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EaseCare - Telemedicine App

India | HealthTech
India | HealthTech

Simplifying Healthcare with Telemedicine & Personal Health Records. Experience the liberty of managing your health on the go.

We were responsible for:
UI/UX Design
API Integrations
Frontend Development
Backend Development
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EaseCare - Introduction

Welcome to EaseCare - “Your All-in-One Telemedicine App and Patient Health Record Solution!” At EaseCare, our goal is to change healthcare using Clarity, a new EHR system that goes beyond traditional boundaries.
With EaseCare, keeping track of your health is effortless. Our telemedicine app effortlessly combines with your medical records, giving you easy access to healthcare wherever and whenever you want. Forget about waiting for appointments or dealing with inconvenient schedules. With EaseCare, you can arrange virtual meetings with healthcare professionals, view your medical history, and track your health stats—all right from your smartphone

  • Broad Specialist Network
  • Privacy & Security
  • Affordable Care
  • Convenient Follow-ups
  • Discuss lab results
Easecare Introduction
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Challenges & Concerns

Developing a telemedicine app like EaseCare, which integrates with patient health records, presents several challenges.

Here are some key areas to consider:

Technological Challenges:
  • Security and Privacy
  • Connecting with Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
  • Scalability and Performance
  • Audio/Video Quality
Operational Challenges:
  • Doctor Availability and Network
  • Patient Adoption and Education
  • Healthcare Provider Approval
  • Reimbursement and Billing
Legal and Regulatory Challenges:
  • Following Telemedicine Rules
  • Data Privacy Laws
  • Insurance for Mistakes and Responsibility

EaseCare - Main Features

EaseCare, like having a small doctor in your pocket, helps you take care of your health wherever you are.
It has lots of useful features:

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  • 1. Instant Consultations
  • 2. Diverse Specialist Network
  • 3. Secure Video Conferencing
  • 4. Personal Health Record (PHR)
  • 5. Prescription Management
  • 6. Chronic Condition Management
  • 7. Appointment Scheduling
  • 8. Secure Messaging
  • 9. Payment Gateway
  • 1. User-Friendly Dashboard
  • 2. Telehealth Tools
  • 3. Secure Communication
  • 4. Electronic Prescriptions
  • 5. Referral Network
  • 6. Billing and Payment Management
  • 7. Performance Analytics