How to Manage a Remote Developers Team in 2024: The Ultimate Guide

calender May 8, 2023
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Building a remote software development team takes planning and uninterrupted dedication. The recruitment process for the best candidates can be time-consuming. But it is a beneficial choice for many companies with frequent software requirements.

Many companies prefer remote teams for software projects due to their effectiveness, on the other hand, candidates from many different sectors are also easily attracted to remote jobs with flexible hours.

According to a Future Workforce Report by Upwork, 73% of all departments will have remote workers by 2028. And software developers prefer a remote and flexible work environment more than anyone. It helps them create a work environment suited to their liking and motivation for coding.

You can only make remote software development work with a standardized hiring and management process. Proper remote team management is essential to ensure lucrative outcomes for your company.

Here are some questions you have to focus on the most to build a remote software dev team:

  • What skills do you need in remote development teams?
  • How can you organize a remote software development process?
  • What is the best way to set up communication in a remote team?
  • How can you encourage collaboration and regular communication in a remote team?

Building a Remote Software Development Team

Important aspects of any software development team are the roles and responsibilities everyone will need to fill. You will have to choose a specific or multi-themed niche to know the members you will require in your team.

Here are the team members you will generally require in a dedicated development team:

software development team structure

Team Lead

The team lead is responsible for the work delivery of every member of the team. Typically, they are the point of contact for the clients.

Full-stack Developer

Full-stack developers are responsible for implementing solutions in the database, front-end, and backend systems of software and websites.

Front-end Developer

A front-end Developer creates reusable code for the visual aspects of a mobile app or software.

Backend Developer

A backend developer designs the crucial software systems responsible for their proper functionality.


Testers conduct manual and automated software tests from the point of view of the end-users and developers to identify minor and complex errors.

Project Manager

Project managers handle the budget, risk assessment, and software project schedule.

QA Engineer

QA engineers design tools that can verify software quality with automated processes.

UX/UI Designers

The job of a UI and UX designer is to design a user-centric interface, mockups, prototypes, and wireframes according to business requirements and user feedback.

Business Analyst

Business analysts help identify the aspects of the software solutions that require improvements to increase the efficiency of business solutions.

Product Manager

The job of a product manager is like an analyst. They use methodologies like Agile to determine product suitability depending on the market and user demands.

Chief Architect

Chief software architects work with developers, designers, and engineers to supervise the development process and ensure the final product is up to the mark.

Marketing Strategist

Marketing strategists do market research to identify the goals you need for your software product. They are also responsible for developing advertising strategies for the software product launch.

Hiring a Software Development Team

Hiring the whole remote development team based on their CVs and a few Zoom interviews is not always efficient. It is necessary to look into several characteristics that reveal the capacity of candidates to work in a remote development team.

Every team member needs to have a symbiotic relationship with one or more team members in your remote team. You will need to keep these things in mind during the hiring process.

Tips to hire remote software development team

Consider the Relevant Experience

Check if the candidates you consider have previously worked together or on projects with the same niche as your business. Build software development teams with experience in creating projects in the same niche to speed up the process.

Hiring candidates that have worked well together in the past will also make the management easy for you. Such remote software developers will know what your software products need before you tell them and other team members will also need less or no guidance.

Discuss Dedication and Responsibility

Responsibility and dedication are the two most common skills every good team member must have. You should discuss these points with the candidates to see how they approach dedication and responsibility toward the job.

Ask them simple questions such as how they schedule their days, prioritize work, and share work reports. Consider candidates who understand how important it is to dedicate yourself to a project to create something unique.

Verify the Skills

Hire a team of developers who are brilliant at writing quality code. Check out their skills and experiences in the field of development. Ask them for the portfolio of their previous projects relevant to the vacant position.

Check if they are ready to push their limits and get out of their comfort zones. And their dedication to learning new skills as they work to improve the services of your business.

Find Team Players

Team players are essential in a remote software development team. A team with skills and experience are just a few of the many qualities you need in them when you build software development teams.

A remote software team with good communicators leads to better productivity. The success of your future software product depends on effective communication and the team members getting along well. Consider candidates who are willing to work towards the same goal, handle opinions, and recognize the individual input of everyone.

