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How to make an app like Uber?

make an app like Uber

Today, ride-sharing apps like Uber are high in demand. Such rapidly expanding demand for personal car rides has encouraged entrepreneurs to consider how to make an app like Uber and launch it in the local market or perhaps globally.

The ride-sharing sector has seen a significant rise in recent years. And Uber is the most well-known example of a taxi-hailing service that has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation with $17.4 billion revenue in 2021 alone and over 93 million active users worldwide.

If you are among the ones looking to replicate Uber’s business model or its success and are thinking about how to make an app like Uber, we have provided the complete guide, including the working model, must-have features, tech-stack, and cost estimation of an app like Uber.

How Uber App Works

Take a look at how Uber operates before getting into the details of creating one. If you want to know how to create an app like Uber, start following the instructions below. Uber is entirely based on a technological system backed by an app. Uber works in five steps.

Step 1: Trip request and confirmation

A rider wishes to be taken on a journey to a specific place. It provides a fare estimate after inputting the destination. Uber has implemented a function that allows users to select their favorite vehicle type. Once the customer raises a request, these trip requests are received by the uber drivers present nearby.

Uber’s automobile types are as shown in the image below:

Uber's automobiles types

Step 2: Matching process

After selecting a car, the passenger confirms the pickup location and fills in the necessary information.

Step 3: Ride 

How Uber service works

Once the ride is verified, the customer can easily track the taxi location and estimate the arrival time.

Step 4: Payment

Uber requests that you submit your digital payment details. Uber accepts payment via PayPal, ApplePay, and AndroidPay. Passengers can also pay in cash.

Step 5: Rating 

Uber prefers to leave a review and a rating for each journey. Both the rider and the driver benefit from the rating system since it provides the power to become loyal customers. The rating of the driver aids in increasing his status on the application.

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Components of the Uber-like app

When discussing the development of an on-demand taxi app or how to make an app like Uber on Android or iOS, it is critical to comprehend the many types of applications that would join together to form a single on-demand app.

Components of Uber like app

Let us have a look at the various aspects right now –

App for Drivers

This app is for drivers who want to share their location, locate the best matches, and be paid. It often includes real-time and planned requests, travel data, and payment monitoring tools.

App for Passengers

This passenger application makes it simple for users to request rides. It might include features like real-time passenger-driver matching, real-time ride updates, verified profiles for further protection, and a user-friendly payment gateway.

Admin Panel for the App Owner

This is generally in the form of a web-based admin panel that can be accessed via any browser. A successful carpooling app must include an admin panel. You may personalize it by adding driver and passenger control features, statistics, and analytics.

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Uber revenue model

Uber’s revenue is generated as follows: 

  • Adding a commission to each ride booked using the app.
  • Providing paid upgrades such as premium trips or additional amenities such as carpooling.
  • Selling the app’s data to third-party firms.
  • Providing a loyalty program that pays users for often utilizing the app.
  • Gathering user input and using it to improve the app’s functioning.
  • Providing advisory services to firms interested in developing Uber-like apps.
  • Charging a membership charge for app access.
  • Including advertisements within the app.

Features of an Uber-like app for passengers

Let’s move into the Uber-app features. 

Basic features

  • Registration: Email, Facebook, and phone number verification are all options.
  • Messaging: The option to contact the driver directly from the app.
  • Push notifications: keeping passengers informed of trip request status, driver arrival time, driver and car data, etc.
  • Taxi Booking – allows passengers to input the pickup and destination address, select a car type, and establish a pickup place.
  • Ride cost estimation: The consumer may examine the cost of a ride beforehand.
  • Driver tracking: allows users to stream the driver’s motions to make modifications during or after the journey.
  • Payment: cashless – in-app payment using credit cards, services such as PayPal, or just cash.
  • Driver rating and review: Driver Review & Rating – relates to the service assessment (driver, vehicle, trip, etc.).
  • Travel history: displays information from prior rides and purchases.
  • Customer support– When a customer has a problem, they have the option of contacting customer assistance.

