Top 17 Profitable Mobile App Ideas for Business in 2024

calender May 15, 2023
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Choosing the most profitable app ideas is always the ideal choice for a startup and small business trying to succeed in the app market. It allows you to survive and overcome the difficulties of a competitive market. Moreover, there are several studies that tie up the revenue-making ability of software with the application idea you choose to build upon.

The fact that the global revenue of the app market could reach $614.40 billion by 2026, brings all the more emphasis on selecting the best application idea. Noting how competitive the space is, let’s not waste a minute and move straight to the prospective app ideas.

Top Revenue-driven Mobile App Business Ideas

Evaluating the revenue potential of multiple profitable app ideas for businesses is the best way to choose the most feasible and beneficial one. While there are new apps emerging on an everyday basis, here are some time-tested business ideas for you to launch your app.

Top Mobile App Business Ideas in 2023

Top 17 Revenue-driven Mobile App Business Ideas

  1. E-learning App
  2. On-Demand Food Delivery App
  3. Healthcare App
  4. Cleaning Services Ordering App
  5. Salon Appointment Booking App
  6. Voice Recognition and Translation App
  7. Packing and Moving Services App
  8. Secure P2P Payment App
  9. Medicine Delivery Apps
  10. Marketplace Apps
  11. Photo and Video Editing App
  12. Video Streaming Apps
  13. Virtual Nutritionist App
  14. Dating Mobile Apps
  15. Rent/Buy Property Apps
  16. P2P Money Lending Apps
  17. Ticket Booking Apps

e-Learning App

E-learning mobile applications are cost-effective and save time by providing instant and remote access to knowledge. Online learning platform revenue in the United States is estimated to reach $4.24 billion by 2027, while the number of users of the top platforms may reach 57 million.

Creating an e-learning app provides access to students trying to learn remotely and willing to pay for a user-friendly learning experience. You can also incorporate paid ads, service charges, and promotions in the e-learning app to generate more revenue.

On-Demand Food Delivery App

A food delivery app helps customers place food orders from the restaurants of their choice and get them delivered to their doorstep. On-demand food delivery applications like DoorDash, UberEats, and GrubHub have proved themselves to be high in demand even during the pandemic times. It’s one of the best app ideas with high revenue potential. The global online food delivery market revenue is estimated to reach $1.45 trillion by 2027.

Building a money-making app business in this industry would require market research and effort toward creating a highly convenient user experience through a great UI. You can expect better revenue and a good brand image if you build a value-driven food delivery app.

Healthcare App

Building a healthcare app is a rising trend in the mobile app industry, growing in numbers every day since the COVID pandemic. Easy access to medical care, doctors, and medical records at any time has proven helpful for many. As a result, a prediction indicated that the global mHealth market value could reach $332 billion by 2025. You can make your business a beneficiary of such growth by visually appealing and user-friendly healthcare mobile app development.

Revenue options in a healthcare app can come from payment charges, premium accounts, and relevant paid advertisements. A healthcare app ensures lasting and sustainable revenue for your business since the demand for such products and services does not decrease.

Profitable App ideas

Cleaning Services Ordering App

Ordering cleaning services from the comfort of your home is a service that can attract the attention of a wide range of target users. The demand for online booking cleaning services has risen significantly since and will continue. The global cleaning services market revenue is estimated to reach $462,476.8 million by 2028, compared to $201,023.4 million in 2020.

Offering cleaning services online booking can make your app stand out in the mobile application market. It will make it easy for you to provide job opportunities for cleaners and easy access to cleaning services for target users, providing an opportunity to generate considerable revenue through various app monetization models.

Salon Appointment Booking App

While calling a salon to book an appointment may be easy, it is highly convenient to book an appointment through an app. It allows you to browse your hair and beauty care service options, select a date/time, choose a hair/beauty stylist, and make payments online.

Making money through in-app purchases, promotions, and service charges are good ways to generate revenue in such apps. You only need to ensure a simple and visually appealing user interface in the app, which improves the convenient user experience of all customers.

Voice Recognition and Translation App

Translation has become crucial as people travel and do business with many international individuals. And every now and then, you can come across a person or business opportunity that requires you to know a foreign/unknown language. Voice recognition and translation apps can prove helpful in such situations. A voice recognition and translation app would capture the interest of a wide range of target users as international travel for business and pleasure has increased significantly in the aftermath of the COVID pandemic.

If you ensure a fast and accurate voice recognition and translation feature in the app, users will pay for subscriptions/premium accounts. You can also include translation features for documents and text to create more sources of revenue.

Packing and Moving Services App

Booking a packing and moving within seconds becomes easy with an app, allowing you to focus on other tasks you need to do before and while moving to another place.

Although such an app would require collaboration with many packing-and-moving partners, this app business does have the potential for stable revenue. It is because people from any location always move from one place to another, and an app that can make the process more convenient will leave an impact.

You may charge a payment fee, include relevant paid ads, or sell packing-moving products and tools in the app to generate better revenue.

Secure P2P Payment App

Building a secure and user-centric Fintech app with a simple/appealing interface is one of the most promising ways to create a high-revenue app business. Digital Payments is the largest segment in the fintech industry, growing faster and more significantly than any other. The global transaction value of digital payments is estimated to reach $12,270 billion by 2025, compared to $7,521 billion in 2021. A research-based prediction also indicates a rise in the number of users of digital payments, leading to 5,480.33 million by 2027.

