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Mobile App Development Process Stage 1:Selecting a partner to work with – Choosing a company to design and develop the app.

Stage 1 Selecting a partner to work with – Choosing a company to design and develop the app.  
Stage 2 Building proper strategy – Planning for evolving the idea into a successful app.  
Stage 3 Analysis and Implementation – Turning the idea into a project that captures all the detailed functional requirements.  
Stage 4 UI/UX App Design – Designing and Polishing the app look.  
Stage 5 App Development  
Stage 6 Testing  
Stage 7 Publishing the app on Google play store and Apple store  
Stage 8Post Development Process  

This article is a part of the series Mobile App Development Process – A step by step guide that will help you with the very first step of the mobile app development process.

This article will help you find out how to select the best App Development Company for your project.

Let’s start!

First, you have to decide whether to outsource your app development or build it internally. If you outsource, then you must choose the best partner or the best app development company for your project.

There are various app development companies and it’s a challenging task to select the best partner.

How to verify the company’s performance and make sure if it’s trustworthy?

There is no such thing as a foolproof formula for selecting a software firm. However, in this article, we will provide you with some helpful hints for locating solutions to important queries, such as:

  • How can you get information about the top firms in one location, compare them, and read customer reviews.
  • How can you verify if the company you are considering is reputable?
  • How can you determine if an estimation you receive is genuine?
  • What should you look for before signing an Independent Contractor Agreement?

Here are the few steps that would help you to choose the best company that meets your requirements.

(1) How can you get information about the top firms in one location

There are eight platforms listed below that gather information and reviews about organizations that provide software development services. They’re crucial resources for B2B purchasing and recruiting decisions.

Platforms such as Clutch, Goodfirms, Manifest, appfutura, contractIQ, extract, businessofApps, and sortlist for “Top Mobile App Development Companies.”

These are the popular platforms that list the top app development companies worldwide.

Clutch is one of the most popular (the first on the list). This platform connects small and mid-market enterprises with the best-fit IT providers, as well as marketing, advertising, design, and development organizations. Many of Clutch’s filters can help you discover a companion for yourself. Companies can be sorted by services, platforms, locations, and other factors.

Gather the information and Analyze pre-selected companies

When you have a list of options of the various app development companies, check each of their websites and portfolios. Check with the company’s experience in app development.

  • Take a closer look at their work and check whether they have experience in creating products similar to yours.
  • Check whether they collaborate with other companies or not.
  • Ensure that they work with small businesses, large corporations, or both.
  • Make sure that they use cutting-edge technology and solutions.

Hence, this would help you to prioritize the company listing and make a generous and successful selection.

Check the company’s Portfolio, Case studies, and Projects

Now, check their work in detail including the projects they have worked on. Ensure their experience in the latest trends of the app development process.

Check with their case studies and the projects in your specific domain. You can also download the app they have created and see its development.

(2) How can you verify if the company you are considering is reputable?

Now, check with the Company’s client feedbacks and reviews

It’s a fantastic way to find out and short-list the development options of the app development companies.

Make contact with one or two of their clients. You can get the details of their clients from their website. But, in case you don’t get their details, you can directly seek their information from the company.

Also, reading reviews is great. It helps you to determine the company’s performance and track the records.

(3) How can you determine if an estimation you receive is genuine?

Ask questions!

Asking some specific questions will help you with the selection process.

Here is the list of questions you can ask from your potential app development partner

  • Share your experience in building the apps.
  • Have you built anything similar to the app we are going to develop?
  • What’s your development process?
  • Do you offer Product Development Guidance?
  • What documentation would you provide us?
  • How do you handle the testing of developed applications?
  • How would you keep us updated about the progress of the app?

Also, make sure that the company understands your requirements and project needs.

You must communicate well with your partner company and make sure of their transparency.

Get confirmed that your partner company understands your project needs well. Also, confirm if they are experienced in your domain and can understand your needs.

(4) What should you look for before signing an Independent Contractor Agreement?

  • Verify the Independent Contract Agreement.

It’s important to verify the contract and consult with a lawyer about it.

Here are some of the elements that must be included in the contract.

  • Confidentiality:

Ensure that the contract contains an element about confidential information. Hence, your partner company should not disclose any information about your project and maintain privacy needs.

  • Advance Payment:

Make sure that the advance payment should not exceed the cost of the team’s work within a month. If in case a contractor goes for significant expenditure, then advance payment is considered reasonable.

  • Choice of Law:

This clause indicates a dispute resolution place. If your partner company resides in another country, then they would choose the judiciary of their country. Hence, compromising is done with the jurisdiction to resolve the disputes.

  • Payment deadline:

This clause must be included and imposed if there is any delay in the payments. Also, you must know – After how many days interest will charge? And after how many days the development team can stop work?

  • Conditions for terminating the contract:

If you want to terminate the contract, it’s better to set a notice period of about 15-20 days.

Wrap up

We hope the recommendations above will assist you in selecting the appropriate Partner for your project.

To summarise:

  • Check out the popular listing.
  • Use Clutch or other platforms to help you narrow down a list of firms that you’re interested in.
  • Examine pre-selected businesses — check out what others have to say about them, as well as their portfolio, and speak with one of their clients.
  • Examine the estimates you’ll get, compare them to estimates from other companies, and ask questions.
  • Verify the contract thoroughly and seek legal advice if necessary.

Also read Stage 2: Building a proper strategy which will help you learn Developing a Good Mobile App Development Plan for a smooth and excellent app development process.

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