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Mobile App Development Process Stage 2: Building proper strategy – Planning for evolving the idea into a successful app.

Stage 1 Selecting a partner to work with – Choosing a company to design and develop the app.  
Stage 2 Building proper strategy – Planning for evolving the idea into a successful app.  
Stage 3 Analysis and Implementation – Turning the idea into a project that captures all the detailed functional requirements.  
Stage 4 UI/UX App Design – Designing and Polishing the app look.  
Stage 5 App Development  
Stage 6 Testing  
Stage 7 Publishing the app on Google play store and Apple store  
Stage 8Post Development Process  

Don’t you think that developing a mobile app is a complex process that demands meticulous preparation and planning?

Well, this is the second phase of the 8 article series; Mobile App Development Process – A Step by Step guide, which would help you in getting a clear understanding of building proper strategy for a smooth and perfect app development process.

This article will explore you through the process of planning and discover why it is important to do so before beginning the development process.

Building a proper strategy is no longer an option, it is a requirement. Poor planning and strategy are two of the most common reasons for mobile applications failing in the first few months in the market.

As we know, mobile application development begins with a concept or an idea. From there, an app might go through a variety of stages of development. As a result, even a minor shift in perspective throughout the development process can have a significant impact on the final product. Hence, the planning stage is a must to put into consideration that helps alleviate the development risk.

Now, what are the steps involved in Strategic Planning?

Here are the steps you need to follow in building a proper strategy for mobile app development.

  1.  Research
  2.  Picking the best options
  3.  Calculating the budget
  4.  Set the time frame

(1) Research

If you’re considering creating an app, the first step is to undertake rigorous and in-depth market research. There has never been a successful firm that has grown without going through the time-consuming process of researching the industry.

As we know, Research increases the stock of knowledge. This also helps you to think from the customer’s perspective to find out the additional features included in the app.

Simple research might help you:  

  • Getting several better solutions from potential competitors. 
  • Giving a clear understanding of the app market.  
  • Examine your idea and analyze the outcome of it. 
  • Help you in determining which selections to make.

Hence, it’s considered a must for any company to stay competitive.

(2) Picking the best options

Pick the best options that will make sure to make a tentative flow of your development process!

Choosing the best option might help you in getting the opportunities for your competitive advantage.

Choosing the optimal alternatives strategy is an elimination process rather than a selection process. Learn why you need to get rid of techniques that don’t work so you can concentrate on the ones that will help you succeed.

Although, it can be challenging to manage this procedure and choose the solutions that best meet your business objectives. The most crucial component in forecasting the success of your app development is selecting the appropriate solutions.

But, after the extensive analysis through complete research, you get a clear vision of the various options. This would allow you to choose the best option that would take you towards a data-driven strategy for your project.

(3) Calculating the budget

It is an essential step toward getting your finances in order. This step allows you to be more refined with your financial conditions. It helps to estimate your mobile app development costs and takes you in a better direction of development.

Budgeting can be used for a variety of reasons, including predicting advantages, saving for a long-term goal, or simply ensuring that you are financially prepared to deal with whatever life throws at you.

It guarantees that you will always have enough money for the things you require and that are important to you.

Based on your calculations, you can prioritize the requirements and create the best product development roadmap.

(4) Set the time frame

By the end of the above steps, you will have a pretty clear vision of the implementation and your app planning. Now, you can easily set the timeframes and go with a properly planned strategy.

Setting time limits allows you to work more efficiently toward your goal. It aids in the visualization of roles, tasks, milestones, and deadlines to reach your objective. Once you’ve decided on a schedule, attempt to keep on it as much as possible. A deadline cultivates a sense of urgency, which drives you to stay on track and complete your task.

How does strategic planning benefit the company?

Here are the following benefits of Strategic Planning:

(1) Improves Security

Proper planning identifies and manages risk controls. It directs a company’s time, energy, and money, ensuring that resources are not wasted on projects that are unlikely to yield adequate outcomes. This is an added benefit that looks after the critical steps and minimizes the chances of risk. However, the expression of security contributes to the better development of the app.

(2) Reduces Costs

Proper analysis of the financial steps seems to answer “how much would it charge” and provides a major benefit of the reduced cost price. Therefore, this is one of the important benefits that need to be considered.

(3) Increases Productivity

The proper plan makes the employees more fulfilled and energetic. Also, laying the specific steps creates a daily plan. This includes prioritizing the tasks effectively and meeting deadlines. Employee productivity may even be boosted with strategic planning. Employees frequently feel more accountable and motivated to execute their roles within the firm to the best of their abilities after implementing a planning process. Hence, these steps help to increase daily productivity levels.

(4) Achieve Goals

Strategic planning helps us to understand the goal and understand the stages that help us to achieve it. Hence, it is easy to achieve the target just by evolving everyone in the development process.

In short, building a strategy is the most important and necessary process that cannot be skipped while going through a mobile app development process.

Wrap up

It’s essential to have this level of cognitive preparation for app development if you want to succeed. This defines the greatest methods for creating profits and achieving faster growth for a firm, laying out a clear path for them to follow. We wish you great success and an app that will strike the market by surprise!

You may go through Stage 3 – Analysis and implementation process of the Mobile app development process which will walk you through the whole analysis and implementation process.

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