Top 10 criteria to consider when choosing the app development agencies to build your ideal app?

calender May 12, 2023
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With the number of mobile app developers and development agencies emerging on an everyday basis, it has become increasingly difficult for entrepreneurs to find the right team.

A good list of questions to ask app developers will help you identify the most skilled and suitable team for your requirements and avoid unsuitable ones simultaneously. Without any delay, let us get straight to those questions and the context behind them.

Questions to ask your App Development Company

While it takes extensive brainstorming sessions, talking to previous clients, and diving into a work portfolio to finalize an app development firm, some key questions can help make the process of shortlisting prospective app development companies easier.

What service of your company would you say is the USP?

Many mobile app development companies have USPs that define the uniqueness of their services (like experts in app design or fintech Software development). You must ask this question to know whether their USPs are relevant or beneficial for the niche of your app project.

How many mobile apps has your company developed?

Remember, the number of apps a company develops has nothing to do with their suitability for your requirements. However, this question answers whether the developers have experience with the basics of mobile app development (For example, user data security, best servers, and legal requirements).

Which of these apps can I download from the app store right now?

It will reveal how many of the apps developed by the company are still available to download on the app stores. A company could have only ten apps available on the app store even after developing 50. You can ask the developers about the reasons why and if any of their apps are removed and what they believe are the reasons behind the success of the apps that are still on the app stores.

How much does it cost to make an app?

Every app development company will say the requirements of your app project will help determine the exact cost, but most developers can tell you the average app development cost if you ask them. It should be enough to give you a basic idea of what you can expect from the final development costs.

Moreover, be prepared for the answer to vary according to the geographical location. For example, an onshore development company may charge $75,000 to build a healthcare app, while an offshore development company would charge $35,000 to $40,000 for the same app.

How long does it take to develop an app?

Nothing will tell you more about the development team than the development duration, which depends on app features, design, and functionality requirements. The question will reveal how the developers plan to manage the time required to develop the app.

Can you develop an app for both iOS and Android?

This question will tell you whether the developers can create an app for both operating systems and whether they have knowledge of which is the right choice for your project. Professional app developers also have an expert grasp of the mobile app market. They will have insights that can bring information of real value to your app project. For example, Android makes up 71.52% of the mobile operating system market share worldwide, while iOS only makes up 27.83%.

How do you manage the mobile app development process?

An app development process can quickly go in a flawed and time-consuming direction without proper management. You can find out which method the company uses to conduct the development process. It is best to prefer those that use scrum in software development (Agile methodology) to improve the efficiency of app development as it is recognized for its ability to accelerate app development while improving the quality of work.

How many people are on your development team?

A development team with two/three Android, iOS, and backend developers gives you the option to include one or more of them in the project as and when necessary. However, it is equally important to partner with an app development agency that has an existing team of multiple domain and technology development experts to help scale up your business.

Are all of your team members experienced? Do any of them have experience in the same niche as this project?

Hiring developers, designers, and testers with experience in the same niche as your app project will help you ensure that your development process heads in the right direction. Experienced developers will be able to analyze your project needs, what your competitors are doing better, and what you can do better in your app before you ask them.

What is your policy on source code ownership?

It is best to know whether the development company plans to acquire and keep the source code ownership of your app. Letting the developers have source code ownership will be an easy choice if you plan to use the same development company for any modification in the code. However, you give up the right to sell the app code or modify it on your own when the source code ownership belongs to the developers. Discuss this matter with them to avoid managing the legal aspects of source code ownership with the help of an experienced lawyer.

How do you approach data security in apps?

Data security is one of the most crucial factors in every mobile app due to the rise in cybersecurity threats, data theft/leaks, and hacking. According to the Global Mobile Threat Report by Zimperium, 42% of businesses reported security incidents caused by mobile devices and web apps. How a development company takes care of the app data security will help you learn whether they can improve the security and reliability of your app.

What benefits does your development company provide that most dev companies do not?

The answer to this should reveal some unique elements the mobile app development company brings to the table to improve your app project during and after development.

What is the usual target audience of the apps you develop?

A company that has only developed apps for fintech target users in the Asian region may not be a good choice for creating a social media app for northern US users. Focus on developers experienced in making apps for more than one type of target audience.

How do you ensure that an app is delivered on time and within the budget?

Any experienced and professional app development company today will use Agile methodology. Many developers recommend it to accelerate the development process while improving the effectiveness of every stage.

How do you manage communication between your team and clients?

Frequent and productive communication between developers and you (app owner) is essential for feedback, functionality improvements, and ensuring that everyone is working towards the same goal.

Do you manage the process of app store submissions?

App store submissions on both Google Play and Apple App Store are a hassle without some guidance and experience. An app development company that can take care of this for you will prove more helpful than one that cannot.

How do you conduct app QA testing?

How the app development company conducts the QA testing process tells how they ensure the expected quality of your app. An experienced company includes effective methods like User Acceptance Testing (UAT) in their QA testing process.

Can you develop cross-platform apps?

Cross-platform/hybrid app development takes less time and money, includes one source code, and provides access to a large user base (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows). Consider developers who can build cross-platform apps.

Can you share examples of your notable backend development projects?

The back end is the brain of an app, while the front end is the face. The backend manages communication between servers to store and process data to ensure the reliable functionality of the front end. Developers with a great understanding and experience in building the backend are the ones you need for your project.

Have you ever optimized apps for IoT devices?

A report by IoT Analytics states that the number of IoT connections worldwide will increase by 18% in 2022, leading to 14.4 billion active IoT connections. Apps that can support hardware features like Bluetooth or sync with a smartwatch/smart homes/cars will be trending in the coming years. This question should reveal whether the app development company can develop apps that will keep up or stay ahead of this trend.

How much do you charge per hour?

App developers that charge $50 per hour will cost you $88,000 for the whole project if the app development takes 1760 hours. Ask and negotiate the hourly charges of the developers you hire to get the best solutions under your budget.

Do you provide app maintenance?

App maintenance includes solutions for bugs, coding and design errors, crashes, and updates. These solutions are essential to maintain or improve the app user experience and functionality. App development companies that include app maintenance in their development package are the ones you need to consider.

Final Word

Refer to the questions above when discussing your requirements with an app development company. Specific features, design, and functionality of your app may require you to add some more questions to the list. You must do what you need to ensure that the mobile app development company you hire is more than suited for the task and can deliver on all its promises.

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