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Security Integration

Approximately 90% of applications now use open source packages, with 70% of these including at least one security flaw. Considering that open source vulnerabilities have increased by 250 percent in the last three years, it’s apparent that security is non-negotiable in the DevOps world. A single flaw in one library can affect all applications that rely on it. There are a surprising number of vulnerabilities in open-source software. Since those libraries have their dependencies, an application’s attack surface is not limited to its code and the code of explicitly included libraries. 

What are the problems?

Open source code vulnerabilities are common, and they may have a significant impact on an organization’s platform and data. One of the most challenging jobs is just detecting and tracking them.

Open source risks are difficult to detect, track, and manage for organizations all over the world. Many commercial and open-source solutions are developing to assist organizations in managing open-source dependencies inside their software platforms. Keeping these inventories up to date is one of the most challenging problems that people face when attempting to reduce their open-source risk.

Open-source vulnerabilities are typically insecure code that might expose the software to hostile assaults. The hazards connected with utilizing open source code are increasing as the use of open-source libraries rises.

How can we assist you in dealing with these security threats?

Ailoitte is a leading software, mobile, and web app development firm that uses security tools to decrease the risk of security breaches while also increasing the efficiency of development teams. Ailoitte allows teams to produce accurate and dependable outputs by merging process automation, integrations, speed, and reactivity. This security integration also allows them to focus their efforts on fixing issues rather than merely identifying possible flaws.

At Ailoitte, 

1. We identify new vulnerabilities in the code repo. 

2. Find and fix vulnerabilities at the development stage

3. Finally, we scan our builds and identify redundancies with Code Pipelines

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