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What is Flutter? Pros and Cons of flutter app development

Flutter is now becoming a hot topic in modern technology.

You must have noticed that the rate of flutter apps published on the Google store is increasing simultaneously.

So, if you are thinking of developing or improving your mobile app, you should be aware of what flutter is and what pros and cons it carries.

Is flutter a good idea for every application?

What is flutter app development all about and what services does the flutter app development company in India provide?

This article will answer all these questions and will make sure to explore more about Flutter and its pros and cons for flutter mobile app development.

Let’s talk about Flutter

What exactly is Flutter?

Flutter is an open-source framework used to develop cross-platform applications using single source code.

It emerged from a small start-up in 2013, which was later purchased by Google. Flutter is a developer-friendly language as one doesn’t need to write long codes to develop an application.

Flutter is based on the programming languages like C, C++, Dart – which is the language developed by Google for flutter development.

However, Dart is Flutter’s object-oriented language that uses compilation techniques to boost the performance updates.

Flutter includes things like rendering engine, ready-made widgets, command-line tools, testing, and integration APIs.

Also, flutter follows the reactive development architecture that updates the UI content automatically when the variables of the codes are updated.However, the developers can use platform-specific widgets to develop their app.

Besides this, flutter comes with flexible UI content that ensures to contribute a lot to user-friendly UX.

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Why flutter? Advantages of using flutter for mobile app development.

Interestingly, flutter has attained superiority in the market including a large community of developers showing interest in this mobile development approach. There are various features included that contain everything the developer needs to build cross-platform applications.

Moreover, flutter is now becoming a serious competitor to React Native that similarly uses the native platform for mobile app development.

Let’s have a look at the advantages of flutter that are used for developing a mobile application.

(1) Faster development

Flutter apps work very smoothly and fast and ensure to save time, effort, and cost. It allows the use of the same code base for building separate iOS and Android apps. As a result, this works more effectively and efficiently in the development process of an application. Hence, you don’t need to invest a lot of heavy time while working on a single platform.

(2) Stable performance

Unlike other languages, flutter doesn’t require a JavaScript engine to communicate with the native components. Thus, the flutter is served with an additional performance boost that provides the stability on most of the devices. As a result, the stability revolves around a development process right away in the app.

(3) Custom widgets for fast UI coding

Flutter uses ready-made widgets. Widgets can be used to create layouts, and reach through any level of customization that results in excessive compilation structure. The UI customization can be done very fast to complete with a cross-platform development advantage followed out.

(4) Less testing

Having the same app for two different platforms means less testing. Flutter enables using one codebase and hence, the developers can write automatic tests only once. The testing work makes a difference and as a result, the platforms need to be tested for a technical review.

(5) Perfect for MVP

Flutter is an ideal choice if you opt to build a prototype or MVP (Minimum Viable Product). If you want to launch an app, then you may need to hire two separate teams whereas, the work can be sorted just with one or two developers in case of flutter app development and you can wrap up by building a working app within your flexible budget.

(6) Minimal Code

Dart is used in a flutter that serves with the enhancement of the function and the startup time of the app to accelerate it. Hence, this results in minimal input of code.

(7) Immediate updates

Flutter comes with the release of the instant update feature that is facilitated by the hot reload functionality. Hence, if you face any error in the code, then you can fix the updates immediately with this instant feature.

(8) Mild Learning Curve

Learning a Dart language is an easy task. The developers can grab the confidence and experience within the framework. As a result, flutter serves with a mild learning curve.

Hence, due to these smooth and crucial advantages, the platforms have grown and reached out as top flutter development companies in India.

Do you think that flutter has any cons?

Cons of flutter app development services

Flutter has some disadvantages too. Flutter is now in use, but not richly popular though. Hence, it is limited and needs to be added in more development procedures.

(1) Large file sizes

One major problem that arises using flutter is that the apps created are above the average size. Hence, for some cases, the file size becomes a significant issue and causes an additional storage force to the users. However, the file size problem that occurred in the flutter will be optimised in future.

(2) Issues with iOS

The implementation of a flutter on iOS creates issues. The latest issues arise based on iOS 13 and iOS 14 depending on their updated features. Hence, this needs to be resolved to ensure the profitable process of flutter app development.

(3) Dart

Flutter uses dart programming language. However, this language has its drawbacks too. Dart programming language isn’t as perfect as C, C++, Java, and javascript. However, it is an essential factor; which should be considered to improve and develop the cross-platform application.

Is flutter good for development?

By analyzing the advantages and disadvantages we can conclude that flutter serves with more pros as compared to cons.

Besides this, it is highly recommended by the best flutter development companies in India and it’s worth considering beneficial.

Also, it’s easy to build beautiful, stable, and amazing cross-platform mobile applications using your custom needs.

Hence, it’s worth considering flutter if you want to develop an app for iOS and Android.

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