Advanced features

  • Ride Cancellation – The customer has the option to cancel the ride but must do so within a specific time frame to avoid incurring the cancellation cost.
  • Split Payment – Riders can share a journey with other passengers.
  • Schedule for Later — This function allows riders to pre-book a ride.
  • Book for Others — You may book a cab for your friends, family, and coworkers with this feature.
Passenger app features Driver app features Admin panel 
RegistrationTrip alert Booking Management 
Messaging Push notifications Vehicle Management 
Push notifications Navigation Driver Management
Taxi booking Route optimization Passenger Management 
Ride cost estimation Driver delivery reports Driver support 
Driver tracking Messaging Passenger support 
Payment Driver destinations Ratings and reviews 
Driver rating and review Waiting period Discounts Management 
Travel history Earnings from Missions Promotions Management 
Customer support Forward Dispatch Google Analytics
Ride cancellation Heat Maps FAQs 
Split payment Content Management 
Schedule for later Payroll Management 
Book for others 

Features of an Uber-like app for drivers

Basic features

  • Trip alert: the ability to receive trip orders and accept or decline them, as well as information on the passenger’s location, itinerary, and travel history.
  • Push Notifications: utilized for notifications, taxi app booking information, trip updates, and completion.
  • Navigation and route optimization: provide the optimal journey path by utilizing Google Maps.
  • Driver Delivery Reports give daily/monthly statistics on trips and revenues.
  • Messaging: Texting or calling a passenger from the app.

Advanced features

  • Driver Destinations – the ability for a driver to choose a journey with a specific destination in mind.
  • Waiting Period – If a trip is canceled or a wait time of more than 5 minutes, the customer is charged extra fees on top of the standard rate. 
  • Earnings from Missions – The driver can earn extra money by completing a certain number of journeys.
  • Forward Dispatch: enables the driver to accept another trip request while finishing the current journey.
  • Heat Maps – can be likened to a demand viewpoint on a map, allowing a driver to arrange his timetable and go to a spot with a more excellent passenger ratio.

Features for admin panel

A central management point is necessary to manage and monitor all driver’s activities and track customer experience. In this approach, a web-based admin panel for managing customers, drivers, orders, locations, payments, payouts, and other business activities in an app like Uber should be created.

An admin panel’s fundamental features and functionalities would be as follows:

  • Booking Management
  • Vehicle Management
  • Driver and Passenger Management
  • Driver and Passenger support
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Discounts and promotions management
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • FAQs and content management
  • Payroll Management

Checklist before creating an application like Uber

Below is the checklist before creating an Uber-like app. Let’s have a look at the following.

checklist before creating an application like uber

#1: Conduct thorough research

Uber is a highly competitive application; therefore, Uber-like app development might be complex. Conduct a detailed market survey and quantitative and qualitative analysis.

#2: Set your target audience

In developing an application, the target audience is the deciding element. To entice the audience, you must prepare a pitch. Create a unique selling point and possibly unique characteristics that are fresh to the globe.

#3: Select a suitable platform

Before developing an application, select an appropriate platform. Mobile application marketing is on the rise, and choosing the right platform is essential for creating a smooth application with flawless functionality.

#4: Choose a framework

Apps are developed for both the Android and iOS platforms. Android phones are served by Android, whereas iPhones are served by iOS. In this scenario, if you’re thinking about how to create a ridesharing app, you’ll need to submit it to two app stores. Go for a hybrid platform that works on iOS and Android, allowing users to increase their applications simultaneously and manage two codebases’ burden.

#5: Choose the app store

When developing an application, you must select a store for it. Apps may be found in the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. Also, If you want to submit your Uber clone app to the app store, read the app store rules. To be accepted into the App Store Connect, you must meet the criteria.

