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Doctor Appointment App

Singapore | HealthTech
Singapore | HealthTech

A HealthTech App making the OPD experience seamless.

We were responsible for:
Frontend Development
Backend Development
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Doctor Appointment - App Introduction

The Outpatient Department of any hospital is the one that is filled with instances of chaos and physician burnout stories. The app was conceived on the idea of finding a digital solution to the issue.

The medical industry, on a global scale, is suffering from growing instances of physician burnout, especially in the OPD. Led by issues like massive paperwork, lack of real-time electronic health records, and an improper walk-in system, hospitals find it difficult to manage patients who come in seeking preventive, diagnostic, curative, and rehabilitative care.

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Development Methodology Shaping Patient Experience Success

We integrated the on-demand doctor appointment app with the best technology and a future-focused user experience. When we initiated the development part of the application, it was clear that we had to focus on both doctors and patient-centric interface and experience. So every feature, and technology that we chose was around the idea that the app should be robust, high concurrency friendly, and extremely easy to use.

While the development process was fairly straightforward, there were 2 critical challenges that we faced:

  • Ensuring the features and app working met the HIPAA, HL7, and other compliances
  • In the doctor's version of the application, it was critical that they could manage virtual sessions under different network conditions

As for the second part of the challenge, we relied on video and chat APIs that are known to function in a glitch-free way under multiple network conditions. This way, the doctors were able to connect with patients in real time.

Doctor Appointment App Main Features

We implemented the most innovative features in the application. Check below -

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  • 1. Patient & provider portal.
  • 2. Patient Data Collection.
  • 3. Payment Integration.
  • 4. Video Conferencing.
  • 5. Engaging UX/UI Design Features.
  • 6. Social determinants of health content.
  • 7. Symptoms Checking Feature.
  • 8. Health Activity Tracking.