App maintenance costs: Factors and tips to reduce them

Looking for an app maintenance cost?

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This article will explore the expected application maintenance costs and some of the significant ways to reduce them.

App maintenance is something that can not be ignored if you are looking to build an application. It is a very essential task for your future application. 

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What makes app maintenance necessary?
Factor affecting the cost of mobile app maintenance
Tips to reduce application maintenance costs
Final words

Building an amazing application will not profit you if you are ignoring the importance of its maintenance. 

However, whenever you plan to build an application, it is essential to consider the mobile app maintenance costs apart from the development cost of the application. 

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What makes app maintenance necessary?

App maintenance is an ongoing process that keeps running until your application is on the application stores. 

Therefore, maintenance of the application is necessary as each app on the store requires things such as performance requirements, design changes, new launches, and new operating systems for surviving. 

Factor affecting the cost of mobile app maintenance

Generally, costs of maintenance of apps depends on various factors from initial development to final development. 

Here is the list of some factors that determine the overall cost of app maintenance:

  • Modifying UI/UX of your application 

It’s essential to upgrade the user interface and user experience to make your application more user-friendly. Try looking for more popular apps to get a competitive idea to make changes. Your ultimate target should be to make your application user-friendly. 

  • Improve the application’s features and functionality

You may enhance your application with additional features to make it stand out. Add something new that will have an impact on the application’s users. Maintain the flexibility and usability of your application. Including such extra features in the software will undoubtedly increase user experience.

  • Advanced push notifications

It’s the best way to keep your users engaged with your application. Sending push notifications gives additional flexibility to the application. Also, it’s a great way to promote sales, special offers, and discounts over the application. 

  • Identify and fix errors

Your application may have some errors or bugs that can appear unexpectedly at any time. As a result, it is vital to keep your application free of such errors to provide the best user experience to your application’s users.

  • Monitoring detailed analytics

Analytics measures the growth of your application. The application’s detailed analytics assist you in determining which aspects of your application you can take inspiration from and work on to improve the application’s user experience and quality.

  • Application marketing

Application marketing is an essential factor to consider if you are looking to increase your application growth. You can easily run app promotions and marketing activities with application marketing. 

Tips to reduce application maintenance costs

Well, there are some ways to reduce mobile app maintenance costs. 

(1) Selecting the right development platform

Choosing the right platform for your application affects costs, development, and the time you will invest in your application. 

Generally, there are two types of platforms:

  • Native platform
  • Hybrid platform

In other words, you must create numerous native apps for various operating systems such as iOS, Android, and Windows. Native apps, on the other hand, are often speedier and take up less space once installed. These apps can also provide more functionality because developers specialize in creating apps for a certain type of operating system.

Hybrid applications, as the name implies, are cross-platform in nature. Although developing a single app for various operating systems saves time and money. If you wish to provide services on different platforms with restricted functionality, consider creating a hybrid application.

(2) Concentrate on developing an MVP app.

A minimal viable product (MVP) app has only the most basic functionalities. As a result, including a lot of unneeded features might raise the app’s size, loading time, and the likelihood of app crashes. As a result, it is recommended that you create an app with useful features for your consumers.

You can subsequently add features based on the input you receive from your users. Alternatively, you may study your rivals or trends and improve your app accordingly if it does not degrade app performance.

Final words

Application development and application maintenance are the steps that never end. However, updating and maintaining are vital for your application’s long-term success.

According to some estimates, we can say that the app maintenance costs are somewhere around 15%-20% of the initial cost of development of the app if you don’t add anything new to it. 

If you are still stuck in finding the monthly app maintenance costs, you can contact us anytime. We will estimate it for you.

Also, if you are an app owner who needs help with application development and maintenance of the application, get in touch with us. We are an amazing web and mobile application development team with vast experience and capabilities.


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