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What Is The Difference Between UX and UI Design In Software Development?

UI and UX design are often the most confusing terms in website and application design world. Many times, UI and UX designs are often interpreted as a single term as UI/UX design. This creates a convention that UI and UX are the same. If you are also one of those new product owners or designers who lack an understanding of these two crucial aspects, we are here to help you!

Even though these two terminologies might seem like the same thing, they are explicitly different from each other. Both UX and UI design of an app is very important for retaining your audience on the website. If you successfully create apps that have excellent design, interaction, and user experience, it will increase the conversion of visitors into customers.

But to achieve that, you need first to understand the difference between UI and UX.

What is User Experience (UX)?

UI design stands for “user interface” of a web or app that is a graphical layout of an application. User experience consists of varying features such as users click on buttons, text content, images, sliders, message box, and hundreds of other features that user interacts with. UX also includes the elements such as screen and page layout, animations, and all other tiny interactive elements in the design.

However, if you are looking for an official definition of UX, Don Norman – scientist and co-founder of the Nielson Norman Group defined UX as ‘all the aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and products.’ UX deals with the research, testing, development, content, and prototyping of the final software product.

UX Design consists of all the interactions between a potential customer or visitor and the company website or app. The first requirement for an excellent user experience is to meet the customer’s exact needs without any lack of interest or inconvenience.

The designer needs to create a simple and elegant design for the software product to enable a quick understanding and smooth flow of the information. One needs to integrate the multiple disciplines of the product with services and expected action. Focus on the various aspects of interface design to achieve high-quality UX for your software product development.

What is User Interface (UI)?

User Interface is the designing process that consists of three phases .i.e., User Journey Map, Wireframes, and Clickable Prototype. This is a very important stage that makes it very easy for your potential customers to understand your products.

UI designing is aimed to display the company services with intricate details. Simply put, UI design is essential to draw your visitors’ attention and engage them with exotic aesthetic designs.

When designing the UI of your software product, make sure to create the following aspects in your website or app:

  • Simple to understand
  • Aesthetically attractive
  • Faster and quicker
  • Smooth interface

UI design focuses not only on the physical appearance but also on creating immediate responsiveness, quick, and accessible website or application. Even though UI is the last step of software development, it creates app mockups and animation designs. In the end, UI shapes the look and feel of the software product.

What are the main differences between UX and UI?

UI and UX designs serve various aspects of software product development. The key focus of the UX is to provide the complete end-to-end experience to the users from the first point of contact, while UI focuses on visual touchpoints that enable the user to interact with the app.

The prime difference between UI and UX design is that UX creates structural design solutions for the pain points that users might experience while exploring the app. In contrast, UI creates a combination of typography, animation, color palettes, and click buttons for the app.

The designer strives to understand the user needs of the design and try to integrate it into the app. UI designers work from the back-end to the front-end of the app for complete functionality. The UX aims to improve the app’s effectiveness with usability. UI aims for aesthetics with visual design.

How do UX design and UI design work together?

Now that you understand UX and UI’s differences let’s see how these two elements can work together. Even with their clear differences, both UI and UX designs are crucial to a software product that needs to work closely with each other.

Both these elements focus on the interface of the web or app. The UX designer work to discover all the crucial features of the product. They look out how the complete user journey should be mapped out for your software product. At the same time, UI designer works relentlessly to create an aesthetically appealing website that drives the users to stay tunes with your software.

UX is essential for the essential functionality of your software, on the other hand, UI is the mind- blowing appearance of your product that is equally important for customer retention. UX and UI are the two sides of the coin that hold both the app’s necessity intact.

What are the common practices while designing a website with UX & UI?

The common practice to follow for UX design

The main objective of creating a vibrant UX design is to help the users get what they need from your products and stick to your website for a longer time. To enhance your UX design, follow the below practices for your UX design:

  • Select a standard flat design type that is attractive enough and easy to create
  • Add all the relevant pages and eliminate the unnecessary pages that confuse your visitors or audience
  • Don’t forget to create the sitemap
  • Use sticky headers to attract potential customers to explore the site
  • Write valuable, concise, and clear content on your website or app
  • Use effective and vibrant color patterns that entice your customers to explore more
  • Make sure to highlight the basic services subtly without beating around the bush
  • Provide soothing background textures that retain the visitors

The common practice to follow for UI design

Integrating the key elements of the web design with the visual can contribute significantly to the success of your website. Make sure your website is in sync with the latest updates and consistent with the existing product. Follow the below practices for your UI design:

  • Specific information to be displayed on the screen with proper alignment
  • Content should stick with the page layout
  • Follow consistency in the UI
  • Use popular and standard UI elements
  • Use strategic color and background texture
  • Check the complete user flow of the app
  • Consider the end-user’s journey throughout the designing process

Why are both terms used interchangeably?

This might seem odd, but UX and UI designs are the terms that are misused many times as UI/UX. UI and UX have become the buzzword in the digital business world. People who lack the knowledge in designing field tend to mix up these terms or use them interchangeably.

However, at no point, UI and UX are same. These two elements differ in so many aspects that make it explicitly unique in its function and usage.


We hope this article has successfully cleared up the confusion and misunderstanding between UX and UI. Even though this was just the start of an extended UI and UX design journey, we have taken a successful first step towards this concept.

We will explore more details of UI and UX in our blog. Meanwhile, refer to our other blogs on UI and UX for more insightful information.

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