Look for people who can work collectively not only to build great software but to make things better for the present and future of the company.

Find Proactive Team Members

Every person you hire should be open to the challenging projects of your company. They should be curious and be able to motivate the thinking process of other team members.

For example, a team meeting where your employees can bounce ideas off of each other, have discussions and find a direction that helps your company create distinctive software. Hiring a proactive software development team will increase the creativity of your whole team.

Choose the Right Interviewer

Make sure you choose the right interviewer for the hiring process. A well-informed and experienced interviewer will see qualities in a candidate that not everyone or even the candidates will not see in themselves.

A good interviewer will help you find team members that will fit into your team like the different pieces of the same puzzle. It will make your dedicated development team efficient in every process.

How to Manage a Software Development Team Remotely?

Start looking into the best software development team management process to follow once you hire them. A remote team will never reach its full potential without good management.

Tips to manage a software development team remotely

Provide a Good Work Environment

A good work environment, mutual understanding, and the same goals are essential aspects of an effective software development team. Remote teams need to have healthy interactions with one another for the team to work effectively.

Make sure every private or group interaction in the team is productive and respectful. Provide resources like laptops and software to employees to make remote work easier. Your remote software team should feel convenient working for you remotely from anywhere they want.

Provide the Target Goal

Providing the target goal to the developers helps them identify and evaluate the working plan. Developers can work on their key roles and responsibilities with a clear understanding of the target goal.

Make sure that everyone in the team understands their role in achieving the goal. Share specific details about your release strategy, timelines, and objectives.

Provide the Best Remote Work Tools

You need to make a list of tools required for software development team roles and responsibilities. A remote team of developers can only work well if you provide the right tools for every process like development, management, and communication.

best remote work tools for software development

Maintain a Healthy Communication

Effective communication is a crucial factor in managing a software development team.

Meetings with a project manager, team lead, or personal meetings with all software development team members should happen regularly. It is necessary to keep everyone on the same page and improve collaboration.

For example, a business analyst regularly communicating with the developers will keep them up to date about the market requirements. And they can implement that in the development process.

Another aspect to consider is that frequent meetings are not dictated orders. But they are to improve the overall collaboration of the team to reach the business goals. Create a healthy and close relationship with every team member to enable creative collaboration. A close relationship with team members will also improve the productivity of team meetings.

Plan Coding Time

Know that coding work requires focus and total dedication in a software development team. Planning regular meetings is helpful for a remote team but make sure your developers have at least a few hours a day of uninterrupted time to concentrate on their core job.

Plan specific coding time for them by removing distractions. You can do this by setting a time calendar for meetings.

Collaborative Mentoring is the Key

Every team member must share feedback and opinions.

Team members can also learn new skills every day from one another. It will be a great learning experience for the team. The members of a good development team must have a genuine desire to learn new things.

For example, a junior member may have a better certification for their skills than a senior member due to changing trends in software development. A senior member must be open to learning from such juniors.

A team with such employees can learn from one another and grow together to reach a common company goal. Promoting the culture of mentoring can lead to better leadership and accelerated development.

Focus on Long-term Goals

Focus on long-term goals instead of day-to-day tasks to increase productivity in remote software teams. Developers can get stuck on a single problem and waste time. Having multiple scheduled tasks can help them focus on the next one. And come back to the issue with the previous one at another time.

Define the software development team goals instead of tracking their every move and day-to-day tasks. The team will be more creative if you explain the problem they need to solve instead of the expected solutions.

Discourage micromanagement if you want to maintain a good relationship between team members.

Create Suitable Schedules for Different Time Zones

You need an effective schedule management process to work with team members living in different time zones than yours. Manage such a team by making everyone responsible for the different aspects of the project.

It gives you time to assess the work and provide feedback on the same day if your team members work ahead of your time zone. And it gives you time to prepare the day schedule if your timezone is ahead of the timezone of your team members. It is one of the many ways to make different time zones work for you.

Regularly Improve the Team Morale

Make sure you give regular compliments to team members. And explain how they have what it takes to do better if their work is not up to the mark.

