How much does it cost to make an Educational App in India?

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Education app development services are in great demand since the COVID pandemic showed many educational institutions its necessity and lasting benefits. It is also the cause behind the rapid growth of online learning platforms. According to Statista, the global revenue in online learning platforms could reach $64.50 billion by 2027 compared to $57 billion in 2021. Estimating the development costs for an educational app is the first step in figuring out how you can make your business a large part of such growth.

The average cost to build an educational app would range from $45,000 to $50,000. However, various aspects like UI/UX design, number and type of features, app complexity, and developers determine the final costs. Estimating the accurate educational app development cost for your institutions would require you to analyze such factors.

You can simplify that process by checking out this article to get industry insights on educational app development and its costs.

What is an Educational App?

Educational applications allow users to learn various subjects through virtual teachers or all-in-one digital books. Such applications include digital textbooks, tutorials, quizzes & examinations, homework assignments, and grading facilities.

Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy are some examples of educational apps.

These apps remove the need to visit an educational institution which can be a hassle for many students. Being able to study the subject they like or need becomes a one-click away task that they can do from any place of comfort they choose.

Different Types of Educational Apps

Educational app platforms have various categories with different target users whose needs and expectations you need to meet with your app.

Kids Learning Applications (Ex: YouTube Kids)

Online learning platforms for kids are a rapidly growing industry as parents prefer the health and personal safety it provides while ensuring top-notch education for their little ones.

Language Learning Application (Ex: Duolingo, Babbel)

Language learning was a popular trend before the online platforms, and its users have only increased since the knowledge became available online.

Tutors Application (Khan Academy, TutorMe)

These applications help students further their education and academic studies by accessing the lectures/subjects online.

Online Course Application (Coursera, Udemy)

Course applications are for focused courses like UI/UX design, marketing, or data science. They are also in high demand and recommended for your online education application.

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Core Features of Educational Apps

Learning how to create educational apps requires you to understand various features crucial for students, teachers, and admin panels.

Unlike most apps, educational apps do not necessarily need an advanced UI design or user experience. A minimalistic design with no glitches, bugs, or errors is more than enough for a decent user experience, as the target users of educational apps value knowledge and how easily they can access it.

That is why the type and number of features are deciding factors in these apps. For example, Take Notes, Save Lectures, or Video Call a Teacher/Professor are some features that would create a good user experience for learners.

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Below mentioned are the core features you must include in your educational app:

Features for Learners

Educational apps for students must include features that allow them to create and manage their learning accounts by adding as many courses/lectures as they need.

Login and Registration

Learners must be able to register and log in to access the app. A feature to log in with social network accounts like Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter will make things more convenient.

Profile Management

Learners can use this feature to add, update, and change their profile and payment information.

Filter and Search

Learners may use this function to search the courses/lectures with the relevant filters.


Integrate multiple payment modes to make it easy for learners to make payments for all courses and lectures.

Buy Course

Students can use this feature to access the course offered in the app. It must contain information on the course description, teacher/professor, per-subject duration, overall duration, and cost.


This feature helps students to have real-time conversations with their teachers, tutors, course experts, and professors.

Live Video Streaming

Students can access online courses and lectures in real time via video and live streaming.

Push Notifications

This tool can inform students about upcoming courses, pending courses, and special discounts. It can also notify them about new or pending messages from teachers/professors.

Offline Access

This feature helps students access saved lessons, courses, and lectures even when they do not have access to the internet.

Multi-language Support

This feature allows students to choose their preferred language in the educational app.

Track Progress

Students can use this tool to keep track of their progress with the course.

Share Screen

This feature enables students to share their screens with teachers and classmates. It can help them show problems/doubts and get solutions for them.

Tests and Examinations

This feature helps students and learners attempt exams/course tests to assess their learning with results.

Features for Teachers/Professors

Educational apps for teachers/professors need a separate portal and features to create and manage their lessons, courses, and lecture hours.

Registration and Login

Teachers must first register and log in to access the app and its functionalities.

Profile Management

Teachers may add, update, and change their profiles and contact information with this feature.

Student Administration

This feature enables teachers to view available information of all students.

Exams and Tests

Teachers/professors can create, monitor, and mark the test with this feature.

Payment Management

This feature helps teachers set and change payment information. It also helps them track pending payments, paid student users, and total revenue.


This tool helps them communicate directly with the students.

Live Streaming

Teachers can use this function to teach their lessons and courses live.


Teachers/professors can create progress reports with this tool.

Push Notifications

This function helps teachers get information on student course completions, new payments, and student communications.

Course Management

Teachers/professors can add, remove, or update the courses with this feature.

Features for Admin Panel

The admin panel helps the app owner manage all users and services provided through the app, including the payments, teachers, and students/learners.

User Management

The administrator can manage all app users with this feature.


The administrator can track and analyze application usage with this feature.


The administrator can provide support to all users with this feature.

Payment Management

The admin may track and manage service charge payments from the payment made by students/learners and teachers/professors.

Note: The more features you add to your educational app, the longer the development time will be, the more third-party solutions you will need, and the more the developers will cost, whether they charge by project or by the hour.

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How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App?

The final development cost depends on the type of educational app, project complexity, geographic location, platform compatibility, features, tech stack, educational app developers, and development time.

Complexity (UI/UX & Features): The development cost increases with unique and multiple features, high-end designs, and captivating visuals.

Education App Development Costs

App ComplexityCost
Basic or MVP$20,000 to $25,000
Standard$45,000 to $50,000
Advanced$75,000 to $90,000

Application Platforms (OS): One or multiple platforms (like Android, iOS, and Windows) also determine the cost of developing an educational app.

Education App Development Costs

iOS$22,000 to $55,000
Android$25,000 to $60,000
Cross-platform$24,000 to $58,000

Developers: The location of the educational app development company/developers affects the education iOS/Android app development cost, as do different currencies.

Education App Development Costs

CountryCost per Hour
USA$100 to $150
Eastern Europe$90 to $120
Ukraine$40 to $80
India$20 – $60

These cost estimations are the average costs for educational app development. The development cost for your project may be less, the same, or more, depending on your requirements and developers.

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Estimating the final costs for your educational app will require assistance from an eLearning mobile app development company to do it correctly. They will have a clear idea and understanding of what goes into the development of a successful educational app, which allows them to accurately estimate and even lessen the overall development costs of your educational app.

Ailoitte can assist you in identifying the necessary educational app features if you intend to create one. Outsourcing to an offshore agency like ours allows you to get top-tier quality solutions at much lower costs.

We can help you with our end-to-end e-learning app development services and post-development maintenance. Our team will analyze your idea, business, and budget requirements, target audience, and business goals to determine a lucrative direction for your budget and project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an educational app?

Choose a niche, determine the target audience, talk to app developers, estimate the project costs, and build an MVP educational app first.

How much does it cost to make an educational app?

The average cost to develop a standard educational app ranges from $40,000 to $60,000, but the final cost estimation depends on different project requirements and the location of app developers.

What are the best educational apps?

Khan Academy, PBS KIDS Games, BrainPOP, Quizlet, Evernote, edX, and Coursera are some of the best educational apps available.

What are the types of educational apps?

Types of educational apps include Kids Learning Applications, Language Learning Applications, Tutors Applications, and Online Course Applications.

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