Website Maintenance Cost 2024: How much does it cost to maintain a website?

calender March 17, 2024
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Congratulations! You’ve built a website! You might be calm & relaxed, but developing a website is only the beginning of a long journey. Websites, just like any other tools, constantly need to be maintained. Focusing on maintenance right from the start can save you a lot of time & cost. While making your budget, you also have to encounter website maintenance costs. Before we know the website maintenance costs in India, let’s understand the meaning & importance of maintaining an application.

What is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is the process of keeping a website upgraded and running smoothly as well as performing absolutely. It includes tasks like ensuring all the links on your site are active, regularly feeding content, and removing broken links. It also involves more general housekeeping tasks like backing up your site regularly and monitoring your site’s performance.

Benefits of Maintaining a Website

Enhancing User Experience

A website should constantly satisfy the expectations of its visitors by providing a smooth experience which can be possible by maintaining a website.

Increased Brand Awareness

The way users perceive your website and rate its image and reputation is influenced by its performance. Plugins, themes, and content influence the speed and efficiency of a website. This is all viable if you focus on maintenance and upgrades and change it frequently enough to keep it running efficiently.  

Improved Security Measures

In today’s modern world, it is important to hire a web developer to assist you with website maintenance, and rapidly identify issues with your business website. Maintaining your website will improve the privacy and reliability of your company’s website.

Cost Savings

If your website is hacked and there is no backup strategy in place, all of your website creation efforts will be useless. In that scenario, you’ll be required to hire a web Application development company services provider and invest more funds. This method adds to the cost of your business even more.  

Importance of Website Maintenance

Maintaining a website is necessary for a number of reasons, the most obvious being that it keeps your website functioning properly. However, there are other factors to maintain your website on a regular basis, such as keeping your site looking fresh and updated, ensuring that visitors have a good experience when they visit and improving your SEO ranking.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

To move traffic to your website, you’ll need to keep it regularly updated. The main aim of starting a business is to have customers, an audience or clients. Google wants to rank websites that have the most similar & fresh information on their search engine results page. Regular website maintenance is valuable with updated content, news, keywords & articles in order to rank well in search engines.

Customer Engagement

If the customers are visiting your website, it’s important to keep them engaged to gain more traffic. If you aren’t able to provide what they are looking for, there are possibilities they’ll lose interest quickly. To make your website user-friendly, you’ll need to ensure it is free from grammatical errors, has up-to-date information a customer could expect & looks engaging & consistent.


This is the most important factor to keep website maintenance on point specifically if your website is storing any kind of customer information. If you are using a website-building platform like WordPress or Wix, make sure to install regular software updates & security patches. It can be easy for hackers to find & target websites.

Corporate Image

It’s becoming very popular to create a website that looks well-designed & professional. There is an expectation for a professional website from professional firms. If your website doesn’t stand on the promise of professionalism, your website will lose its image.

Upgrade with trends in Design and technology

If you’re at the top place at maintaining your website, you’ll always have the ability to embrace the new website technology. If you’re installing software updates regularly, you’ll be able to take advantage of new features that install along with the updates.

How much does it cost to maintain a Website?

On average, website maintenance costs $35 to $5000 per month or $12 to $25 per hour. Annually, businesses invet $400 to $10,000 for maintaining a website. However, the average website maintenance cost may vary between INR 500 to INR 1,00,000 in India depending on the complexity of the website, the amount of traffic, downtime & the speed of recovery. 

