The app maintenance cost decreases by 15% to 20% of the initial cost. 

For example, the App maintenance cost will be around $10,000 a year for an app that costs $1,00,000 to develop.

Benefits of Maintaining an App

  • To deliver the best user experience to your users so that they maintain a long-term relationship with your product or services.
  • To provide safety from cyber-attacks & ensure your app is performing really well as per user’s expectations.
  • Regular crashes & bugs move app users away, therefore, to lower app uninstalls, you need to maintain your app.
  • Maintaining an app regularly will increase your users, helping you achieve better ROI in the long run.

You must also prepare a strategy and budget plan to maintain the app in the long run.

Look at some statistics below to understand the necessity of mobile app maintenance.

Mobile App Maintenance Service by Ailoitte Technologies

Importance of Mobile App Maintenance

Mobile Application Maintenance is quite necessary for every product irrespective of the business type. The developers sometimes neglect maintaining an app after its release, however, such maintenance is a major factor that comes in every place for the product.

I. Bug Fixing

Many website entrepreneurs, business owners or developers face bugs, so it is crucial to regularly check & recheck your product for defects. Both the Mobile application development & maintenance processes encounter bugs in many ways, making the application maintenance process a difficult one.

II. Higher Ranking in App Stores

Apple & Google appreciate the regular maintenance of the application. They acknowledge it as a sign of your commitment toward users & lift your app to a better ranking. This results in a higher ranking, higher downloads & higher app revenue.

III. Longer Life to the App

If your app is great along with updated features, it is expected to remain in the market for a longer period of time. On the other hand, if you have an outdated app, it will soo get rejected.

IV. Upgraded Security

Mobile applications are more prone to be attacked by hackers because the user shares their personal & financial information through the apps. Therefore, keeping an eye on the app maintenance can help you to encounter with security weapons.

V. Better Productivity

With the introduction of new technologies into the existing app functionalities, you can attract more users. Also, you can remain in the minds of the users for longer with such modifications. This way, you can attract more users to your business with a well-maintained application.

VI. Enhance the user interface

If you want to enhance the app, using an app maintenance service can be a good idea. A pleasing & functional interface is required to keep users engaged. Trends in aesthetics & functional designs keep changing, so it’s not surprising that aesthetic trend changes, too.

VII. Modify changes in multiple device types

With each new model of mobile & tablet hardware systems, the physical specifications as well as features are not always the same. It becomes outdated if an application is not updated to take advantage of the new OS & hardware.

You need to constantly maintain your apps to stand up to the fast-moving world. But how much does it cost to maintain an app? In fact, you are keen to know the answer to this question. 

Here is the answer to the app maintenance cost.

How much does it cost to maintain an App?

Consider factors like server costs for apps, push notifications, and payment gateways to determine app maintenance costs. The app maintenance price can be as high as 50% of the total development cost in the first year. It is because you have to add/remove features, deal with bugs/errors, and implement user feedback after the launch. The maintenance costs decrease by 15-20% each year after that.

Cost to Maintain an App

The costs of maintaining an app will be reasonably high if it is a native Android or iOS app. An app owner must secure $250 -$500 for the monthly maintenance to keep the app running perfectly. You can expect to spend about $20,000 a year to manage your app if the cost to build an app is $100,000.

Determining the actual app maintenance costs involves several factors such as the mobile app hosting costs, technology implemented, location, server maintenance costs, features of the app, and mobile app development company.

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Mobile App Maintenance Cost Breakdown

Take a look at these recurring mobile application maintenance service expenses that may influence the cost.

ExpensesCost per month
Push Notification$10
Payment Gateway$149 (depends on % of each commission)
Type of MaintenanceIt depends on the emergency ($50 upwards)
App Store Fee$25-Google play, $99-Apple App

The following are the costs of maintaining an app based on the location:

CountryRate per hour

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What Factors Impact the Price of Mobile App Maintenance?

 Factors Impacting the Price of Mobile App Maintenance

I. Updating the version of the OS

All OS systems release updates frequently. Developers also need to intervene to implement the changes when app platforms change the guidelines or compile standards. Ignoring the requirements of the app platform can get the app flagged or labeled as obsolete in the store. Testing your apps from time to time on updated OS versions can help in mitigating performance issues and any broken functionality.

II. Updating App technology

App improvements can please the end user due to the increasing importance of user reviews and experience. Technology updates like upgrades can help improve performance. Your app can outperform the competition when you integrate tools like Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML) with it.

III. Integration with external tools/services

You would have chosen a licensed technology at a cost when developing your app. All third-party services charge a monthly cost. Even a version upgrade for a 3rd party tool can be an added cost. You need to consider this cost as part of app maintenance.

IV. Advanced Push Notifications

A large chunk of conversion occurs through push notifications for most e-commerce apps. The push notifications notify the users about things like sales, cart abandonment, and new arrival. Customized push notifications can simultaneously engage app users and promote your business. You may add advanced push notification features during maintenance/upgrades to make your app more interactive for users.

V. Publishing New Content

App data needs constant tweaks, replacements, and fixes for banners, images, content, and videos. You must personalize all content according to user behavior.

The app admin panel can make simple changes. But technical/complex changes will need a mobile app maintenance team.

VI. Fixing Bugs

Nothing drives the user away faster than constant errors and app crashes. Your app can fail or crash due to accumulated bugs over time. Leaving bugs unaddressed for a long time can lead to more expenses and long-delayed recovery.

Keep technical issues and bugs at bay by taking remedial measures as soon as they are spotted. And keep track of customer feedback and reviews as they help resolve the latest problems or complaints.

