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What Is Project Kick-off Stage In Mobile & Web Development Process?

Are you a Product Owner who is done designing UI/UX with a reliable partner for achieving your Product goal? Then it’s time for you to move to the next stage of the Mobile & Web App Development Process- Kick-off!

You cannot plan to execute your project without any preparation; that would be a very chaotic situation with blind rules. If you don’t start your project correctly, you will probably end up in a big mess costing your project’s precious time and budget. The App development process is no play game, and hence

kick-off will enable you to manage your project as you direct.

Are you confused about what kick-off is and what tools you will need for the efficient completion of your App Development process?

This article will introduce you to the next stage of your software development process. How does an App development Kick-off look like? Why is it crucial for the success of your app? How do developers set up your project?

So let’s see, start with the basics first!

What is App Development Kick-off?

Now that you have already chosen a development partner for your project, the UX and UI designs are ready. The next stage of your App Development process is – Kick-off And Set Up. In this stage, you start coordinating with your team for the app development. This is the starting point of your project development, hence the name – Kick-off.

The Kick-off meeting can be a single or multiple series of meetings where all stakeholders and developers are involved. These meetings’ goal is to discuss the project goals, requirements, resources, timeline, etc. Any kick-off meetings have three essential elements as benchmarking, documentation and communication. Each of these elements is equally important and inter-dependent for the success of this stage.

If your developer team works offshore, conducting multiple series of face-to-face meetings is not possible. That’s when kick-off comes to rescue the remote work culture. Kick-off meetings take care of everything you as product owners need to convey to the developer before they start coding.

Why is the App Development Kick-off important?

When you outsource your development project, you are bound to work with people apart from your in- house development team. Hence, as a Product Owner, it will be your responsibility to set the respective roles, allot the responsibilities, and plan the project timelines.

The App Development Kick-off is essential for this to happen. It enables you to put your team, and your developers on the same page. The kick-off meetings aim to enhance the scope of work and contribute to the communication between all parties. Project Kick-off will allow you to set the rules to follow and plan to implement the project successfully.

This stage of App Development Kick-off will be playing a leading role for your project to work as you planned with your internal and offshore developers team. Even though this process can look slightly different in every software development company, you still need to understand the basics.

What does the App Development Kick-off look like?

As mention before, Project Kick-off can be a one meeting event or a series of meetings until the goal is achieved. Let’s see what exactly the Kick-off meeting stages consist of:

1.   Introduction

It’s the product owner’s responsibility to set the kick-off project roles & responsibilities to every team member.

2.   Tools

You have to introduce your developer’s team and internal team to all the crucial tools they will use to develop your product and communicate the updates.

3.   Refinement

In this phase, the product backlog items are refined. You need to prioritize your tasks and give exact requirement details to the developer’s team.

4.   Planning

Your entire developing and supporting team needs to be a part of the project planning. It would be best to draw a complete plan for all the work you want to perform in the first phase.

5.   DoR & DoD

It is crucial to set the Definition of Ready and Definition of Done at the beginning of the project to set the standard for the quality work.

Well, as said before, for every software development company, this plan can vary considerably. But this basic outline will act as the backbone in every Kick-off meeting. Ensure you understand your role as a Product Owner, and align everyone’s role in the team.

Which Tools To Introduce?

The next most crucial part of your App Development Kick-off stage is the shortlisting of the tools you will be using in the development of your app with the offshore team. You will use these tools to communicate and monitor their work progress on a regular basis.

So, let’s look at what kind of tools you can use and how it will benefit your team for the project development?


Slack is a business communication platform where you can create a private channel dedicated to your project for IRC-style features, persistent chat rooms, private groups, and direct messaging service. This tool will allow your team to communicate every day for collective discussions with instant messaging.

You can use any other communication platform, but Slack can make project discussions with teammates very efficient by enabling quick calls, file sharing, and connecting with other apps without any hassle. This can result in the fast resolving of any issue with the app’s development.


Jira is an agile project management software that allows you to plan your project, measure performance, report virtually, and release your product. You and your team can create a new customized Scrum board to prioritize and discuss your team’s daily tasks.

Jira Software will automatically update any issues and transition work when code has inline comments and pull requests in Bitbucket. This board will enable you to stay focused on delivering effective solutions with incremental value. It also helps you create user stories, plan and distribute tasks across the team for easy management.


Confluence is a team workspace that enables the team to set up a page for your project for sharing information with the team. This collaboration tool increases the productivity of the team. Your team member will create pages for the rest of the team to review, edit, or comment on.

This tool allows you to collect all the project’s vital information in one place, such as team member contact details, meetings goals & conclusions, development roadmap, etc. And the most significant advantage of Confluence is that it can be easily integrated with Jira.

The list mentioned above is the most popular tools used for the development and management projects. But there are plenty of effective tools in the market that can help you achieve your project’s goals with success. It might happen that your developer’s team is using something different and new for you. You can use those tools but just ensure they are quality tools and will be able to meet your expectations.

Wrapping up

A well-executed App Development Kick-off can bring excellent cooperation and coordination with you and your developing partner for your development project’s success. If you are done with your UI/UX designs and ready for launching the next stage, you need to define your role as a Product Owner and appoint responsibilities to every team member aboard.

We hope this article will help you sail through this stage without any hiccups. For more information on the App development projects, keep following this space!

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