In today's world, the children and parents are confined to their homes and as a result, parents find it difficult to focus on different aspects of their children's development. Now gone are the days of disciplined classroom studies for the kids to learn and grow. This generation is all about exploring new ways of fun and implementing such ideas to explore, practice and evolve.

Sunil Kumar
(CEO, Ailoitte technologies)


SupDup came up with a unified solution by creating a unique and incredible kids community platform that allows the kids to shine with their talent while learning from their peers. The goal was focused to help the children empower their skills and give a simple idea that includes competitive challenges and actions. This brought a sight of the impact on kids that defined their development and goals to a more advanced level of the target.

Scope of the project

App Design
Our goal was to create a brand guideline that can connect both kids and parents simultaneously and ensure the UI/UX design to be consistent with the brand. Hence, our designers started by researching the age groups of the end-users and mapping the design attributes. The team created a unique design according to brand guidelines to make the app interactive and user-friendly. Also, the design team ensured to use the brand guideline definition and eventually ended up creating unique design wireframes and prototypes. Furthermore, this made design looks to be great with adjustable screen size.

At Ailoitte, we always push for scalability. Hence in the backend, our goal was to design a scalable architecture that can support new features and scale to millions of users with its auto scaling and load balancing implementation.

Mobile App Development
We developed a stable two-way control app for both kids and their parents that allows kids to participate in different competitions and show their talent while learning from their peers and the parents to manage their kid’s activities. Hence, we built a unique iOS and Android mobile app using a flutter framework that is considered well stabled and scalable.

Key features

This is only a handful of quotes from the 17 stories we’ve collected in the ebook

Supdup casestudy

Many variety options SupDup allows the kids with a variety of options to explore, learn and evolve. It’s not just a learning platform, but also a fun space for kids that comes with many sections including dancing, origami, storytelling, drama, and more.

Supdup casestudy

Participation Channel – Supdup comes with a participation option where kids can take part, build their community, and showcase their talent incubated with creativity and confidence.

Supdup casestudy

Smart Bunch – Since every kid is unique and talented in its own beautiful way. Hence,SupDup classifies the activities among various categories that enable the kids to explore and find interesting challenges. This enables them to unleash their desires with fun and learning.

Supdup casestudy

Watch – This feature gives access to kids to see what’s happening all around. Here, kids can watch, learn the trending themes, and can plan to develop their skills with the competitions and challenges.

Supdup casestudy

Learning platform – SupDup comes up with different workshops, webinars, competitions, courses, classes, and seminars. Besides this, it also includes cultural events programs such as dancing, singing, storytelling, drama, story writing, and more, which comes with numerous options for the kids to explore, learn and grow.


We were adjusting the team’s size according to our client’s needs

Siddhartha Pandey

Sunil Kumar

Account Manager


Lead developer

Ravi Ranjan Kumar

Android developer


Backend developer

Yash Sharma

Backend developer

Daviya Atagrah

Relationship Manager

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