Following is the breakdown of essential monthly costs for all types of websites:

Monthly CostSmall Blog/PortfolioLarge Blog/PortfolioLocal BusinessLarge BusinessSmall Ecommerce StoreLarge Ecommerce Store
Domain name$1 to $2$1 to $2$1 to $2$1 to $2$1 to $2$1 to $2
SSL Certificate$0 to $10$0 to $10$0 to $10$1 to $2$0 to $14.99$0 to $49.99
Web Hosting$2.75$2.75$2.75$1 to $2$6.95$18.99
Email Hosting$1 to $5$1 to $5$1 to $5$1 to $2$1 to $5$1 to $5
Tech Support$0$0$50$100$100$100 to $500+
Content Updates$0$0$0$200$0$200
General Updates$0$0$100$200$200$200
Approx. Monthly Total$10 to $15$10 to $15$165$815$625$1000+

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Average Website Maintenance Cost

Type of WebsiteAverage Cost (per month)
Personal Website$5 to $25
Semi-Profesional/Professional Blog$25 to $75
Business Website$35 to $500
Web Application$300 to $2500
eCommerce Website$750 to $5000

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Factors Affecting the Price of Website Maintenance

Now that we have understood the website maintenance cost, there are certain factors that influence the cost of your website maintenance. So what are these factors?

Find them below:

The Size & Complexity of the Website

The size & level of complexity play an important role in determining the cost associated with website maintenance. Large websites with many pages & complex features will need more time & effort to maintain. When you maintain your website with numerous pages & advanced features, you need to invest more than upgrading the five to ten pages of your website.

Domain Name

A representative domain name is a must for any website since it reflects the website’s address when visitors input it into Google. Once a domain name has been created, it cannot be changed, so choosing one that accurately speaks for your company is important to its success. 

SSL Certificate

SSL or Secure Sockets Layer is a data transfer protocol that allows encrypted communication between a web server and & a browser. Purchasing a lifetime SSL certificate charges around $11 & varies based on the number of domains & sub-domains it covers. However, if you need to save money on website maintenance in the future, go for a lifetime SSL Certificate.

Website Hosting

It is a kind of service that lets website owners publish their content just once. Hosting providers lay out capacity on physical servers to business website owners so that they can store their data on the Internet. The cost of website hosting varies from $1.3 to $77 per month.


You’ll be required to add several plugins to enhance the website’s features & functionality. Plugin ranges in price from free to $49 per month, depending on the demands & specifications of your website. POS web app & other specialists use free plugins to lower the cost of maintenance so that the clients will not have to pay more.

Web Design Updates

With the constant transformation of business, you will need to make changes to your website as well. In today’s business marketplace, it’s necessary to keep your website’s content relevant. Additionally, you must verify that your website follows recent trends. A well-featured & maintained website will look appealing to the customer.

Content Updates

While developing a website, you must include high-quality SEO & user-friendly content. Content is the base of any website that needs to be updated. Content is required to generate leads, engage with customers & provide information regarding your product or service.

Data Backup

Web maintenance isn’t only about keeping your website on track; it’s something more than that. Apart from focusing on web development, designing, plugins, themes & more, keeping a strong data backup is essential. If your website crashed & all the data was lost, in this case, it is always advisable to prioritize website maintenance & manage a strong data backup.

Email Services

Invest in professional email marketing as it will help you attain custom email addresses combined with domain names. A valid business email helps a brand to promote authenticity, therefore, gaining customer trust. Get a hosting provider that will provide email services for free with a hosting plan.

Tech Support

Customers are always delighted to find customer service support in case of any urgency. Despite how well they know a system, having a technical support team is always a blessing. Tech support includes live chat, an email ticketing system, phone service, etc. Discuss with your ghosting provider if they offer free live chat with email support for your hosting plan.


IS your website SEO-friendly? In order to build traffic to your website, it is important to optimize your website. Search engine optimization will help rank your websites higher in search engines.

Marketing Strategy & Analytics

Another important factor that can impact the cost of website maintenance is the choice of marketing strategy & analytics. It is mandatory to constantly track marketing performance metrics & implement optimization efforts for maintaining a website. Hiring experts to explain your marketing strategy & handle analytics is often wise.

Website Maintenance Services

Following are the tasks you should expect to be done on a regular basis when you hire website support services:

Updating Website Software

IF you are using any kind of content management system like WordPress or any kind of script like PHP, it needs to always be up to date. A Web Service Maintenance provider will ensure that they are updating their core server software regularly.