#6: Add new, and latest features

You must assess the market and begin developing new features. Investigate the features that have been removed or are missing, and then incorporate the most contemporary elements into the application.

Technologies necessary for building an app like Uber

Learning how to create an app like Uber entails more than just learning the features and functions. Technology is an essential component in app development. This section delves into the technical aspects of developing an app like Uber. Uber’s technological features include geolocation, push alerts, payment interfaces, etc.


Geolocation is the essential technology required for any app, such as Uber. As a result, such an app would rely significantly on the navigation and mapping technologies listed below.

  • Using Google’s API locators in Android devices and the CoreLocation framework in iOS mobile devices, correctly determine the user’s device’s location.
  • Maps are available in the form of Google Maps on both Android and iOS devices. Map services can also be purchased from other mapping software projects.
  • On the iOS platform, MapKit allows you to deliver correct instructions to drivers, while Google Maps API does the same for Android smartphone users.
Technologies necessary for building an app like Uber

Push notifications

To design an app similar to Uber, you must include the push notifications functionality. Push notifications aid in communication between the passenger and the driver.

  • You may utilize Apple Push Notification services in Uber for an iOS platform (APNS). It is a cloud service that acts as a third party to transmit notifications to remote devices over a secure connection. 
  • FireBase messaging is an option for Android smartphones.

Payment Gateway Integration

The next critical application component your development team must tackle is payment gateway integration. Payment of the fare via cards should be incorporated into your cab-hailing app to avoid later complications.

Steps to build an app like Uber

Let us dive into the steps to help you with rideshare app development. 

Step#1: Choose a company to design and build your app.

Investigating, assessing, and selecting a firm to work with on your ridesharing app.

Step #2: Set your goals

In this step, determine what you want to develop, establish your product’s goals, identify your target audience, find what features to include, choose the platform on which your app would run, and discover revenue estimations. 

Step #3: UI/UX app design

Decide how your Uber-like app will function and seem. Design a User Journey Map, clickable wireframes, visual user interfaces, and motion graphics

Step #4: App development

Start with the development of your ride-hailing service app. Continuous Integration app development: plan, code, build, and test.

Step #5: Releasing your app to app stores

Once you end up with development and testing, publish your app to the google play store or Apple Store. 

Step #6: Post-deployment and support

This step includes crash detection, app statistics monitoring, product optimization, and future development.

Cost to build an app like Uber?

So, how much does Uber-like app development cost?

The average cost of developing an Uber-like application might range between $55,000 and $1,18,000.

The application development is a complex process, and the cost of creating an app like Uber might vary depending on the following factors:

  • The number of characteristics and their complexity
  • Design considerations
  • Capabilities of the development team, location, and pricing
  • Details about the platforms and operating systems
  • Preferences for technology

Here is an estimate for the MVP of an app like Uber in one hour.

Passengers appiOS or Android (no. of hours)
Messaging 40-80
Push notifications 40-80
Taxi Booking 35-60
Ride cost estimation40-50
Driver tracking 38-68
Ratings and review 50-130
Passengers appiOS or Android (no. of hours)
Messaging 40-80
Push notifications 40-80
Taxi Booking 35-60
Ride cost estimation40-50
Driver tracking 38-68
Ratings and review 50-130
Travel History 80-100
Customer support 80-100
Ride cancellation100-120
Split payments 120-150
Schedule for later 150-160
Book for others 180-200
Total hours 1073-1478
Driver app iOS or Android (no. of hours)
Trip alert 40-80
Push notifications 40-100
Navigation and route optimization40-80
Driver delivery reports 50-130
Messaging 37-58
Driver destinations 50-60
Waiting period 30-60
Earning from missions 48-147
Forward dispatch52-100
Heat Maps 50-150
Total hours 437-965


Building an app like Uber is not as complicated as it appears. Your company may have a ridesharing app that fundamentally changes how customers move about with proper strategy and execution.

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