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How to create a video messaging App?

How to Create a Video Chat/ Call App

Remote work is getting more popular, and so are the video chat apps. Many employees and customers began collaboration meetings through Zoom, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and other similar platforms. Even while most individuals work from offices these days, many company owners continue to utilize video messengers to connect with clients and teams.

If you want to make a video call app, this article will help you understand your competitors, steps to make such applications, features, tech stack, and the cost.

Market overview

In recent years, online chatting and video calls have become almost vital parts of our everyday lives. While video conversations were formerly reserved for family and friends, they have become a critical component of every successful business. The need for video calling app development will only grow as more firms move to remote work.

  • According to data, the video conferencing industry is worth $4.2 billion and is predicted to grow to $8.6 billion by 2027.
  • The Zoom video chat application was downloaded over 27 million times in March, up from 2.1 million in January. The data demonstrates the rising demand for video calling apps and why investment in this market is worthwhile.
  • According to a recent study report by Global Market Insights Inc., the Video Conferencing Market is expected to exceed USD 75 billion by 2027.

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Type of Video Chat Applications

Types of video chat apps

Before diving into how to develop a live video chat app from both a commercial and a technological standpoint, let’s first define the various solution categories.

This might help you better understand the distinctions between choices and clarify your goals for a similar project.

This application is divided into three categories: conference apps, video chat apps, and entertainment applications.

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Video conferencing applications

Video conference call applications promote cooperation and speed up communication between employees, especially when people in various places need to be supported.

These applications let users have up to 500 individuals online simultaneously. Developing this type of service requires high-quality video and audio calling and customization based on internet connection speed.

Zoom, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet are other examples of such video conferencing platforms.

Video calling applications

Face-to-face video calling is possible in everyday life with this sort of application. These video calling options have limited capabilities. Because you can’t use these grouped video calling applications for business in most circumstances, they’re best suited for a personal conversation.

WhatsApp, for example, has a restriction of four members at a time, whereas Facebook has a maximum of eight.

WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, and Telegram are examples of video calling apps.

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Video chat applications for entertainment

Apps for video chatting may also be used for fun or online dating. You may also learn how to create a dating app with video chatting capability.

Houseparty, an application that serves as a networking tool for group video conversations amongst friends, is a beautiful example. Users are notified when their friends are online and accessible for a group video conference.

Houseparty and Discord are great examples of live video chat apps.

The table below shows you the type of video chat applications and their suitable platforms. 

Type of application Name of the applicationPlatforms 
Video conferencing applications ZoomWeb, iOS, Android, desktop
Google Hangouts Web, desktop
Google DuoWeb, iOS, Android, desktop
Google meet Web, iOS, Android, desktop
Microsoft Teams Web, iOS, Android, desktop
Skype Web, iOS, Android, desktop
Video Calling applications Whatsapp iOS, Android, desktop
Facebook messenger Web, iOS, Android, desktop
Viber iOS, Android, desktop
Telegram iOS, Android, desktop
Video chat applications for entertainment Houseparty iOS, Android, desktop
Discord Web, iOS, Android, desktop

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Steps to make a Video Chatting App

Steps to make a video chatting app

How to build a video chat app? 

As always, you may create a chat video app project from the ground up. You may also do it with the aid of ready-made solutions. In the event of a ready-made solution, all you have to do is add your APIs and enjoy your additional marketing.

However, there may be exceptions for particular activities, such as learning platforms with video calls, which should always be built from the ground up.

Here are the steps for creating a video chat app:

Step 1: Know your target audience

Before beginning with an idea, you should be familiar with your market and rivals and the needs of your target audience.

Even before that, you should have a goal in mind for your video chat app dream. The more exact your aim and other components, the better the outcome. 

Step 2: UI/UX design

When a person visits your application, the first thing they see is the UI/UX design. It attracts attention, engages viewers, and makes a statement about your product and business.

Because such applications are used by individuals of diverse ages, countries, and genders, it is essential to pay special attention to their navigation while designing them. You should be conscious that the design should be as fundamental as possible so that everyone from any world region may grasp what it means.