Enhancing Website Speed

Page loading is obviously an essential part of the user experience. The users care about accessing their preferred information as fast as possible. Another important factor to consider is how page load speed impacts your search engine rankings. A website support service will always verify your website’s speed by constantly using the insights that get from speed-checking tools to improve its performance.

Rectifying HTML Errors

HTML Code isn’t easy especially if you have no idea about website coding. You need to make sure that it’s working properly. What might seem like a minor error could lead to multiple problems such as missing multimedia, funky-looking pages, etc. Reliable website service should be able to examine & fix issues related to HTML.

Backing up Files

If you run your website on WordPress, you must have a few automated backup options. Imagine how frustrating it would be if you lost all your website’s important files. This includes images, pages, blog posts, etc. Website maintenance services ensure that file and database backups are automatically performed at least on a weekly basis.

Developing New Content

Your content strategy might be on point to improve it by creating new types of content. Your web content also needs to be up to date. 

Search Engine Optimization

Regularly check your website where searchability can be increased to improve search engine rankings. Your landing pages can also be updates by including more relevant & updated contents. Keyword research is also important while creating new content for your website.

How to Reduce Website Maintenance Costs?

Often, the website maintenance costs are too much that it reduces profit margins & affects future business growth. Most businesses are constantly finding ways that save money on maintaining a website.

There are a number of things that you can ascertain to reduce web maintenance prices. Check out the following things to consider for reducing maintenance costs – 

  • Choosing reliable yet affordable hosting can significantly reduce web maintenance packages.
  • Regularly update software to prevent security connections & reduce the need for extensive maintenance.
  • Automate routine maintenance tasks such as updates, backups security scans to save time.
  • Minimise plugins as it can lead to troubleshooting & updating the website complex.
  • Avoid scheduling maintenance activities that do not result to any failure mode.
  • Consider a preventive maintenance strategy that can schedule, track & review all your technical operations.
  • Search the root cause of downtime to cure it at once rather than fixing it again & again and spending money.
  • Don’t spent in reactive maintenance of your website as it wastes time, money & resources.
  • Learn about the lifecycle of your assets to know how frequently they require repairs.
  • Use open-source software to save money on licensing fees & minimize the need for custom development.
  • Invest in a professional website maintenance service.

Every business should implement the above-mentioned tricks to cut down the website maintenance costs! That’s the way to start saving cost on maintenance.


Properly maintaining your website is vital to keep your website up & running. Avoiding website maintenance can leave your site vulnerable resulting in data loss. It can also lead to slow load times, poor performance & low search rankings.

The website maintenance process can be challenging & time-consuming, especially without the right skills & resources. However, outsourcing website maintenance to experts like Ailoitte is always a smart choice. It provides you with access to a wide range of skills, advanced tools, robust security, cost savings & more time to focus on other aspects of your business.
Talk to us today and see if we can find the best solution for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is website maintenance necessary?

Website maintenance ensures security, functionality, and optimal user experience. Regular updates prevent glitches, enhance performance, and protect against security breaches and user trust.

How much does it cost to maintain a website in India?

The average website maintenance cost may vary between INR 500 to INR 1,00,000 in India depending on the complexity of the website, the amount of traffic, downtime & the speed of recovery. Enquire now

How often should I maintain my website?

Maintaining a website, ideally monthly, is essential as it ensures security, content updates, and optimal performance, creating a positive user experience and sustaining the site’s credibility.

What are the advantages of outsourcing website maintenance?

Some benefits of outsourcing website maintenance include:
– It saves your time and money
– You’ll have access to the expertise and resources
– Improve your website’s security
– You can get your website customized

What are the risks of not maintaining a website regularly?

Not performing regular website maintenance can have serious consequences for businesses, including lost revenue, increased vulnerabilities, lowest search engine rankings, security breaches, website downtime and poor user experience. It can also result in a larger cost to upgrade to the current version as more extensions will be outdated.

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