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Amazing cool ideas for creating a location-based application

Amazing cool ideas for creating a location-based application

Geolocation app development has been firmly expanded these days with working on improving the users interaction. 

Location services are used by applications such as games, navigation apps, weather services, and some social networking apps. In reality, with a new geolocation app being created every day, the geolocation trend has become a vital aspect of application development.

However, our article is for you if you’re going to create a mobile application with a geolocation feature. The article covers the industries using geolocation applications followed by a few more geolocation app ideas to put in your business. 

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Industries using location-based service applications 
New geolocation ideas to help you get started with your business
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Industries using location-based service applications 

Let’s have a look at how other industries have benefited from location-based service apps.


There are so many hotel booking applications that make use of geolocation services. There isn’t a single hotel booking software that doesn’t have a map view, and it’s simple to understand why. It’s quite helpful to be able to discover a hotel near your present position or near a certain destination or sight. That’s why geolocation is available in applications such as Marriott, booking etc. 


There are certain fitness applications that make use of GPS data on your phone to plan your routes, track your speed, and even link you with other runners in your region. You may also utilise geolocation in an app to identify nearby fitness studios or personal trainers, as well as access local feeds in fitness video streaming applications.

Industries using location-based service applications

On-demand services

There are few on-demand service applications such as delivery applications that frequently make considerable use of GPS capabilities.

Another on-demand app service application type is Uber that is one of the most popular on-demand transportation applications, pairs consumers with local drivers based on their location. It also allows users to know where their taxi is, when it will arrive, and to track their anticipated trip time in real time. 

Individuals may use location-based service applications to identify providers/local companies in their area and receive the services they desire.

Social media

Geolocation is often used in social media applications to connect individuals. The applications like facebook, instagram feature a map view and allow you to place geotags on your posts so you can see who is nearby and interact with them depending on your location. 

Apart from this, there are few dating applications too that make use of location services. Happn, a local dating app, is an example of this method.


There are some gaming applications too that make use of location services. 

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New geolocation ideas to help you get started with your business

Despite the large number of apps that employ geolocation in a variety of sectors, there is still untapped potential worth your time. Here are a few more geolocation app ideas to get your thoughts in order.

Automated tasks

Location-based apps may be used to automate various operations when they are integrated with smart home devices. Apple’s Home and IFTTT applications both have comparable features. You may configure it to turn on the lights or the thermostat when you arrive home, for example.

The tourism and navigation industries

Location-based apps, when combined with augmented reality, may be utilised to deliver guided tours to people all over the world. Imagine wandering around a city and getting all of the information you need about the attractions and local businesses right on your phone.

Indoor navigation, which relies on a network of Bluetooth low energy (BLE) devices rather than standard GPS data, is still a viable geolocation app use case. These features may be incorporated into a shopping mall or event app to assist guests in navigating the site.

New geolocation ideas to help you get started with your business

Hotel applications 

Hotel applications may provide extra services like on-site guidance, mobile restaurant menus, and self-check-in/out on arrival/departure. Even in-door navigation systems may be used to enable electronic keys — simply couple your phone with a Beacon at your door to unlock it.

Alerts based on the weather 

Users in a specific place can also see relevant weather predictions thanks to geolocation. However, in addition to the standard predictions, such applications can save lives by sending out location-specific notifications.

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