Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Development Companies in India

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Presently, India is trending fast as the world’s next AI development laboratory. Thanks to its plentiful talent, clear focus on innovation, and supportive government actions to encourage the use of AI, the companies in India manage to progress in this sphere rapidly.
AI companies are the type of companies with a focus in deploying artificial intelligence in order to assist other companies to advance and stay relevant in the technology industry. These AI companies offer services in NLP, data science, machine learning, algorithms, chatbot development, amongst many others. Hence, AI companies mainly focused on integrating multiple data sources as data warehouses of a single type. This kind of integration of the data enhances easy analysis and also helps the software engineers to make sound decisions easily.

This blog focuses on the most significant Artificial Intelligence development companies in India and the superior services that they provide.
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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Development Companies in India

We have listed below the top 10 lists of AI development companies in India. Have a look:

1. Tata Elxsi


Headquarters: Bengaluru
Revenue: ₹905.94 Cr

Tata Elxsi is an India-based company that specializes in providing design and technology solutions to its clients around the world. They assist players across sectors like automobile, medical, and telecommunication to reinvent their offerings. By implementing the design thinking framework and leveraging technology trends such as artificial intelligence and virtual reality, Tata Elxsi develops solutions that enhance customers’ experiences and enhance business value. Some of their recent achievements are a 13% revenue growth in the fiscal year 2024 and inputs for the development of strategies of electric vehicle production.

2. Infosys

Infosys Logo

Headquarter: Pune
Revenue:₹158,381 crore

Infosys does not only deal with the creation of AI technologies but it is an IT giant that has incorporated AI as one of its primary services. Its major themes involve promoting the use of Artificial Intelligence, analytics and cloud technologies as an innovation tool to enhance business operations. Infosys presents an advanced AI platform – a service that provides companies with the hardware and software, as well as experts to build and integrate AI solutions for businesses. They have also been rewarded for their efforts and achievements in the field of AI services.

3. Zensar Technologies Ltd

Zensar Technologies Logo

Headquartered:  Pune
Revenue: ₹1.24TCr

Zensar Technologies Ltd. is one of the top IT companies of India with its specialized operation in Artificial Intelligence (AI). As with other tech sellers, AI is prominent in their plans, the company providing various related solutions. They are committed to independent AI research and technology growth providing AI Tools/Services developments aimed at solving business challenges in multiple industries through the AIRLabs facility. And their vision is somewhat practical – to become a “living AI” company and assist their clients in AI-based innovation and optimization.

4. Persistent Systems

Persistent Systems Logo

Headquarter: Pune
Revenue: $1,186M

Persistent Systems is not only an AI development company but rather an IT service company specializing in AI services. They provide solutions in the domains like Artificial intelligence & Machine Learning Development right from Idea Generation, Data Preparation, Modelling to Deployment. Their specialization lies in intelligent automation tools, chatbot development, and using artificial intelligence in data processing. They present themselves as a company that supports organizations to adopt AI in their operations with a focus on the different sectors of the economy.

5. Kellton

Kellton Logo

Headquarters: Hyderabad
Revenue: ₹245.44 Cr

Kellton is not an AI development company as such; it is a digital transformation company  with a solid concentration on AI. As an example, IBM offers cognitive AI services such as machine learning, generative AI, and conversational AI to instruct processes, design smart apps, and build promising customer experiences. It works with a range of industries and clients from start-ups to accredited businesses that are a part of the Fortune 500 list.

6. Cyient

Cyient logo

Headquarters: Hyderabad
Revenue: ₹7,147Cr

Though not purely an AI development company, Cyient is considered a key player in this field. They are interested in using digital methods, artificial intelligence especially, in tackling engineering and design issues within sectors such as aerospace, defense and healthcare. It provides Artificial Solutions and is quite keen on training its employees to be conversant with current generative AI ideas. It seems they see AI as a key growth area and are investing in its development and application.

