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Hiring a dedicated Offshore Development Team: A Complete Guide

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Most companies wish to stay competitive and forge ahead of the competition, and this is where offshoring helps as it saves costs and time.

Outsourcing or Offshoring is one of the most tried and tested strategies by hiring offshore vendors or developers who help streamline their processes and help founders to focus on business goals.

“Do what you do best, Outsource the rest” – Peter Druker

Choosing the right offshore dedicated development team is key to the success of your app and business. According to a global outsourcing survey by Deloitte, around 72% of companies prefer outsourcing software development offshore to in-house development.

In this blog; we will discuss the following:-

  • What is offshore software development?
  • Why hire an offshore development team?
  • How to hire offshore software developers/offshore website development company?
  • Which countries are best for outsourcing?

We hope that by the end of the article, you will be able to understand why you should hire offshore developers and how they are better than in-house developers before you plan a project.

What is Dedicated Offshore Software Development?

Offshoring or Offshore software development model is the process of hiring an offshore dedicated development team in a remote location for use in the home country at a lower project delivery cost.

With abundant skilled resources worldwide, businesses can hire offshore developers for long-term or short-term projects.

Moreover, they can choose according to the help they need – end-to-end development services or only certain aspects such as web development, UI/UX design, mobile app development, maintenance, and quality assurance.

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Now moving on!

Why hire an Offshore Development Team

With plenty of reasons to choose offshore developers for projects, here are some of the key ones as to how hiring an offshore development team/company can help.

offshore software development benefits
  • Cost Efficiency

Building an in-house team can be cost-consuming as you may have to rent office space, pay salaries, offer perks and benefits, and give bonuses.

When you hire an offshore development team, they are paid a specific amount at fixed intervals of the projects. You can choose to pay monthly, hourly, or fixed prices for the project as per the contract.

  • Access to skilled resources

In most cases, businesses face the challenge of hiring experienced resources with different skills. Also, in-house resources may have limited knowledge or proficiency in only particular technologies.

Offshore development companies have coders in many associated technologies who can be deployed as per need.

  • Higher Productivity in Reduced time

Time is a crucial factor owing to cut-throat competition. Dedicated offshore developers stick to deadlines, unlike in-house teams who often slack as they know work isn’t going anywhere.

The vendor company takes care of project management routines which make managing your project hassle-free. Since offshore developers work on a deadline basis, they are more productive and work better which is a major benefit of offshore software development.

Moreover, they ensure that you get direct feedback and have complete transparency.

  • Flexibility in Scaling

Scalability can be a concern regarding the in-house team. What if you need more or fewer developers? An offshore website development company can ensure you have flexible scaling and adapt to changing business requirements which is a huge offshore software development benefit.

  • Availability

In most cases, remote staffing does have time zone differences. It can help with speedier product delivery as continuous work is ensured due to the overlap of hours.

If enough resources are enrolled, you will have someone working on your project round the clock. It aids in quickly identifying and managing any difficulties that may arise in the app development process.

How to choose an Offshore Software Development Company

Now to make the job easy, here is a checklist for how to hire offshore software developers/offshore software development companies who will help you pick the perfect team for your business.

1. Look for a proven track record

Find out about the company’s track record before you hire an offshore development team by looking up the ranking on review websites, LinkedIn profiles, and previous work.

You can also contact their clients and ask them to give you a recommendation.

2. Ask for the workflow of the outsourcing company

It is imperative to ask for the company workflow that it follows. Find out how they interact with clients and allocate resources for the projects. Ask them if they are flexible enough to increase or decrease the number of resources per the project’s need.

Finding it all before you hire them is imperative as it helps you gauge their working standards.

3. Do they have experience in similar projects

To evaluate the true experience of an offshore development company, you need to identify If they have in-depth knowledge of the technologies, standards, and regulations around the particular industry.

Only if the company has prior experience handling similar projects can it truly understand your objectives and vision.

Moreover, they must have skilled resources across multiple verticals and specialized skills in product conceptualization, design, documentation, and competency in handling multiple release cycles.

4. Check the communication

It can be challenging, if you are dealing with communication-related to offshore development in other countries, specifically around their language and time differences. Look for a company that offers a single point of contact to avoid any sort of delay or miscommunication.

As a way to prevent that, at Ailoitte, we follow daily scrum calls, and the use of project management tools like Trello and Jira will help you plan, track and stay up-to-date on your project’s progress.

Once you finalize the company that can fulfill all the requirements, sign a contract determining all the rules, policies, and terms of the project.

Now let us see which countries are considered the best for outsourcing.

Which countries are best for outsourcing

While picking up a country close to your time zone can help, an offshore company can get you the best outcome at a limited budget and within the stipulated delivery timeline.

The following are some hourly rates of offshore providers in the following countries

Outsourcing DestinationAverage Hourly Wages
Eastern Europe35-100
Western Europe50-200
North America50-150
Latin America25-100
South Asia20-80
Southeast Asia20-60

The top 10 offshore software development hourly rates by country are as follows.

offshore software development rates by country

Summing Up

Offshore development teams have become a staple behind the success of many companies and startups. Finding the best team and trusting them and their expertise will maximize your app’s success and allow you to gain valuable insights.

Are you looking for offshore developers to hire for your project? We have been an offshore software development services provider for many startups and businesses worldwide. We have skilled experts for large-scale or small-scale projects, whom you can hire monthly, hourly, or on a fixed project basis.

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Where to find an offshore development team?

Building an app is a complicated process, and choosing the right offshore developer can be tricky if not selected with care. With plenty of countries to choose from, you have a variety of benefits, each with its own set of pros and downsides.

However, businesses prefer partnering with development firms in India because of their low hourly development cost and timely delivery of the application

What to evaluate when choosing an offshore development provider?

Consider these key points when choosing an offshore development provider:-
– Having clearly defined business goals
– Evaluate required skillset and technical expertise
– Provider’s reputation, experience, and portfolio
– Plan the budget for the software development process

How to manage an offshore development team effectively?

Effective overall management can ensure the success of your offshore software development team. Here are some steps businesses can follow:-
– Develop a clear product vision and explain the end goal
– Set clear milestones and deliverables 
– Synchronize the work hours 
– Conduct regular demos
– Invest in good collaboration technology
– Use agile meetings to sync up with team members

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