Why is Ailoitte the Best Cross App Development Company

Ailoitte is the best cross platform app development company in India, with many years of experience developing cross platform apps for startups and enterprises alike. From the rest of the cross platform app development companies in India, what sets us apart is our thorough process. From understanding your requirements, all the way to the launch of your app, we ensure transparency at all times. We understand your business and requirements and build cross platform apps that are coded once and are capable of performing smoothly on the different mobile operating platforms.

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Our Cross App Development Process

Our unique cross platform application development process is engineered keeping you and your business in the centre. Every stage of the development, we ensure that you’re up to speed on the progress of the app. We further deploy checks and balances to ensure that the final output is as per your vision of the app. This tried and tested process plays a key role in making us the best cross platform app development company in India for your unique requirements.

Web Strategy & DevelopmentOur design process starts with understanding your vision for your brand and the requirements. Our 100% office space ensures comfortable meetings between our developers and clients, where strategizing of business objectives and goals for your website can happen. The development process includes creating a suitable timeline, right from brainstorming to launch of a website. Based on that, we start working on the project.

DiscoveryUnderstanding the requirement is crucial for the development process. We start with an extensive list of questions to understand your vision, your target audience and the pain point the app solves.

UI/UXThe next step in the cross platform application development process is to create the wireframe and the working prototype. The prototype will showcase different visual, graphical and key design elements within the app that makes the app stand out. Mockups of the screen will also be made so that you can better understand our visual direction.

DevelopmentWith a green signal on the prototype, we start developing your app from scratch. The design and development team will work hand in hand to breathe life into your app. We will take constant feedback from you so that you’re in sync with the progress and changes can be accommodated if needed.

TestingOnce the app ready, each and every single element has to be tested to make sure that it is ready to be delivered. Performance, Security, Usability and Compatibility across different platforms, devices and hardware are thoroughly tested.

LaunchThe next step is to roll out the app to the end-users. We do it in 2 phases - the beta app is launched to get a sense of how users are liking the app and identify technical issues if any. With the fixes made, we release the app on the different markets you wish to target. For example - Apple App Store, Google Play Store, etc.

Maintenance and MarketingAt Ailoitte, we believe that the end goal should be the success of your app and for that, we take up both the maintenance and the marketing of your app. We push out regular updates to your app so that it stays crisp and performs well at all times. Apart from this, we also take care of creating awareness about your app to the target audience and create strategies that will lead to higher user acquisition.

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Benefits of Cross Platform App

Having a cross platform app developed for your business has tons of benefits. The following are a few of them:


Save Cost

One of the key benefits of cross platform application development is the reduction in cost. Instead of developing separate apps for the different platforms you wish to target, you can develop one single code that works across all platforms. This leads to direct savings in cost which can further be invested in other important strategies.


Save Time

Developing multiple apps is a time taking process. With a cross platform app, you get to develop one code that works seamlessly across different mobile operating systems. At Ailoitte, we work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver your app on time which has helped us get ranked as the best cross platform app development company in India.



We create prototypes for your website based on the target style. Full communication between you and your allotted developers ensures that the final web site will match your needs and taste.


Target Wider Audience

Let’s face it, not all your users would be on the same mobile platform. But this shouldn’t stop you from reaching them effectively with an app. This is why cross-platform apps become a smart choice for companies looking to get an app that works across all platforms, developed at the lowest possible cost.


Our Expertise

Our highly qualified and experienced team of mobile application development understands the unique and latest market requirements as well as design strategies to come up with the right mobile app development processes for different businesses. The knowledge and expertise of our cross platform development app developers help in combining in-depth research of various business verticals along with ensuring the right implementation of business goals for ultimate success.


Web design and development refers to both the creation of the aesthetic portion of a website and it’s functionality. There is a difference in the role of web designers and developers. The web designers have knowledge of graphic web design tools like Illustrator, whereas the web developers need to know HTML/CSS for the technical implementation of the work into the websites and projects.
With Ailoitte, you’re getting a team of experts who are an extended arm of your team and who strive to put your vision inline with your audience’ requirement. Our qualified team tries to understand what the app means to you and why you want it in the first place. This helps us create the best version of the app that is aligned with your business and design philosophy.
Our development team uses PhoneGap/ Cordova, Flutter, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Java and Kotlin for cross platform application development. Our team of experts have extensive experience working across apps from different industries and have managed to bring smiles across countless faces. It’s them, our team, that makes us the best cross-platform app development company in India.

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