Explain what exactly you like about their work and how it adds value. A thoughtful compliment will motivate employees to take a personal interest in everything they do. Giving rewards and bonuses is another way to improve team morale. It is like an investment in the project and a way to appreciate the team.

Your remote software team will perform a lot better when the morale is high.

Benefits of a Remote Software Development Team

Creating a remote development team has several advantages for your projects and business if you hire and manage them effectively.

Benefits of a Remote Software Development Team


A remote software development team can significantly reduce your company’s expenses. You save money on office space, travel expenses, utilities, and office furniture. You can also hire remote software development teams from another country with lower costs than yours.

Outsourcing to an established software development company from countries like India will do wonders for your budget and company resources.

Onshore vs Offshore vs Nearshore Outsourcing: Differences

Access to Global Talent

One of the best things about a remote software engineering team is that you can find and hire the best talent globally. Your developers may be from one country and marketing analysts from another. But you can make it work with a well-planned remote team management process.

Recruiting employees from various countries will help you create a highly skilled team. You will have access to numerous talents from which you can choose the ones most suitable for your requirements.


A Diversity Matters Report by McKinsey & Company indicates that companies with more racial and ethnic diversity are 35% more likely to generate better revenue than their competitors.

Building a software development team with candidates from around the world will add different backgrounds, experiences, approaches, and cultures to your team. A diverse workforce would ultimately lead to a pool of creative ideas and talent, cultural awareness, and a positive reputation for the company.

Convenient to Candidates

Most software developers seek remote work instead of working from an office. Providing remote work will attract many candidates to your company.

You will only have to remind them that the remote job is available at your company and great candidates will come to you. It will make the hiring process a lot more convenient as remote work is great for employee retention as well.

A point to consider here is that more and more employees today prefer remote jobs with the same pay as office jobs. So, offering that can give an employee the right motivation to stay at your company for a long time.

Increased Scalability

Hiring more employees in a work-from-office job is not easy practically and financially. You have to provide a workspace and employment package to every employee. And more employees lead to higher resource usage and utility bills.

Remote software development teams save you from this. A remote team helps you hire as many employees as required by your software project. And it improves the ability of a company to outperform the competition.

Improved Productivity

Regular office environments can have multiple distractions. You will find that an employee performs a lot better from a remote location than from an office. It is because employees get to create their work environment according to their personal preferences.

Your employees could work from a cafe, mall, library, or bedroom. It will be a place of comfort for them and such a work environment can increase the productivity of any employee.

A survey by CoSo Cloud reports that 44% of employees have a more positive attitude toward their work. And 53% of them confirm reduced stress due to remote work.


It is time-consuming and complicated to hire a software development team. But it has more benefits than an in-house team. Finding the remote team for your company’s requirements will be difficult without a well-planned hiring and management process.

You will have to create a team where every member benefits from the skills of another through transparent communication. It is the most crucial aspect of any efficient remote software development company. Focus on refined skills, experience, and excellent communication to build the best remote software development team.

You can do all of this or simply talk to our experts and get a professional software development company to do the heavy lifting for you. Our most important values are productive teamwork, communication, and collaboration which we apply to every project.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to build a remote software dedicated team?

Figure out the short-term or long-term requirements of your company and choose an experienced recruiter to do the hiring process. Then you must focus on skills, experience, and communication skills and verify the skills by requesting candidate portfolios. Lastly, consider candidates that have experience in teamwork and collaboration, while creating an effective management process for the remote team.

Who is in a software development team?

A software development team includes a team lead, full-stack developer, front-end developer, backend developer, testers, project manager, QA engineer, UX/UI designer, business analyst, product owner, chief architect, and marketing strategist.

How do you manage a remote software development team?

Provide communication tools to improve collaboration and Make sure every team member understands the long-term goals. Secondly, regularly improve work morale with compliments, constructive criticism, and rewards, while creating a convenient schedule for regular team meetings. Remember to talk to every team member privately and in group meetings regularly and encourage the exchange of ideas, skills, and knowledge between team members.

What should I look for in a software development team?

Look for verifiable skills, previous experience (portfolio), and flexibility of the team to adapt to various project requirements. Consider a team that has experience creating software/apps in the same niche as your company.

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