Why is Ailoitte the Best Android Application Development Company?

When building an app, it has to be a unique one. At Ailoitte, we provide unparalleled solutions to steer your product towards success. As an android app development company in India, we develop high-end android apps using the best knowledge on Android libraries. We offer human-centric mobile app solutions and employ agile methodology in our projects. Our dedicated team of developers has multiple years of industry exposure in synergizing UX, bots, smart consultation, AI, IoT, and the latest techniques in the market. Being the top android app development company in Bangalore, we deliver the desired results to clients within the stipulated time and budget.

We believe in providing the best products to our clients, without any kind of compromise on their vision. As one of the top android app development companies in Bangalore, we mix our skill and knowledge to deliver state of the art mobile application development services.

How we build successful Android apps at Ailoitte

With the number of mobile applications soaring high since its inception, there are all the chances that your app might just go unnoticed. However, competition is always a good thing. If the niche of your company has competition, it means there is good potential and definitely a lot of money in it. The blueprint for any app is always created strategically in the form of a detailed plan to give a structural idea.

You are never too late to start the app development process, considering that the benefits are tremendous in case the app becomes a major hit. The experts in such android companies in Bangalore such as Ailoitte know that building a mobile app is not just about getting things done from your developers. Development of mobile apps, just like any other business process must be organized, strategized, and designed to solve the purpose of end-users.

A well-researched market analysis is needed for any successful product. To build successful apps, this is the most important step. At Ailoitte, the best android app development company in India, we process customer data to decide how the app can cater to customer needs. Finding the exact needs to cater to ensures that users become loyal customers and makes the app successful. We also use different forums, Google Trends, and Google Keyword Planner to get an idea about what people are searching for and the volume of searches. Another major reason for our successful apps is the catchy and smooth interfaces of mobile applications. Our developers ensure that all of the above criteria are met diligently, hence if you’re thinking of creating an app for your business, partner with us at Ailoitte, the best Android app development company in Bangalore.

Our Android App Development Process

Android app development is a multi-step process that has been finessed through experience by our skilled team over many years.


Strategy and Consulting

The first significant stage in the development process of android apps is refining the app idea into a solid foundation of the application. The initial study must include the demographics and goals of the client’s company. Our dedicated team at Ailoitte ensures that substantial research and brainstorming is done with you, before jumping to the next step. Our consulting also includes proper competitor analysis to figure out what features to highlight in your customized application in the market.


Backend Development

During this stage, our developers create a working prototype to validate the functionality, and understanding of the project scope. The app goes through a broad set of steps as the development progresses from core functionality development to light testing and then releasing the app for an external group of users for further field testing of the concept.


UI/UX Services

Application designing is a complex, multi-step process that involves drawing precise visual guidelines and offering an abstract idea of the final product. In this phase, our experts, the UX (user experience) designer architects of the leading Android app development company in Bangalore design the element’s interaction inside the app. On the other hand, the UI (user interface) designer builds the app’s personality by keeping note of the user’s preference.


App Testing and Maintenance Services

Our main focus at Ailoitte is to ensure the application works seamlessly during every step of the application process. One of the critical components is testing at early stages, often for interface, usability & security checks, compatibility, and performance. We look out for any bugs and after the deployment phase, give you the final application that is ready for release via a formal launch.

Benefits of Android Apps

At Ailoitte, we’re considered one of the best android app development companies in India because of our strong ethics. If you’re wondering why to work with us among all the different companies, well, it’s because we care about you. Our vision is to continually deliver value to customers globally. We believe that Android is the best platform to work on since it is open-source, free and it has quite low entry barriers as compared to other platforms. If you’re a small platform or start-up, it’ll be easy for you to cut production costs with Android that are otherwise higher on other platforms. The User Interface from Google is very customizable so every need of yours can be met to make your apps ever more engaging.

The expertise of our Android team

Over the span of many years, we have gained expertise by writing thousands of app codes. Our group of skilled mobile app developers gives full assurance of keeping our clients as their number one priority. They are with you right from the pre-planning stage to the final launching of the app. Along with that, we believe in creating value for our customers with fully customisable applications for the future.

You might ask, what makes us one of the best android app development companies in Bangalore? Well, our app building skills are not restricted to any one domain. We build mobile applications for companies from all the niches, like retail, healthcare, logistics, education, finance, wellness & fitness, social network, and productivity. So irrespective of the niche under which your project falls, you can be assured of robust mobile applications.

The experts in such android companies in Bangalore like Ailoitte first plan the optimum requirements for doing individual processes. Not only that, they also test several functionalities to find the perfect fit. They conduct client meetings regularly, address their needs to identify their target audience, budget, prospects, and schedules.


Outsourcing has become common all around the world among companies. The advantages of outsourcing are innumerable. By outsourcing mobile app development to us, we can start working immediately due to our pre-existing team of remote developers. With our quick delivery, it gives you more time to market your finished app. Remote teams also lead to a reduction in project costs. Also, with access to outsourced talent, you’re not confined to a particular area and can get access to the best developer talents from all over the world.
At Ailoitte, the best mobile app development company in India, the developers are adept in numerous programming languages, such as Native, Flutter, Java, C, C++, Python, just to name a few.
Our main motto is to keep it simple. The idea of creating an app arises from a specific objective: the need to engage directly with users and increase sales. Often the best applications ever created only do one thing and they do it very well. Hence, it is important to identify the main objective of the app because it will allow you to focus on a solution to the problem. Also, we believe in creating an app solely targeting the audiences that will increase your opportunities for sales and promotions. If people are downloading and paying for certain services, it is best to highlight those features first. Next, all successful applications are created at Ailoitte because of this important phase: design. When it comes to standing out of the crowd, little details matter a lot; sound effects or graphics can make a noteworthy difference in attracting users.

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