VII. Data Backup

Having a regular backup for the mobile app is essential. Any hacker attack can lead to enormous losses and a bad reputation for the business. An app backup can be a savior in such unexpected circumstances. App maintenance may involve regular backups manually or by schedule.

VIII. App Analytics Costs

A good analytics tool can help track the app performance and user engagement.

It helps gauge essential metrics such as engagement, conversion, retention, in-app per daily user, and % of daily users who purchased.

The mobile app development and maintenance team can develop a customized app analytics tool if the analytics tools in the app are not enough to track usage metrics.

You need to monitor the Daily Active Users (DAU) on the app once you publish it on Google Play or Apple App Store. It provides information on the number of app installations and users who engage with your app.

You can also look at the Monthly Active Users (MAU) reports with the same statistics but on a monthly level. Having a good DAU and MAU is suitable for your app’s success.

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App Design Cost by Ailoitte Technology

Mobile App Maintenance Services

Mobile App Maintenance Services by Ailoitte

If you want to outsource your maintenance services requirements, then check out the different types of services that professional Mobile app development companies offer you.

I. Emergency Maintenance

A sudden or unexpected error may occur in your app at anytime. In such cases, you need to address these issues immediately to maintain the app’s performance; you need emergency maintenance services. It could be as normal as fixing a bug or a major functional defect. As a result, you can keep a team ready or outsource the maintenance services.

II. Perfective Maintenance

This maintenance service aims to fulfill the flexible needs of app users. In short, you constantly examine user feedback & consider them to maintain your app, either by introducing a new feature or bugs fixing or defects to offer the best customer experience.

III. Corrective Maintenance

You will require this kind of maintenance service when you want to check faults & defects in order to repair the application. It includes fixing issues related to appearance, code, functionality & UI/UX design.

IV. Adaptive Maintenance

When you want to keep your app up-to-date with new technologies or trends, you need this type of service. Additionally, there are several other factors that change the app’s environment & programming languages such as OS & API updates. Thus, you need adaptive maintenance services on a regular basis to make sure your app is not outdated & relevant for the app user.

V. Preventive Maintenance

This maintenance service makes a regular check on the errors & fixes them immediately. Regularly optimizing the app codes enhances the app performance & improves functionality. Preventive maintenance takes place to ensure that any other app doesn’t face any issues.

How to Reduce Mobile App Maintenance Costs?

After developing an app, need not invest a lot of money in its maintenance. Therefore, we have come up with various tips that you can surely exercise to minimize the app maintenance price.

Tip 1: Select the Right App Development Platform

There are various platforms to choose from in order to build an application, either you can develop multiple native apps or go for a single cross-platform application that runs on multiple platforms with a single codebase.

Maintaining a lot of native apps will cost you more as compared to maintaining a single cross-platform app. Moreover, cross-platform apps save app development time & costs.

Tip 2: Build an MVP App at first

If you are at an initial stage, it is recommended that you create an MVP product that has adequate or required features. Adding unnecessary features will only result in crashing & increasing loading time after a specific time.

If you obtain valuable feedback from your app users, you can take a chance to implement more features into it. Otherwise, it is completely normal & fine to keep the app as simple as possible.

Tip 3: Follow the Latest Development Trends

This is one of the useful ways to reduce app maintenance costs. Ensure your app fulfills the latest trends. Otherwise, you will constantly need to update your app with the latest trends to compare with the expectations of app users. This will ultimately lead you to pay more for app maintenance.

For example, if you are building a fitness app & plan to incorporate the latest technologies like wearable integration, AI and gamification. So, always consider the latest trend while estimating the average cost of maintaining an app. Enquiry Now to know latest Ailoitte offers

Tip 4: Brief your Strategy with the App Development Company

Consult & discuss your ideas with a technical expert who is well-versed in designing a plan & custom app maintenance budget to help you save on expenses. Therefore, explain your budget to the team who will assist you in making informed decisions.

Wrapping Up

App maintenance is always a necessity and not a choice. Keep up with the latest technology trends and consider adding any features, updates, or trends in your app to extend its lifespan. Consider all the app maintenance factors mentioned throughout this article to approach the maintenance process correctly. Ailoitte can also provide app maintenance services that can increase your user base and lead to business growth.

We offer a plethora of services at affordable prices that include mobile app support maintenance, app monitoring, scalability, optimization, version upgrades, and security.

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What is app maintenance?

App maintenance is the re-evaluation and modification of your existing app to keep it up to date and improve its overall functionality.

 How much does it cost to maintain an app for a year?

1/5th of your development costs can go for app maintenance. For example, You can expect to spend around $20,000 on maintenance annually if your app costs $100,000 to develop. Enquire now

Do apps need maintenance?

Every app requires ongoing maintenance and constant updates to keep users engaged and keep the app running smoothly.

What does app maintenance include?

Mobile application maintenance and support include bug fixing, enhancing functionality, adding security, improving the design, and monitoring app performance

How much are hosting and maintenance fees for a simple mobile app?

The hosting app server costs for apps can range from $70 to $320 per month.
The app maintenance cost is roughly 15-20% of the development budget.

How much does it cost to keep an app on the play store?

Apple App Store charges an annual developer fee of $99 to publish your app. And you are charged a one-time developer fee of $25 on the Google Play Store

How much does it cost to maintain an app per month?

300$ to 500$ are needed monthly on average to keep the app functioning in optimal condition.

Which app has the highest maintenance cost?

App maintenance costs depend on the complexity of an app. The maintenance cost is higher for native apps compared to hybrid apps.
It is because each platform requires an individual app developer.

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