People intend to be in touch with celebrities. They keep true feelings of affection and attachment to the superstars. The problem comes when these interactions go one way. Celebs may engage in one-on-one interactions with fans, but it's a surface-level relationship. Having real relationships with more than just a few admirers is impossible for a superstar.

Sunil Kumar
(CEO, Ailoitte technologies)


Stargaze is an innovative AI-based celebrity-fan engagement app for iOS and Android. It is created as a countermeasure to establish a two-way connection between fans and Indian superstars spanning Bollywood, sports, regional film, television, musicians, and more.

Scope of the project

Android & IOS App Development

Our team was constantly engaged in building a comprehensive application using a single code database making sure to reduce the app’s time-to-market and its development costs. Hence, we ended up creating a mobile app for iOS and Android platforms using the Flutter framework. The stargaze app enables users to have two-way interaction between them and the Indian celebrities.

Backend development

Our developers primarily focused on the working of the website while working on backend development. They worked on the backend using REST API.

The backend application has been written in javascript making use of Node js with Express js framework. They wrote code focused on functionality and logic that power the application.

Our key responsibilities were mainly developing APIs, creating libraries, working on business processes, writing code to connect with databases, data architecture, and much more.

Website development

Our professionals simultaneously worked on website development keeping in mind the goal of the website. They started with creating a wireframe followed with writing the website code using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Apart from this, they also worked on building the front-end and back-end of the website.

Key features

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User application – The application may be downloaded and registered for free. Users may sign up for free or subscribe for further features. It is possible to follow many celebrities at the same time and receive updates from each of them. Users may also buy tickets to any celebrity-hosted events, and lucky winners will get the chance to meet them.

Celebrity application – The celebrity application is available to all celebrities. The celebrities may use the celebrity application to host Events, communicate with followers, and earn compensation for Events, Ads, sponsorships, etc. To maintain authenticity, celebrities are boarded manually and automatically. They can also organise Theme-based Events and communicate live with the Event winners at least 2-3 times each month. 

Admin Panel  – There is a separate Admin panel to administer and supervise the user applications. This panel can be used for Finance management, Event management, Reports management, and for taking care of the customers and celebrities.


We were adjusting the team’s size according to our client’s needs

Jayavardhan BN

Sunil Kumar

Account Manager


Lead developer

Ravi Ranjan Kumar

Android developer


Backend developer

Neel Sharma

Flutter Developer

Satyam Shukla

Flutter Developer

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