The overall success and growth of any business are based on various factors that include providing the right services with advanced and innovative ideas. A discussion platform for a business idea is a must that helps in moving a step forward towards success. People often have ideas but do not have a platform to share and discuss. This creates a gap between their planning and implementation. The lack of discussion forums, connection, and collaboration of like-minded people stop creative minds from taking action on their ideas. Hence, people find it difficult to plan, share, collaborate and implement their ideas.

Sunil Kumar
(CEO, Ailoitte technologies)


On our client’s order, we have developed Ideaboarding which came up with an idea management platform that helps people to share interesting ideas. It creates a sense of companionship, collaboration, and a lot more. It helps content marketing professionals to stay on top of content trends with insights from professionals.

Ideaboarding helps people to bridge the gap of communication between professionals. The app also helps thought leaders to share their ideas and knowledge with the community.

In short, the application delivers a helpful way to share unique ideas and be creative.

Here is the list of points listed below that show the benefits of Ideaboarding.

Discover: Users can easily go through the content ideas and can curate an innovative idea strategy.

Share: Ideaboarding is a platform to share interesting ideas and innovative plans. Users can easily launch their goal-driven idea-collections with ease.

Discuss: Ideaboarding provides a discussion forum through which people can comment and discuss the pros and cons of the content idea.

Collaborate: With ideaboarding, like-minded people can collaborate and work on the creative projects they are interested in.

Implement: Ideaboarding allows people to plan, share, collaborate and finally implement it. Once the collaboration is done and proper strategy is planned, the final step is just to implement.

Hence, ideaboarding allows like-minded people to interact, discuss and collaborate on creative projects.

Scope of the project

Android App Development

Our developer team created a mobile application for the Android platform using flutter technology. The team worked efficiently to build the application perfectly and stable.

It was a challenge to design the perfect app architecture for us.
What’s more? We were also responsible for various devices and screen size compatibility. The app supports several screen sizes and a wide range of smartphones, as per our client’s specifications.

Another challenge was to deal with the different OS’s security.

iOS App Development

When it came to iOS app development, our scope mainly focused on building a stable application using flutter that allows the users to interact effectively with curated content ideas.

iOS app development was very similar to android app development. Our challenges were the same in the case of android application development.

Our goal was to create a scalable architecture that would enable us to work quickly on new features.

Key features

This is only a handful of quotes from the 17 stories we’ve collected in the ebook

Idea Collections – Idea collections act as a link between creativity and innovation. The app users can easily collect ideas from goal-driven content idea collection and curate innovative ideas on creative projects.

Idea sharing platform  – It is an ideal platform for sharing any content idea. The finest ideas are captured and implemented using this dynamic platform. It offers a variety of additional features and perks that undoubtedly improves the user’s experience. The content professionals can easily share ideas or knowledge within the community by making use of Ideaboarding.

Discussion forum – Discussion platforms help in various ways. It allows the users to discuss the idea and share their personal views. By making use of discussion forums, experts can easily comment and share their reviews on any content plan.

Building network  –  Working together inside a group, across groups, and between communities is what network building entails. Hence, Ideaboarding allows network building features through which users can interact, build networks and discuss their ideas to work together.


We were adjusting the team’s size according to our client’s needs

Siddharth Prasad Rath

Sunil Kumar

Account Manager


Lead developer

Ravi Ranjan Kumar

Flutter developer

Abhinav Goyal

Frontend developer

Neel Sharma

Flutter Developer

Daviya Atagrah

Relationship Manager

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