English as a dominant language hinders the development of blue-collar employees because they lack a substantial platform for job hunting. Due to native language constraints, they are unable to connect, identify their ideal professions, or demonstrate their ability. As a result, we attempted to collect the expertise advantages by developing a suitable platform for non-English speakers in their regional language. Our objective, however, was to assist first-time internet users in finding appropriate employment simply by filling out their abilities and some basic facts on the profile insight page.


Our team of experts collaborated closely with the Apna team to determine the best alternatives for launching an appropriate and multi-language supporting application. This allowed users to take advantage of the chances in their local language and reap the benefits of the application. The app’s biggest feature is the “create your connections or community” part, which allows users to explore and develop their talents and knowledge in their areas of interest.

App screens


App features

Search for job openings:

Apna app users get access to local job vacancies in their towns as well as the ability to explore additional employment prospects throughout the country.
The Apna app includes over 100,000 job openings.

Apply for the jobs:

By generating portfolios, app users may apply for jobs offered on the platform. This allows users to enable and unlock their career possibilities, as well as manage job applications from any location and at any time. They may, however, easily ease the job search process.

Schedule Interview:

The Apna app allows users to arrange an interview directly with the employer, allowing them to grasp the company’s requirements and put their plans into action.

Job alerts and smart filters:

This application instantly supports job alerts and career opportunity notifications. This function is sophisticated and intelligent enough to select interests and arrange efforts through a comprehensive application procedure.

Learn English:

This is a fun and simple approach to learn English in a short amount of time. Furthermore, this service is entirely free of charge. Keeping track of daily practice and assignments is an extremely useful and dynamic platform for English learners that maintains them completely prepared for the work.

Business Group:

This application helps users discover business partners in their local community. Loans, benefits, government schemes, crowdfunding, freelancing, online selling, digital marketing, business, and other topics are discussed. So, if app users want to create their own business and are seeking for the greatest connection platforms, they don’t have to go any farther.

Government Exam preparation:

This platform also serves government service aspirants who seek government jobs. Users of this community practice, share, and solve various questions and practice papers to be thoroughly prepared for government jobs. However, this is a highly recommended active group that comes with daily challenges and informative conversations.

How we did it

MVVM architecture
MixPanel, Firebase and CleverTap
okHttp3, Retrofit
Push notifications and Chat
Continuous Integration platform

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