7. Haptik

Haptik Logo

Headquarters: Mumbai
Revenue: $100 million

Haptik is an AI platform for Indian enterprises bought by Reliance Industries in the year 2019. It is dedicated to developing the enabling technology for organizations to make chatbots and smart assistants. These AI systems are able to process natural language commands, which enables its users to effectively verbally control applications and devices. Today, Haptik has hundreds of clients among which are the representatives of the Fortune 500 list; helps them enhance the level of customer support, lead acquisition, and make changes to the user experience.

8. Saksoft

Saksoft Logo

Headquarters: Chennai
Revenue: ₹197.36Cr

Saksoft can be described as a company that offers solutions based on AI and ML to various enterprises. It provides business information, including guidance on AI strategy, selection of appropriate models, and creation of customized models. While their focus is not on core AI, they are mainly a Generative AI company, for creative pursuits such as writing or designing a product; or solutions for specific sectors like customer service and software development.

9. Happiest Minds Technologies

Happiest Minds Technologies Logo

Headquarters: India
Revenue: ₹375.24Cr

Next on the list of the best AI companies in India, we have Happiest Minds. Happiest Minds Technologies is not specific to AI development but is a digital transformation IT consulting company that integrates it along with technologies like cloud and big data. They specialize in helping businesses increase customer satisfaction, analyze information effectively, and reach desired performance by utilizing artificial intelligence tools. They offer helping in AI planning, building tailor-made solutions, and incorporation of generative AI into the enterprise.

10. Ailoitte

Ailoitte Technologies logo

Headquarters: Bengaluru, India
Revenue: $20 M

Ailoitte is a leading Artificial Intelligence development company that can be preferred if one wants a partner that works with a higher expectation level most of the time. Founded in 2017 with a team of over 70 tech experts, this startup is based in Bengaluru and specializes in tailoring advanced AI solutions, including generative AI that can produce anything from entertaining games to individualized healthcare IT solutions. This flexibility makes them versatile for AI-seeking companies, regardless of size or age, therefore making them a good fit for any type of business.

The Future of AI in India

India’s AI industry is expected to grow further due to a number of factors, including:

  • Availability of a qualified pool of engineers and data scientists.
  • Legal measures and policies that have been adopted with the aim of encouraging the use of AI.
  • AI has been trending across industries due to the rising demand of AI solutions.

By unlocking this potential, AI firms of India will be able to carry on their central role in defining the future of AI around the globe.


The AI market place in India is quite vast for majority industries, major companies from India that are investing in artificial intelligence include Tata Elxsi, Infosys, Kelton among others. These companies are advancing products and services like virtual assistants and intelligent automation & data analytics across industries like healthcare, banking and e-commerce.
A closer look at the developments and trends identified in the Indian AI companies means understanding their increasing role in both the global and domestic markets. By the end of 2024 and the following years, these ranked ten companies of AI in India are all geared up to transform the coming technological world that will redefine industries and the daily lives of the people.
It is crucial for the professionals, enthusiasts, and onlookers to see these companies as they help to develop AI in India further. The growth of AI in India is still in its initial stage, and these firms are composed to create a new wave of innovation and service to the world of AI.


What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the simulation of human intelligence in machines to perform tasks that typically require human intelligence. ChatGPT and Google Bard are some of the best examples of AI tools.

What is the use of AI companies?

The Artificial intelligence companies are used to provide artificial solutions to the individuals and their businesses. These companies are also used to provide multiple other services such as NLP, data science, machine learning and many more.

What are some important Artificial Intelligence companies in India?

India has several notable AI companies, such as Tata Elxsi, Kellton Tech Solutions, Happiest Minds Technologies, Zensar Technologies, Persistent Systems and Saksoft. These companies excel in various AI applications and contribute significantly to the global AI landscape.

What industries do these AI companies in India cater to?

These companies operate across various industries, offering AI solutions for Information Technology, Financial Services, Healthcare, Fintech, Logistics, Transportation, and Utilities. They leverage AI technologies to address industry-specific challenges and drive innovation.

What is the focus area of Tata Elxsi in Artificial Intelligence?

Tata Elxsi specializes in technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, and VR. They offer design and tech services to industries such as Automotive, Broadcast, Communications, and Healthcare.

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