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How to build a live streaming app on iOS and Android – A step by step guide

In recent years, the technology of live streaming app services is in demand. We see live streaming as the most used and fastest-growing technology around the globe. People want to get closure whether it’s about their personal life or a business trend. With a slide shift, the massive trend of technology is moving towards live streaming app development.

In this article, we will take a close look at the basics and the development of the live-streaming app. Also, we will focus on the technical live streaming solution, including how to set up mobile apps via APIs and SDKs and more about HTML5 video players.

This article will cover:  

  • What is a live streaming app?
  • Types of streaming apps
  • Steps to build a live streaming app
  • App development – Must-have featuresConclusion

What is a live streaming app?

The live streaming application is a system that allows users to capture and transmit live video to viewers in real-time via the internet. Furthermore, it connects the users via comments while live broadcasting. In other words, the live-streaming app allows the users to record and broadcast video simultaneously.

It is not required to record the video and then upload it to any platform with the streaming app as it allows users to send the data in a continuous stream so that everyone watching or listening over the stream can get the information immediately.

Streaming applications are very new, yet they are rapidly gaining popularity. These applications connect businesses with their clients and keep their work up to date.

Types of streaming apps

It’s important to know the common types of Live-streaming apps before building. Hence, live streaming apps are divided into three major categories:

Live Broadcasting App

Live Broadcasting apps are more popular these days. They allow users to broadcast live video and audio recordings to anybody with access to the stream. These applications have given rise to a slew of internet celebrities and influencers. Some of the popular examples of live streaming applications are Twitch, YouTube Live, Livestream, etc.

Audio Streaming App

The audio streaming app mainly corresponds to the audio. Users may listen to audio that is being broadcast over the internet in real-time using the audio streaming app.

This category includes Spotify, Pandora, and Apple Music.

Video on demand Streaming

These types of applications allow the users to schedule and watch their favorite TV shows online. The users can easily select their own time and avail the benefits of these applications. Common examples of these applications include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, etc.

Steps to build a live streaming app

The process of developing a live streaming app is quite simple, but it requires technical knowledge. Hence, we recommend hiring an app developer if you don’t already have one in your team because developing a mobile app isn’t a “do-it-yourself” project.

Here are the steps required to build a live streaming app.

(1) Planning

  • Identify the challenges and the user’s needs

The first step is to identify the challenges that users are facing. This planning strategy will help you identify the actual needs and the opinions of the users. Well, it is not recommended to build a streaming app based on the assumptions. It’s important to do a bit of research to be secure with the building strategies.

  • Choose Monetization Strategies

Once you decide to build a streaming app, you will then monetize the live streaming app. Here are the three popular ways to do so.

  • Paid application – This application charges the users for downloading.
  • Premium – This offers the app for free, but gives some advanced premium features only to paid users.
  • Advertisements – This runs ads on the app to generate advertising fees.

(2) Designing

  • Use a reliable hosting

Choosing reliable hosting will ensure smooth streaming services for your clients. The quality of hosting doesn’t matter at the start, but hosting becomes a major role when your app becomes more popular. Hosting services help a large number of users to watch a single video simultaneously. Hence, to ensure the quality of the video delivery, it is recommended to use a strong server infrastructure. A very good option to use a ready-made cloud solution like Amazon S3.

  • Manage storage

Storage is an important factor that should be kept in mind for placing all your content in a reliable place. Cloud services are considered the best option for storage options in live streaming app development. They are adaptable, provide inexpensive plans and help you save money on hardware purchases.

  • Attractive UI/UX design

Designing is an important part of the app development process as it helps the users to avail the services more smoothly with complete efficiency. We recommend you hire highly skilled UI/UX designers or find an experienced app development company that offers a wider range of services. Keep in mind that UX in your software should be simple and not overloaded with graphics.

(3) Development

  • Add basic features

This comes under the development phase of your application. Adding a few interesting features to the app will make your streaming application more smooth and popular. Moreover, if you are confused with the addition of features, you can create an MVP  version for the app that includes a minimal feature list.

(4) Testing

Testing is very important to check whether the application works properly or not. Commonly, customers don’t forgive the mistakes since the market is flooded with unlimited options. If anything fails to function properly, the client will abandon your services in search of something more reliable. As a result, your live streaming software should have a high level of quality assurance.

(5) App deployment

App deployment is the last stage of the building process. At this step, you need to follow the publishing guidelines and make it available on the store.

App development – Must-have features

Here are the main features without which the application can’t exist.

(1) User registration

User registration is important as it is considered the basic process before using any application. This can be a simple registration with a phone number or email address and the required password. Also, make sure to add the password reset feature via email or text message. This ensures the convenient usability factor as it is considered the main success factor of your application.

(2) Creating a user profile

It is important to create a user profile so that users can easily customize it according to their preferences. This must include full name, profile picture, username, and interests.

(3) Commenting on Livestream

Live broadcasting allows viewers to express themselves and share their views. This gives an incredible feeling of being at the same place as the users may ask questions and receive responses in real-time via comments.

(3) Live streaming

This is one of the most important features of a live streaming app. Users can easily go live and share their experiences using this feature. Also, you should provide the option to record broadcasts that allow anybody to stream and watch streams. This way, users can easily watch the broadcasts after it has finished.


Now, you are ready to build a live streaming app to reach your viewers.

The above step is easy to follow, especially if you have an app development team who can help you build a live streaming application.

However, if you need any technical support or consultation services, Ailoitte is here to help you offer a range of services in app development.

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