Sunil Kumar

CEO & President

An industrious developer who has come a long way from understanding legacy systems to building modern day websites and apps in latest technologies.

  • ReactJS 
  • React Native 
  • TypeScript 
  • Angular 1.x 
  • Meteor 
  • Ionic 
  • Redux 
  • Firebase 
  • Laravel 
  • MySQL
  • Git GitLab 
  • GitHub
  • Webpack 
  • yarn & npm

The Most Amazing...

... Thing I’ve created is a web based Flow chart editing and creation tool where you can drag and drop shapes and connect them using flow lines

Interest & Expertise

  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Technical Leadership
  • Product ownership
  • Project Management


Backend Framework & Library

Laravel, Node.js, Meteor


MySQL, MongoDB, MS SQL Server

Frontend Framework & Library

React.js, AngularJS, AngularUI, JQuery

Mobile Framework & Library

React Native, Ionic, Ionic-framework


HTML / CSS, JavaScript, PHP

Version Control

Git, GitLab, GitHub

Project Management

JIRA, Trello


Sublime Text, VS Code, Atom

CSS pre-processor


State Management


User Interface Design

Bootstrap, NativeBase


Hybrid framework

Other Skills

Project management


Backend for Analysis Based Webapp

A Django based full-fledged backend with MYSQL DB clusters that stores analytics related data from several cloud Platforms such as Google Analytics, Birdeye, Google Adwords and Salesforce.

Games with PyGames Libraries

Implementing core game design concepts such as Game loops and Game viewport control with PyGames Libraries to build basic games in Python.

Open Source project with more than 13,100+ stars on Github. Many mobile developers use NativeBase to ease their mobile app development and so we call it – “The missing piece of React Native!”. It has 150k+ monthly downloads.

Web based Flowchart Editor

A web based Flow chart editing and creation tool built using SVG and AngularJS where you can drag and drop shapes and connect them using flow lines.

Pixaprints Image Editor

An online multi-purpose image editor which was used across the website to provide users with a tool to customize mugs, calendars, business card, photo-books and a lot more. Built using SVG, AngularJS and React.js

Dashboard for Football Fan Club App

A web-based Dashboard which is used to control the theming and maintenance of the mobile application, it also has payment integration for the end-users. Build using React, Redux, Redux-Thunk, and Firebase.