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How much does it cost to make an educational app?

How much does it cost to make an educational app in 2022

Many institutions are developing educational applications due to the growing demand for e-learning. A learning app makes it easy to conduct a lecture by connecting teachers and students virtually.

You can transform your idea about the same into a successful education app development project.

Here you can learn about the aspects and features of education app development. And how much an ed-tech product can cost you based on that?

What is an Educational App?

Educational Application is an online, mobile, or desktop app that helps users learn various subjects through virtual teachers or all-in-one digital books.

Such applications include digital textbooks, tutorials, quizzes & examinations, homework assignments, and grading facilities.

For example, Coursera, Udemy, and Khan Academy are some of the best educational applications.

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Types of Educational Apps

Examples of educational apps include different types of educational apps for both students and teachers.

  1. Kids Learning Applications (Ex: YouTube Kids)
  2. Language Learning Application (Ex: Duolingo, Babbel)
  3. Tutors Application (Khan Academy, TutorMe)
  4. Online Course Application (Coursera, Udemy)
Features of Educational Apps

Features of Educational Apps

You should create an educational app with the Student, Teacher, and Admin panels.

Features for Student Panel

Login and Registration: Students must first register and log in to access the app. A feature to log in with social network accounts like Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter will make things more convenient.

Profile Management: Students can change their profile and payment information using this feature.

Filter and Search: Students may use this function to filter the search and find the best course for them.

Payments: You must integrate payment modes that help users pay for the courses. Multiple payment modes will make it easy for students to make all payments.

Course: Students can use this feature to access the course offered in the app. It must contain information on the course description, teacher/professor, per-subject duration, and overall duration.

Chat: This feature helps students to have real-time conversations with their teachers.

Live Video Streaming: Students can access online courses and lectures in real-time via video and live streaming.

Push Notifications: This tool can inform students about upcoming courses, pending courses, and special discounts. It can also notify them about new or pending messages from teachers/professors.

Offline Access: This feature helps students access information even when they do not have access to the internet.

Multi-language Support: This feature helps students choose their preferred language.

Track Progress: Students can use this tool to keep track of their progress with the course.

Share Screen: This feature enables students to share their screens with teachers and classmates. It can help them show problems/doubts and get solutions for them.

Tests and Examinations: This feature helps students attempt exams to assess their learning with results.

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Features for Teachers Panel

Registration and Login: Teachers must first register and log in to access the app’s functions.

Profile Management: Teachers may change their profiles and contact information with this tool.

Student Administration: This feature enables teachers to view available information of all students.

Exams and Tests: Teachers/professors can create, monitor, and mark the test with this feature.

Payment Management: This tool helps teachers set and change payment information. It also helps them track pending payments, paid student users, and total revenue.

Chat: This tool helps them communicate directly with the students.

Live Streaming: Teachers can use this function to teach their lessons and courses live.

Reports: Teachers/professors can create progress reports with this tool.

Push Notifications: This function helps teachers get information on student course completions, new payments, and student communications.

Course Management: Teachers/professors can add, remove, or update the courses with this feature.

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Features for Admin Panel

User management: The administrator can manage all app users with this feature.

Analytics: The administrator can track and analyze application usage with this feature.

Support: The administrator can provide support to all users with this feature.

Payment Management: The admin may track and manage service charge payments from both students and teachers.

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How Much Does it Cost to Make an Educational App?

A roughly estimated cost of developing an educational software is between $25,500 to $50,000.

The final development cost depends on the type of educational app, project complexity, geographic location, platform compatibility, features, tech stack, and development time.

App Complexity: The development cost increases with unique and multiple features, high-end designs, and captivating visuals. The proper development of these factors takes repetition and time.

Educational App Development Cost
App Complexity Cost 
Simple Complexity Application$25,000
Middle Complexity Application$50,000
Advanced Complexity Application $75,000

Type of Platform: The one or multiple platforms also determine the cost of developing an educational app.

Creating an app for the iOS platform is particularly expensive. It involves modern technology and complicated features.

Educational App Development Cost (Platform Wise - iOS, Android, Cross-Platform)
Type of platform Cost 
iOS$25,000 – $60,000
Android$20,000 – $40,000
Cross-platform $26,000 – $57,000

Location of the Application: The location of the company or developer affects the app development cost. Different currencies also influence the development cost.

Country wise hourly mobile app development cost
Location Cost per hour 
USA $150 – $200 
India $20 – $60
Eastern Europe $90 – $200
Ukraine $30 – $50 

You may have to seek the assistance of an eLearning mobile app development company to manage it all well.

Integration of Advanced Technologies: The development cost will be higher if you integrate augmented reality, virtual reality, and cloud technology into your app.

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You must have a clear idea and understanding by now to build an educational app. And you can use the information to figure out how much it will cost you.

Ailoitte can assist you in identifying the necessary educational app features if you intend to create one. We can also help you with end-to-end e-learning app development services.

We analyze your idea, business requirements, target audience, and business goals. Then we begin with the development of your lucrative and scalable apps.

Do you have an educational app idea or want to outsource your app development? Please feel free to discuss your product concept or app needs with us.

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