Step 3: Backend development

There are several approaches to developing a backend for video calling apps. Still, the essential is to recognize that server logic is the cornerstone of any group video chat app development.

Use current APIs that are always available on the market to create a video chat app. However, if you make your API from scratch, you will have more freedom, but it will take longer to start a conversation.

Step 4: Video streaming protocol integration

The WebRTC protocol allows for the transmission of live video and audio over the Internet. Creating a video streaming protocol is critical in making the entire process easier.

Step 5: App testing

After developing a video chat application, you should test it for problems and issues. If faults are overlooked, they can result in various malfunctions, personal data leaking, video and sound troubles, and anything else.

It is critical to devote extra attention and time to search for potential errors. If the application is published with any flaws, the reputation and quantity of downloads will suffer greatly.

Step 6: Marketing and Customer Support

You must continuously upgrade the video chat application once it has been released. Make sure to collect feedback, monitor your rivals, and solve issues as soon as they are discovered.

The project’s effort does not finish with the app’s release; you must continually update it and make chat better in order to keep your customers and supply them with all of the essential features.

Video chat app features

Let us understand the critical features of the video chat software: 

  1. Voice and video calls:- When developing a video call app, you must decide if it will support video and audio calls. Depending on consumer satisfaction, you should design and develop an Android chat application without difficulty.
  2. Conference Calls:- On the other hand, Group calls give quick alternatives for chatting with two or more individuals simultaneously. As a result, you should check if it has group calls.
  3. Text Chat:- Text conversations offer a quick way to get your chat up. You can communicate with end-users that want to receive text messages from your side.
  4. Push notifications:- You can also receive push alerts that remind you of any unseen messages.
  5. End-to-end Encryption:- When it comes to video calling apps, end-to-end encryption appears positive. It specifies how your messages will be secured using end-to-end encryption choices.

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Advanced features 

  1. Sharing of Screens:- It is critical in determining screen sharing presence with end-users. As a result, it focuses on selecting an overall screen-sharing solution for consumers.
  2. Virtual Setting:- The virtual backdrop has been dealing with unavoidable tracking challenges. It will conceal the virtual environment by rendering it stupid and has its advantages.
  3. Personalized Emojis and Stickers:- Consequently, you may utilize personalized Emojis and stickers in instant messaging or video calling to deliver hilarious and unique material.
  4. NoiseBlock:- Of course, noise-blocking is essential to develop a video chat app. You may prevent background noise with this sophisticated capability when you need it.

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Video Chat App Technical Stack

Video Chat App Technical Stack

  • Programming languages: Swift, Kotlin, Java
  • Frameworks: Node.js, Spark
  • Databases: MySQL, Oracle
  • Cloud platforms: Amazon EC2, Amazon S3
  • API and SDK: Twilio, FireBase
  • Streaming Protocols: HLS, MPEG-DASH, RTMP, RTSP, WebRTC
Video Chat App Development Cost

Cost to create a video chat application 

There are several common factors that determine the cost of developing a video chat application. These factors are: 

  • Pre-development stage, or how thoroughly you research the competitors, market stage, features to incorporate, etc.
  • A certain number of platforms that you wish to target (iOS, Android, or both)
  • Use of high-tech features such as AI, Machine Learning, and so on.
  • The complexity of app design (custom themes, animations, etc.)

The average time required to create a basic app: is 3-6 months 

The average time needed to develop a medium-complexity app: 4-9 months 

The average time required to create a large complexity app: 9+ months

The table below summarizes the service and development components. At $40 per hour, this adds to the entire cost of developing a chat app.

Basic application Medium complexity application Large complexity application 
Business Analysis $2,000+$10,000+$15,000+
Project Management $7,000+$15,000+$30,000+ 
Custom development $35,000$90,000+$1,60,000+
Quality Assurance $4500+$14,000+$23,000+
Total $53,500+$1,43,000+ $2,53,000+

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