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How to create the best color palette for your products

Colors play a major role in everyone’s every day, and choosing a color palette for the application is considered a significant step for an app’s user interface. 

If you are a UI/UX designer, choosing colors for your product’s user interface is an important thing that affects the look and the impact on how the customer feels about your product. 

This post will provide you some helpful tips for creating the best colour palette UI scheme to help you make the right selection.

Pick the right color for your product’s UI

It’s essential to define your product’s objective and make the best color selection for your product that fixes a perfect match. When selecting the UI color for your product, keep the contrast of the visual components in mind by combining different colors from your palette.

Keep your colors absolutely to the mark that perfectly studies your target audience and understand their expectations.

Color saturation

Color saturation is mainly for grabbing the attention of the users. It is advised to go for less saturated colors for thought-intensive and complicated tasks, whereas going for stronger colors for a feature having only primary action. 

Creating a palette

There are several conventional methods for identifying complementary colors, but the ones that consistently work best for me are:

  • adjacent (Select a base color and choose colors next to it)
  • The triad (draw an equilateral triangle over the color wheel)
  • Shades (pick a base color and several versions with different saturations)

Wrapping up

The techniques and strategies described above are essential for any UI/UX designer. By incorporating them into your design talents, you will be able to develop an engaging visual design.

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