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Namma Jini App

India | HealthTech
India | HealthTech

India’s First Home and Health Management App is available for all residential communities.

We were responsible for:
UI/UX Design
API Integrations
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Namma Jini App

Namma Jini App - Introduction

Welcome to Namma Jini, your special health partner made to make your wellness journey easier and better. Namma Jini offers seamless services and care for all ages in your residential complex. CovaiCare, the pioneer in senior living in India, backs it. 
Colonel Achal Sridharan is the Founder & Managing Director of CovaiCare. He carries decades of experience, not just in senior living, but also in real estate development. Namma Jini is his latest brainchild. Whether you want to track your exercises or handle long-term health issues, Namma Jini is here. Let's work together to make staying healthy simpler and more fun than ever!

  • First of its kind in the country
  • Availability of structured and professional services
  • Choose the services you need
  • Save money by using resources efficiently
  • Tracking and managing health
  • Take care of elders at home during office time
Namma Jini App - Introduction
NammaJini Challenge

Challenges & Concerns

Developing robust healthcare solutions become essential with the increasing demand for digital health solutions. However, the road to successful healthcare app development is filled with challenges.

Let’s explore some of the critical challenges we have faced -

  • Complex Regulatory Outlook.
  • Data Security Risk.
  • Privacy & Security Concerns.
  • Unsatisfactory User Experience.
  • Interface Issues.

Namma Jini App - Main Features

We implemented the most innovative features in the application. Check below -

NammaJini Main Feature
  • 1. Engaging UX/UI Design
  • 2. Social determinants of health content
  • 3. Booking Service On Go
  • 4. Payment Integration
  • 5. Call & Schedule Services
  • 6. Meal Dabba Service
  • 7. Wallet System