Therefore, creating a secure and user-friendly P2P payment app in a rapidly growing industry would ensure significant revenue for your business. Transaction fees, in-app purchases, sponsorships, and paid advertising are some monetization models for a P2P payment app.

App ideas for Business

Medicine Delivery Apps

Unlike healthcare apps that provide all-in-one-stop solutions for people, medicine delivery apps are only for ordering medicine online and getting them delivered to your doorstep. They make it easy for users to search and find the required medicine/drug and receive them within hours. Such a service was famous before the COVID pandemic, and its value has only increased since the pandemic. As a result, an estimation states that the global pharmaceutical drug delivery market value could reach $2,206.5 billion by 2026.

Making a niche-driven app (like medicine delivery) helps you create a better user experience and you can easily generate revenue through monetization models like delivery fees, surge fees, paid advertisements, and promotions.

Marketplace Apps

A marketplace app is a platform where anyone can buy, sell, and trade any product/service. Amazon and Walmart are ideal examples of online marketplaces. The global net sales revenue of Amazon reached $127.1 billion during the third quarter of 2022, while Walmart’s global revenue reached nearly $573 billion in 2022.

Although there is competition in the marketplace app industry, niche-based marketplaces have a lot more potential to earn revenue. Additionally, providing better value and quality products/services than the competition can help your marketplace app development efforts succeed.

Some revenue models for a marketplace app include delivery fees, transaction fees, per-sale charges, in-app purchases, paid advertisements, and promotions.

Photo and Video Editing App

As apps like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok gain popularity by providing everyone a platform to shine and become famous, the demand for photo and video editing apps with a simple user interface is constantly increasing.

Most of the photo and video editing apps in the market are complicated and make it a hassle for users to edit their photos and videos with ease. It provides a chance to stand out by making a better photo and video editing app. Users are likely to pay for photo and video editing app subscriptions if it can speed up the process and simplify it for everyone. Besides subscriptions, paid ads and promotions are some other effective revenue models for photo and video editing applications.

Video Streaming Apps

Building Video streaming apps like Netflix and Prime Video is another great way to build a business with promising revenue. Netflix generated nearly $7.93 billion in the third quarter of 2022, while its annual revenue was $30 billion in 2021. Although you have to compete with giants like Netflix and Prime Video, building a niche-driven video streaming app does hold potential you can use to ensure success for your video streaming app. Generating considerable revenue becomes easy when people pay for subscriptions to watch video content on your streaming app.

Virtual Nutritionist App

Another thing the COVID pandemic made people realize is the value of a good diet and nutrition. A virtual nutritionist app makes that easy by providing a platform where different types of nutritionists evaluate people’s health and eating habits to recommend a personalized diet plan.

You can build such an app and create premium accounts or separate subscriptions for every nutritionist. It will help you generate more revenue and provide a good source of income for nutritionists.

Relevant paid ads, nutritionist promotions, in-app purchases, subscriptions, and payment fees are some revenue models of a virtual nutritionist app.

Dating Mobile Apps

Apps like Tinder and Bumble had seen success even before the COVID pandemic, but the lockdown caused a rise in the usage of such dating apps. The annual revenue of Tinder reached $1.65 billion in 2021. Dating apps can promise increasing returns on investment through premium accounts, subscriptions, and paid advertisements.

Rent/Buy Property Apps

Finding a temporary place to live, renting apartments, or finding a new house through a real estate app is much easier. The revenue models for such an app include paid advertisements, premium account subscriptions, and property promotion fees. You can generate good revenue by building a user-friendly real estate app with a value-driven user interface.

Bonus: You can expand your real estate app’s potential by offering something unique like a real-estate app for women or senior citizens and generate massive revenue.

P2P Money Lending Apps

Peer-to-peer money lending app is another good business option, which has a promising return on investment (ROI) as such apps are in demand, especially among students and middle-class professionals. Consequently, the global value of peer-to-peer lending is estimated to reach $1,000 billion by 2025.

Getting a trusted user base will not be a problem if your app is secure and user-friendly. Some revenue generation options in P2P loan apps include paid ads, service charges, and loan amount transfer fees.

Ticket Booking Apps

Whether it is a movie or a live event, being able to book a ticket early from a mobile app gets many users interested. The number of transaction fees your app will receive from such a service would most certainly lead to considerable revenue. You must work on personalization, a user-friendly interface and experience, and innovative features such as checking your seat through VR to get users interested in your ticket booking app. Revenue models include paid advertising, movie/event promotions, payment fees (for sender and receiver), and premium account subscriptions.


Creating a revenue-driven app business is a project that requires extensive market research, a sufficient budget, and a dedicated mobile app development company to make it happen. An effective development plan and consistency with innovative additions to your app should ensure lasting revenue for your app business.

You can check project feasibility, launch an MVP, and conduct user acceptance testing to evaluate the potential of the most profitable app ideas. It will help you save money while helping you determine the right approach for a revenue-driven app business.

Have further questions or doubts? Talk to our app development expert to get industry insight and understand what works for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most profitable type of app?

On-demand and gaming apps are currently the most profitable type of mobile apps.

What kinds of apps are in high demand?

On-demand apps (for example, food delivery, medicine delivery, ride-hailing, and video streaming) are in high demand.

What app should I make to make money?

On-demand, digital payment, e-learning, and dating apps are some apps you can make to make money faster.

What percent of apps fail?

80 to 90% of mobile apps fail within the first year of launch due to poor user experience, bad-quality products/services, no real value, and lack of originality.

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