How to reduce software maintenance costs in 2024? – Estimation and efforts

calender April 11, 2024
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On average, maintaining software generally costs 10-20% of the initial project budget per year depending on the complexity & number of users. if you hire dedicated software developers for maintaining software, it will cost around $10 to $60 per hour from India.

What is Software Maintenance?

The process of updating & maintaining software after its release is known as Software Maintenance. The primary aim of custom software maintenance is modifying & updating the software after deployment. It helps to fix bugs & enhance the system performance to a great extent. This process can only be done once the software development process is completed. There are various types of software maintenance such as Corrective Maintenance, Perfective Maintenance, Adaptive Maintenance & Preventive Maintenance.

Benefits of Maintaining Software

Maintaining your software is not only a necessity but also a way to improve it and establish better relationships with end-users. Here we bring down the benefits of software maintenance.

Reduce decrease of customers

Poor maintenance motivates bugs and glitches. Customers will likely abandon your software if there are constant bugs. Therefore, you need to constantly add new features to your software to cater to users’ tastes and preferences, or there’s a chance they will stop using your software.

Providing better user experience

UX design is crucial for the sustainable flow of users. Good UX design is a path for you growth. If you want to receive better feedback from your customers and users, and improve their loyalty and retention, invest in regular interface updates.

Avoid revenue losses

Imagine that there has been an unfixed bug for quite some time in the software you personally use. What would you do client-wise? Any user will drop using software if it’s not properly maintained. Your paid customers are no exception. If they paid once, it doesn’t mean a bug that takes too long to fix won’t repel them.

Make sure your software is secured from cyber threats 

Proper Software maintenance makes you secure your website and apps from cyber attacks. If your software isn’t safe enough, hackers might find weaknesses in your system. Maintenance allows you to have the latest security regulations and make sure your data is safe.

Importance of Software Maintenance

Here are some reasons you need to know why software maintenance is necessary.

Bug Fixing

While maintaining software, bug fixing comes as a priority to run the software seamlessly. This process involves detecting errors in code and correcting them. The issues can occur in hardware, operating systems, or any part of the software. This must be done without influencing the rest of the functionalities of existing software.

Capability Enhancement

This comprises an improvement in features and functions to make solutions compatible with the varying market environment. It enhances software platforms, work patterns, hardware upgrades, compilers, and other aspects that affect system workflow. Boost your business using a technically updated solution by applying software maintenance services regularly. Hence, to make your software futuristic, you need to connect with the renowned software application Development company – Radixweb to take advantage of software maintenance importance for your business.

Removal of Outdated Functions

The unwanted functionalities are useless. Moreover, by occupying space in the solution, they hurt the efficiency of the solution. Using a software maintenance strategy, such UI and coding elements are removed and replaced with new development using the latest tools and technologies. This elimination makes the system adaptive to cope with changing circumstances.

Performance Improvement

To improve system performance, developers detect issues through testing and resolve them. Data and coding restrictions as well as reengineering are part of software maintenance. It prevents the solution from vulnerabilities. This is not any functionality that performs in operations, but it develops to stop harmful activities like hacking.

With the reasons listed above, it becomes necessary to learn the software maintenance process or phase and choose a reliable software development partner like – Ailoitte. These go a long way in making the software on the whole robust and free from bugs of any kind.

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How much does it cost to maintain Software?

On average, maintaining software generally costs 10-20% of the initial project budget per year depending on the complexity & number of users.

if you hire dedicated software developers for maintaining software, it will cost around $10 to $60 per hour from India.

Software maintenance costs may vary significantly depending on a project’s specifics. Among general factors that influence the total cost of software maintenance are:

  1. The type of software maintenance, the chosen time range, and the scope of maintenance activities.
  2. Software type, its complexity & availability.
  3. The number of application users.
  4. Availability of comprehensive software documentation.
  5. Possible design updates.
  6. The maintenance team composition and the team members’ seniority level.
  7. All the fees involved in hosting services, purchasing and prolonging software licenses, and any SaaS accounts.

What Factors Impact the Price of Software Maintenance?

Every factor contributes a little to influence the software maintenance costs. It is further divided into two different categories, technical and non-technical.

Non-Technical Factors

Software Domain –

When the domain of the software is well-defined, system requirements may not change with time can cause a possibility of maintaining software.

Team Stability –

When a new member joins the dedicated software development team, it takes some time to adjust to the software development process. Thus, it becomes quite crucial to make changes to the software & will add a cost to the software maintenance.

Software Lifecycle –

When software becomes outdated, the original hardware is changed, and the conversion cost exceeds the rewriting cost.

Dependence on External Environment –

When software is dependent on the external environment, it needs to be modified as per the changing external environment.

Hardware Stability –

Software maintenance expenses are reduced to zero if the software executes on a specific hardware configuration that does not change during the entire software lifecycle. 

Technical Factors

Programming Language –

Software written in a high-level programming language is generally easier to understand than written in a low-level language.

Module Independence –

The ability to update any software block in the system without impacting the others.

Programming Style –

The developer’s writing method determines the ease of updating and understanding software.

Program Validation and Testing –

The more time spent evaluating the design and testing of the software, the fewer bugs it contains and the lower the cost of software maintenance. The cost of resolving errors is determined by the type of error. Errors in software requirements are the most expensive.

Documentation –

A clear and complete documentation will bring down the maintenance cost.

Configuration Management Techniques –

Keeping track of system documentation and ensuring uniformity is one of the costs involved. This means that good configuration management can help you save money.

How to Reduce Software Maintenance Costs?

To reduce the need for software maintenance, one can employ various techniques, including adopting a proactive maintenance strategy. This involves regularly testing, monitoring, and updating the system to prevent issues from arising.

Below we share best practices to minimize the cost of maintaining software –

Start with a transparent development process

Focus on quality right from the start. Set the right development processes. Involve all company levels in the process and ensure that everyone is moving in one direction. When you do not have a precise plan for the end product, you may end up with a mess requiring high maintenance costs.

Transparent processes mean you can easily manage, control, estimate, and analyze the working processes to make the project more efficient, scalable, and successful. You can work with different apps and programs that let you make the processes more transparent, such as Jira. What’s more, use story mapping, standups, deploys, retrospectives, demos, and other practices for more transparent processes. 

Hire capable specialists

You can choose among many options: in-house, offshoring, or outsourcing. Here, it is crucial to consider the individual characteristics of your product. Cost-wise, outsourcing the development of your product is the best solution as it’s way cheaper than hiring in-house specialists.

In the US, it takes around 40 days to hire a new team member compared to 1-4 weeks to find the right outsourcing team. Additionally, the recruitment process costs around $4000. Another argument for outsourcing is that it is way faster than hiring in-house developers. Creating your own team is time-consuming and exhausting while outsourcing teams are already working well together. So it’s a good idea to discover outsourcing companies.

Don’t forget about (Re)documentation

Even investing money in great specialists can’t solve the problem of inadequate documentation. New specialists’ understanding of a product may take around 50% of software maintenance costs. Developers with no documentation spend 21.5% longer understanding the code. Consequently, we could save 12% of the total maintenance cost if we had documentation in place. 

Collaborate with other teams

No matter how potent your team is, there will still be gaps. Through the participation of external specialists, you can accelerate your project until it is completed. Adding new team members is always a source of new ideas and a chance to cover all the gaps within the internal team. As a bonus, you’ll have more time to focus on solving priority problems. 

Updating instances to the latest generation

By updating the existing instances and rightsizing them according to the client’s needs, you can achieve the desired performance at a lower cost. As a rule, new-generation instances offer enhanced performance and functionality. 

Evaluating the viability of reserved instances for your business

Reserved instances can help you reduce up to 75% of cloud fees if your software demand for computing resources is unlikely to decrease within the specified period. To make sure this is a viable investment, you can check the current usage of instances and conduct a feasibility study for the implementation of reserved instances.

Software Maintenance Services

The software development process can be categorized into four different types. While undergoing software maintenance services, a product has to undergo one or more types of maintenance. Find them below:

Corrective Maintenance

You will require this kind of software maintenance service when you want to check faults & defects in order to repair the software. It includes fixing issues and removing all the bugs and errors issues in the software.

Perfective Maintenance

This maintenance service helps modify all the elements and functionalities to improve performance and system operations. The perspective maintenance services resolve the issues relevant to usability. It includes altering the current software functionalities by either implementing the new features or removing the existing errors.

Adaptive Maintenance

When you want to keep your app up-to-date with new technologies or trends, you need this type of service. As per the custom software development company professionals, this maintenance service focuses on enhancing software frameworks.

 Thus, you need adaptive maintenance services on a regular basis to make sure your software is not outdated & relevant for the app user.

Preventive Maintenance

This maintenance service makes a regular check on the errors & fixes them immediately. By doing preventive maintenance, businesses can improve their software and safeguard it for the future. This maintenance service is generally performed to prevent the product from all alterations. Moreover, it also makes it easier to maintain the code and handle the legacy system securely.

So, these are the different activities of the four types of software maintenance services. Each of them plays a different role in boosting software productivity and performance.

Wrapping Up

Continuous software maintenance is a necessity caused by a plethora of different reasons. With the constantly changing business environment, the complexity of modern software products, the emerging needs of clients, high rate of technology development are only a few factors influencing the need for maintenance and its overall cost. Undoubtedly, continuous software product maintenance will cost you dearly. But what matters is what you get in return. With a proper approach to software maintenance, you can maximize your ROI, increase customer satisfaction, and improve productivity and reliability thanks to constant monitoring and control.
If you’re looking for a reliable partner for the development and further maintenance of your software product, feel free to contact us.

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the different types of Software Maintenance Services?

There are four types of software maintenance –
1. Corrective maintenance
2. Perfective maintenance
3. Adaptive maintenance
4. Preventive maintenance

What Is the average cost to maintain a Software?

The basic software maintenance Lowest cost is around 15% to 30% of the total mobile app development cost depending on the complexity & number of users.
At Ailoitte, the software maintenance rates are very affordable & flexible. Enquire now

Is maintaining a software Expensive?

Not obviously, if you maintain timely software maintenance and support. It might be a little expensive process for systems with lifetime support and maintenance. So, when you incline organizations for software development, discuss the software maintenance costs too.

How long does it take to maintain a Software?

There are no specific time boundaries for software maintenance. So, right after the mobile app development, you can seek mobile app support and maintenance services to maintain your software timely. It will also reduce the additional cost to maintain the software in the future.

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